My 30 Day Juice Cleanse Experience

It all started many years ago when I went to30_Day_Juice_Cleanse_In_Mexico live in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I was going to work as a live in nanny for a friend, when she suggested I do a juice feast. Her downstairs neighbor (who was also her friend) decided to do it with me.

It turns out I had always struggled with my weight, and was ready for a change. I was 50 pounds overweight and was feeling it! I went into it with an open mind to see what would happen. Little did I know, the positive changes would surpass my expectations. I lost weight and it cleared my mind.  I also normally experienced pain in my body on a daily basis, especially when I ate. During the juice cleanse I felt no physical pain of this kind at all.

Some Juice Cleanse Tips and Information  

The first three days are the hardest of any cleanse, and believe me, I was no exception! When I was living in Mexico I could smell all the wonderful aromas of the food, it was so challenging. We would go out to dinner and I would have to watch my friends chow down on tacos. Let me tell you, if you can handle going out to dinner with people and not eat any food, you are doing great!

One of the major mistakes many people make while doing a juice cleanse is that they do not drink enough juice!! They will feel very hungry and then quit because they think it’s a load of bologna. You have got to drink a lot of juice! Whenever you are hungry, make one. At first, I did not drink enough juice and felt tired and hungry. I talked to my friend and she said that I was not drinking enough. I increased the amount of juice and felt a lot better. This is not a starvation diet, this is a juice feast!

Another mistake people make is they think they can only drink fruit juice, or the proportions of fruit to vegetable are favoring fruit. To get the most out of a juice feast and to be healthy you have got to mainly drink vegetable juice with some, to little, fruit.

If you are going to do a juice cleanse talk to people who are knowledgeable and successful in this field. It’s so important to have a support group when you’re juicing. There are websites out there like ours, that will be able to help you when you have any questions. We also have a Facebook page that you can follow if you are on Facebook.

I found out that throughout the cleanse, I was detoxing. I got headaches and pains. At first, I was worried there was something wrong with me, maybe this juice cleanse was a bad idea. Once again I talked to my friend and she said I was detoxing. You might go a week without detoxing, and then one day you feel it. Some people do not feel the detoxification at all.

It depends on what kinds of foods, drinks, medications you have put into your body before the juice feast. You have to trust your gut on what to do with your cleanse, and talk to others about what you are experiencing. Personally, I went through waves of detox. Before I moved to Mexico I was eating frozen pizza and drinking a lot of coffee. Those were not very healthy choices!

My Health and Weight Loss Results!

Week 2 I stepped on the scale, 20 pounds lost! It was amazing! Before I started the juice feast I had headaches and stomach pain just about every meal I ate. 2 weeks in, I had no pain at all! Even on my menstrual cycle I did not have any cramps or physical pain. I was in shock. How could drinking just juice have such a positive impact on my health?

I was drinking fresh vitamins and nutrients that helped my body heal. I felt renewed, refreshed, and ready for life! By the time I finished my 30 day juice cleanse I had lost a total of 45 pounds. I felt so much lighter and happier!

After I finished my juice cleanse I craved and was eating foods that I didn’t like before. I ate green olives, pears, and other fruit and vegetables I could not stand before. The cleanse changed my food palate. I’m not saying this will happen to you. I think that results vary with each person.

I just hope that you’re able to adopt  (and keep) a healthier lifestyle long after you finish your cleanse. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to comment in the comments section at the bottom of any page, or you can send us an email to

Our Juice Cleanse Guide

Also, if you are looking for a good practical juice cleanse guide that will give you all of the information you need to do one properly, then we have the book for you. We have written a 118 page comprehensive eBook called “The Complete Guide To Doing A 7 Day Juice Cleanse”. We put our heart and soul into this eBook, and believe it can help you.  

Good luck!


  1. Josie says

    I'm thinking of trying this I really want to do a detox and lose some weight but only 10 pounds the main reason I want to try this is because I suffer from migraines and anxiety. Any advice? How much juice should I drink in a day? Can u make a lot of juice and refrigerate it? 

    • Liisa Wilson says

      Hi Josie,

       A juice cleanse is a great natural remedy for pain including migraines. I had also suffered from migraines and bad abdominal pain before my juice cleanse. Although juice cleansing is a great way to relieve pain, you do detox, which might include headaches, but they will go away. It is not to worry about, your body is just releasing the toxins.

      You also said you only wanted to lose 10 pounds. I cannot perfectly gauge how many days that will take, it is differently for everyone. If you have a scale and weigh yourself maybe every two-three days you will know how you are doing. When it comes to doing to the juice cleanse I would say to trust your gut on how you are feeling and honor the process.

      This is really great that you have chosen to take a more natural path to healing and your body will thank you! You should drink at least a gallon a day of juice, the more you drink, the quicker you will flush out those toxins from your body. Do not limit yourself on juice and do not worry about the calories you intake. They are in liquid form so they move through your body a lot quicker than solids and do not have time to build up fat in your body.

      When I was juicing I would buy a gallon container of water and put the juice I made in there. I could pull it out of the refrigerator whenever I needed some. We have an article that covers how to store your juice optimally here though and you should read this for more information. How to store your juice properly

      Also here is another good article which is about preparing for a juice cleanse

      My last piece of advice is have a support group to talk to. Other people who are doing a juice cleanse, friends or family to cheer you on, and resources online are good places to start. If you have any other questions or concerns I would be happy to help you. I hope I have answered all of your questions here. Good luck on your juice cleanse!

  2. Zarina says

    I have been been juicing going on 2 weeks nows…and I have never felt better.  I was 60 pounds overweight…very uncomfortable….My friends were doing it and I figured what the hay.  The difference between this time around and previous diets…I can honestly say this time I wanted to get healthier for ME, where as before I was trying to do it for everyone else.  (found myself gaining more and more weight. )  I have a great support group of friends who are also juicing.  I feel healthier…energy like I have not had in years.  I lost 10 pounds in 7 days.  Not sure what I am up to now because I have not weighed myself…but once you get past the first couple of days…by day 4/5 you will feel amazing!!!!!

    • Liisa Wilson says

      That’s awesome! Juice cleansing is so effective, and can make you feel really good. It is great that you have a support system because they can help keep you motivated. Good luck on your juice cleanse journey!

  3. Vickyt says

    Hi Great website – I just got a juicer & I am eager to start using it.  Do you have any advice on how to do the cleanse?  How much juice to drink each day?  What kinds of juice?  Do you have any type of step-by-step guide?  Can I eat at all during it? Thanks :)

    • Liisa Wilson says

      Hi Vicky,

          Congratulations on your new juicer! We do not have a step to step guide, we only offer juice cleanse recipes and information related to juicing and doing a juice cleanse. What I can tell you is there is a great movie about juicing called “Fat,sick, and nearly dead” on Hulu that could provide you with some insight to what a juice cleanse is like.

      You should drink at least a minimum of a gallon of juice each day. Whenever you are hungry, make one. When it comes to what to put in your juice you want to drink mostly vegetable juice. The vegetables have what your body really needs during your juice cleanse. Fruit is good tasting, but has a lot of sugar in it. You can have fruit, just make sure you mostly incorporate vegetable into your juices. Also, I found if I had a vegetable juice in the morning I felt much better than drinking pure fruit juice, it gave me energy. The fruit juice made me crash after about an hour.

      Eating during a juice cleanse is not recommended because it it counteractive to what the whole juice cleanse is about. Some people who want to include juice into their diets drink a glass a day and get some of the benefits. if you are doing a juice cleanse to lose weight or detox, I would advise not to eat. Oh, here is a link on preparing for a juice cleanse. Good luck on your cleanse and I hope I answered some of your questions.

  4. Anna says

    Have heard nothing but positive things regarding juice cleansing, so decided to do it myself! Currently only 2 days in.

    Am curious to know how you went after the cleanse finished?

    How did you bring food back into your diet and did you gain weight as rapidly as you lost it?


    • Liisa Wilson says


            Welcome to the juice cleanse club! It is a good question to ask about my post cleanse exerience. I decided to start a raw food diet afterwards. I had done one in high school and had great results. I ate only raw food and had a exercise plan. I lost even more weight and felt like I was on cloud nine. I had never felt better in my life! Through my healthy diet and exercise my weight stayed at a healthy number and did not shift much.

         The advice I would give anyone who is coming off a juice cleanse it to keep it light and healthy. If you eat a heavy, unhealthy meal it will shock your system and not be good for your body. You want ease into solid foods by consuming raw foods such as fruit and vegetables. Light salads are also good. I know it is hard and you will be tempted by the good smelling food, but your body will thank you.

       A juice cleanse marks a new beginning and a healthier lifestyle. It is good to switch to more whole, fresh, and healthier foods after your juice cleanse. Also, everything in moderation. If you eat healthy portions, and I would recommend an exercise plan, you will feel great and your waistline will stay trim. Good luck!

  5. Catherine says

    Help!!  I need support.  I have never done anything this drastic before but I am determined to lose 25 pounds.  I just drank a cup of beet, ginger,aloe, celery,lime and carrot juice made at a mexican fruit market.  I am glad to know that I should drink a lot because I was going to limit myself to a cup.  Any motivating or encouraging words would help!!!

    • Liisa Wilson says


               I am glad you figured out you need more than one juice a day. Phew! That would leave you extremely hungry and unhappy. It is also unhealthy. I do not recommend limiting yourself when juice cleansing. You are limiting necessary nutrients that your body needs and will starve your body. I would say to drink at least a minimum of a gallon a day. Especially if your goal to lose weight, you want to flush your system with juice. I drank 1 and 1/3 to 2 gallons of juice a day on my cleanse. I had lost 20 in two weeks.

      The juice you drank is a good recipe, it has a lot of nutrients and vitamins in it. You really want to drink a lot of vegetable juice, with lots of yummy leafy greens. The leafy greens are what your body really wants and needs. It is good to have a support system, or talk to others who have done a juice cleanse successfully. They could give you good insight. Trust the process and your body, and you will be rewarded.

         Just drink juice! If you are hungry, make one. Be gentle on yourself and be your own cheerleader. Go team Catherine! You can do it! If you have any other questions, I am here for you. Good luck.

  6. Pam says

    I am trying to get mentally prepared for juicing, I have just bought a juicer, scale, and a few thermos containers. But after buying all these products I started to wonder if any exercising was involved. I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix, but he never said anything about exercising. Just curious…..

    • Liisa Wilson says

      Exercise would really just be a personal choice. You can do it if you want to, but it is not a requirement during a juice cleanse. If you chose to exercise it would speed up the process of losing weight and tone your body during the cleanse. I would not recommend doing a high intensity workout, but something relatively easy. Yoga or light cardio such as: walking, hiking, bicycling, and at the most light jogging. Also, light weight or resistance training would be good. Exercise is not necessary, but it could benefit you. Good luck on your juice cleanse and if you have any more questions, I would be happy to answer them.

  7. Christine says

    Tonight was my first night of juicing I drank 2 cups of veggie juice. Wonder how much should one drink?  For 30 days all we do is drink juice?  I had two glass around 4pm does it matter how often I drink juice?

    • Liisa Wilson says

      Hi Christine,

       Congratulations of your first day, it’s a big step! I strongly recommend you drink a minimum of a gallon of juice each day. If you limit your intake you will most likely be very hungry, plus it’s not good for your body. You will not be getting enough nutrients that your body needs. The more juice you drink, the quicker you will flush the toxins out of your body. Your weight loss will increase. It does not matter when you drink the juice, just make sure you are drinking it througout the day, or when you are hungry. I would recommend drinking a green juice in the morning because it will help increase your energy. So….. If you are planning to do a 30 day juice cleanse, you will only be drinking juice the whole time, and water of course. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask! Good luck.

    • Liisa Wilson says

      Hey Jessica,

        I am glad that this article gave you inspiration. It is so exciting to do a juice cleanse and get awesome results! At the time, when I did my first juice cleanse I was less knowledgable, but had a friend that had lots of experience with juice cleanses. She told me to drink a lot of juice, and to drink mostly green juices. If you read some of the other comments on this page they might give you some insight into what to do. I did not have any recipes at the time of my first cleanse, I just threw stuff together! Sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not.

      Now that we have a website that provides recipes, it makes it a lot better and delicious. We will be using our recipes next time we juice cleanse in about a month. You can join our facebook page if you want to stay in contact. :) We are going to invite people to join us on our juice cleanse journey so we can form a little support group. It is going to be awesome!

      About the consumption of juice…. Drink at least a gallon a day. Drink whenever you are hungry. You don’t want to drink 10 gallons, but you do want to make sure you get enough. So I would drink juice about every several hours or whenever I was hungry. You can make a big batch and sip on it all day. Good luck, and if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask!

  8. Mona says

    Hey I was wondering how much weight did u loose in this process I'm on day 3 now and im loving it I'm trying to loose about 50 pounds so if i do the juice chaLlange for 60 days do u think its possible for me to lose that amount ??

    • Liisa Wilson says

      Hi Mona,

      The first time I did my 30 day juice cleanse I lost 31 pounds. Congratulations on starting your juice cleanse! I think it is very possible for you to lose 50 pounds in two months. If I can lose 31 in one month, I bet you can too. Here are a few tips to make sure you are successful:

      Make mostly green juices and limit fruit juices. The more green you have in your juices, the better weight loss results you will have.

      Exercise. I would recommend NOT to do super strenuous exercise, but something like yoga, hiking, walking, biking, and light weight training. Also remember that muscle weights more than fat, so sometimes we are losing more weight than we think.

      Make sure you are using the bathroom. A lot of liquid and prior waste can be still inside of your body, so the scale will fluctuate.

      Drink enough juice! You will want to drink about 1 to 2 gallons a day.

      If you close to your target weight, the last couple of pounds can be stubborn to lose, just carry on and don’t worry about it.

      Good luck on your cleanse, it is going to be so awesome! If you have anymore questions, or are needing some support, just send us a comment!



  9. kitt says

    Great information.
    I’m on day four and feeling positive.
    I’m feeling a bit tired and have woken up with a pounding headache the past few morning’s is this just detoxing also how often should I be eliminating.? Day1. I think I lost 2 lbs eliminating but no go sence. Is there a remidy? Thank.for being here for us s

    • Liisa Wilson says

      Hi Kitt,

      Congratulations on starting your juice cleanse! It sounds like you are detoxing, don’t worry, it’s normal. I tell people who are juice cleansing to trust their gut, because only they know themselves best.

      It is common to not use the bathroom as often when juice cleansing. You need not to worry about it so much, it will happen at some point. If you do feel you want to eliminate you can do a enema or get a colonic if you are comfortable with that. Hope this helps you and good luck with your juice cleanse!


  10. Kelli says

    I am starting a juice cleanse tomorrow. I’ve done a 18 day one, and a 19- day one before. This time I’m going for 30 at least, possibly more. Anyway, my daughter has told me I shouldn’t add carrots to my juice. I feel so much better when I have carrots in my juice, (along with spinach, celery, cucumber and lemons). I feel that it gives me energy. What is your thought on carrots in juicing? For instance, how many would you put in your gallon of juice?

    • Liisa Wilson says

      Hi Kelli,

      You can definitely add carrots to your juice, and as many as you want. I would try to keep your juices as green as possible though. In the end, you should listen to your gut. Only you know what is best for your body, and if your body feels good when you add carrot juice listen to it! Sean (who is my co-blogger and partner) loves carrot juice and uses plenty of it juice cleanses, so go for it. Oh, good luck on your juice cleanse!

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