Juice Cleansing For a Healthy Digestive System

Among the many benefits of a juice cleanse is that your digestive system will get a much needed break. Our modern diets can put quite a work load on our digestive systems. Many people’s digestive systems are overworked and completely taxed due to poor diet habits.

After years and years of making poor dietary choices the body can find itself in a terrible state. These poor states of bodily health make very good breeding environments for many different illnesses, diseases, and chronic health conditions.

Even with a healthy diet our digestive system can use a break every once in a while. A juice cleanse will give it a chance to rest, heal, and regenerate.

The reason for this is the digestive system is not having to work as hard during this time. It’s not having to break down solids, which take a lot more time and energy to do. The body also doesn’t have to work so hard to break down insoluble fiber.

A common misconception is that by juicing you are not getting any fiber into your system. This is a half truth as your body is not taking in any insoluble fiber during a juice cleanse.

Soluble fiber in the form of gums, pectin, and non-starch polysaccharides are still in the juice and have many benefits for our body. Among these benefits are they help to lower blood cholesterol levels, promote good bowel bacteria, help to stabilize blood sugar levels, and are also good for the digestive tract.

The break that our digestive system gets during a juice cleanse can give it the time and resources to take care of many other tasks. These other tasks can be of monumental help to our health and we will be adding more posts to cover these in time.

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