Preparing For A Juice Cleanse

There are going to be ups and downsPath to preparing for a juice cleanse. during your juice cleanse, but preparing ahead of time will help your body and mind to stay focused. Doing this can also help to alleviate, or avoid a lot of other symptoms like headaches and food cravings that can come from jumping into a juice cleanse too quickly. Below are some helpful tips that will make your experience a better one.

Set A Date For Your Juice Cleanse

  • Tip #1.  Set a date that you are planning to do your juice cleanse and try to pick a time that will be less stressful. You can experience some unexpected symptoms sometimes from detoxing during a juice cleanse…  Weekends are a good time for a lot of people to begin a juice cleanse, or whenever you have time off from your usual activities and/or work.

With the busy schedules many of us have to keep in our daily lives (which can include our jobs), we cannot always find the perfect time to start our juice cleanse. By planning the beginning of your juice cleanse on days you normally are less busy, you will give yourself some time to adjust with the minimal amount of distraction.

Every body is different. Some people don’t experience nearly as many detox side effects as others, and some people don’t experience any at all. When you have come through this part of the juice cleanse (which is just your body cleaning itself out) many experience amazing feelings and a renewed sense of life and energy. It’s still a good idea to pick a date ahead of time and do your best to make this a time that will be as stress-free as possible.

If it’s not possible to have a completely free day to begin your juice cleanse, as is the case with many people and our busy lives, then simply set a date so that you can prepare yourself ahead of time for your adventure! At the very least this will help you to begin the process of preparation in your mind, as well as your body. 

This is not only to prepare for possible detox, but is to help you ease into your juice cleanse as easy as possible, so that you can stay committed and see it through. Taking in nutrition only in the form of juices can be not only a physical change, it can also be a mental one. Preparing ahead of time by picking a day to start that’s as stress-free as possible, will give you better odds of succeeding.

Prepare For Your Juice Cleanse By Cutting Out Or Cutting Down On Certain Foods

  • Tip #2.  At least a few days, to a week ahead of your juice cleanse you will want to start cutting out or at minimum cutting down on certain foods. Cutting all of these foods and beverages out completely before hand would be ideal, but for many this can be very challenging and limiting. Cutting them down as much as possible can still be very helpful.

These foods include meat, dairy products, gluten, processed foods, coffee, sugar, dairy, and alcohol. At the same time while cutting these foods out you also want to increase your uptake of raw foods, and especially fruits and vegetables. Make sure to include leafy greens among these.

One of the reasons for cutting down on these kinds of foods beforehand, and increasing the others is to help your body adjust to the clean change you are about to make. By cutting these out or cutting down as much as possible you can also reduce the intensity of detox symptoms, which as said above will vary from person to person.

Inspiration For Your Juice Cleanse!

  • Tip #3.  Watch inspirational movies, videos, orWoman happy after juice cleansing read inspirational material related to juice cleansing. I can’t talk enough about how much this will help your mindset and give you the motivation to proceed with your plans. Sometimes all we need is some inspiration and motivation!

If you haven’t watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” yet, then that ‘s a good one for starters! If you have already, then it won’t hurt to watch it again and get that positive mojo going! This is a completely free movie to watch and, you can find it in the link below.

“Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” free on hulu

Shop Ahead Of Time To Prepare For Your Juice Cleanse

  • Tip #4.  Something that a lot of people overlook, including myself the first time I did a juice cleanse, is to shop for your vegetables and fruit ahead of time. A day before would be the best option, as they will be fresher.

You will have enough to keep you busy with preparing your juices and adjusting to the change of taking in only liquids. The last thing you need is the unnecessary stress of having to rush around last minute, while you’re craving for something to put in your body. Believe me, you don’t want to skip this step!

Mindset And Focusing On Your Goals!

  • Tip #5. The last thing is your mindset, and to remind yourself why you are doing a juice cleanse. It’s important to keep your goals in mind, as this will help you when you’re having those weak moments and cravings. Your mind will try to convince you to just stick with your same old ways, as it will seem easier. Accepting that there will be ups and downs, which is completely normal during a juice cleanse, will help you to stay focused and to have the best experience as possible.

Committing to bettering yourself and your life, by actually taking action can be a very challenging and scary thing for a lot of us. Change is not always easy at first, but healthy positive change pays off in ways most of us cannot even begin to imagine! By preparing yourself for your juice cleanse, you are giving yourself the tools you need and taking positive steps that will help to ensure that your juice cleanse will be as successful as possible!

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