Why Green Juices During A Juice Cleanse?

While doing a juice cleanse you will be taking in nothing but fresh, living, and raw juices. During this time your body will be detoxifying, cleansing, repairing, rebuilding, and getting everything it needs from an abundant source of nutrients which will be entering your body by way of juices!

When a lot of us first hear about juice cleansing or juicing I’m sure the first juices that pops into your minds is fruit juices. I know they were for me. I used to love chugging fruit juice right out of the carton. There is nothing wrong with having a freshly homemade fruit juice here and there, and they do taste absolutely amazing!

Fruit juices contain plenty of nutrition themselves, but also come with a lot of extra sugar that in large quantities can be detrimental for our body’s overall health. When juicing you are taking most of the insoluble fiber out of the equation, and even though there is still soluble fiber left, a lot of what remains when juicing fruit is sugar.

Insoluble fiber helps our body to digest foods at a slower pace, so that the sugar will take a lot longer to digest. This can be a good thing because large spikes in our blood sugar can be not so good for health, and for diabetics it can be downright dangerous.

Fruit juices can be a good introduction, or also a way to help our palates adjust to the stronger flavors of green juices and can definitely be mixed in with our juices in smaller amounts during times where we are making juice our main form of nutritional intake. If you are trying to get yourself off of sugary drinks like soda pop (cola), or other bottled artificial sugary beverages, then switching over to homemade fruit juice is a great way to do this. Fruit juice has plenty of nutrition, along with that sugar those other drinks do not.  

When doing a juice cleanse (especially when doing a juice cleanse for an extended period of time), you will want to be sure that the majority of your juice is coming from vegetables, and especially from leafy green vegetables.

Green Juices Are Extremely Nutrient Dense

Now we can get to the good stuff! Green juices are great for our bodies in larger quantities. 

The reason is they contain many major nutrients, trace nutrients, a whole lot of chlorophyll, living enzymes, probiotics, and antioxidants. They also contain amino acids in larger quantities, when combined build proteins! Leafy green vegetables contain even more of all of these nutrients your body needs, without the extra sugar that’s in fruit.

When it comes to leafy green vegetables the darker, the better! Darker leafy greens tend to be even more nutrient dense, so be sure to include vegetables like kale, chard, and collard greens into your juices. Lesser known, but packed with nutrients as well are other greens such as bok choy (pak choi), beet greens, turnip greens, dandelion greens, arugula, cilantro, and many other herbs and lettuces as well! Sprouts are also a great and amazing source of green nutrition you can utilize during a juice cleanse, or in any juice!

Green Juice Cleanse Vegetables

Green Juice Cleanses Give You More

When doing a juice cleanse you are feeding your body nothing but readily available nutrient dense nutrition in the form of liquid juice! This means that your body does not have to take all of that extra time to digest this food and can take the nutrition directly from the source!

This abundance of living, raw nutrition gives your body everything it needs and more. The rest, and nutrition your body’s organs, and other systems get during a juice cleanse gives them time to recover, rebuild, and strengthen from all of the toxic damage that other foods or our environment has done.

Green juices play a major role in this and you cannot do a juice cleanse effectively without them. If you have not done a juice cleanse before or have not been juicing a whole lot as of yet, and you have a harder time with the flavor of green juices warm yourself up to them slowly by starting to include them in your juices. Our green juice cleanse recipes for beginners section has a lot of great juice recipes that can help you with this.

Why I Love Green Juices and Some Resources For You

When I first began juicing the flavors of some of the leafy greens were very strong to my palate, and it definitely took some time to adjust. What helped me get into them quicker is I started looking into their nutritional benefits and found out they truly are unbelievable!

I have slowly gotten to a place in my own life where I’m aware that what I put into my body effects my entire well being, my daily energy, as well as my attitude, health, and entire outlook on life. Over time (and honestly most of the time) right as I am having a juice I can feel the change it is making in my body. This stuff literally is liquid green gold! The more I have felt these changes, the more I just want to get this stuff into my body. This feeling and knowing what it is doing for my body is a huge part of what helped me to get used to the flavors of darker leafy greens in the beginning.

Now, I’m at a place where I absolutely love the flavor of green juices and can drink them straight a lot of the time. Our Green juice cleanse recipes page here can give you some more ideas and ways to help you move onto some of the stronger, more nutrient dense green juices that you will want to include in your juice cleanse, or your daily life. Your body will thank you and your life will be more enriched as a result!

If you have been considering doing a green juice cleanse, but have no idea where to begin, you should check out our affordable eBook, which provides everything you will need to know to do one. You can read some more about the book here

Have a great day and may all of your juices be great!


    • Sean Carey says

      Hello Emily,  We recommend that you drink a minimum of 1 gallon of juice a day with this juice being mainly green juice. It is completely ok and better in fact to drink more than that.

      The beautiful thing about juices, especially vegetable and leafy green juices is that the nutrition inside of them is immediately available for our bodies. That liquid nutrition also flushes out our bodies of the toxins and buildup of other junk that is in our systems.

      This also relates to weight loss as well. When it comes to detox or weight loss, more is better! This was a hard concept for me to grasp at first as I had the caloric mentality and more logically seemed like it would be worst.

      We do not recommend depriving your body or not giving it enough during a juice cleanse. The words juice cleanse/juice fast and juice feast sometimes get used synonymously and what we advocate is what a lot of people would call a "juice feast". This cleanses your system out so much more and will give your body so much of what it needs in order to repair, rebuild and refresh itself.

      In general our body is a good indicator for how much we need to consume. If you are juice cleansing and you feel "hungry" then make yourself another juice. You can have a lot of juices around the same time as you would meals if that helps, but in between if you start to feel you need something more. Make more! :)

      We have also as of recently been looking at some juice cleanse programs and books that are out there and have found a few that adhere to what we advocate and are in alignment with what we have found to work in our experience. We highlight the pros and cons of these in our reviews. These are on the left hand sidebar underneath the JUICE CLEANSE REVIEWS heading.

      Both of these are great and will answer all of your questions as well as guide you through specific juice cleanse programs that work and yield positive results! If you have any other questions at all you can also ask us here. We try to answer everything that comes through as soon as possible. Please feel free to join us on facebook as well if you would like for more support by clicking the facebook(f) symbol underneath the FOLLOW US! Wording at the top right hand of any page.

      Hope that will be of some help! Happy Juicing!

  1. Ana Carolina says

    That's an amazing article! Thank you for all the info :) I had never heard of juicing dandelion greens though – are these from the regular dandelions, the ones that just grow everywhere? Can you use the leaves for juicing? That would be very awesome, since we have loads of these here in Iceland in the summer! Cheers :)

    • Sean Carey says

      Hello Ana,

      I am glad you got something from the article! I honestly did not realize you could consume dandelion greens in any form until the last few years. They sell them here at food coops and also another grocery store I go to.

      The leaves of the greens is exactly the part that is used for either eating or juicing. I have heard of people just picking dandelions from their yard, rinsing them off well and eating them. I just looked into this a bit more and found out that yes people pick them right from the ground, but you will want to be aware of pesticide use in any area that you are picking them.

      You can type Dandelion Greens into youtube and you will find all kinds of videos about dandelion greens! To let you know dandelion greens are very bitter when juicing, so try a little at a time at first. 😉

      Take care Ana and thanks for checking out our blog!

  2. Angela says

    I have never “juiced” before and am looking to purchase a juicer. I’m not sure if a centrifugal type is sufficient or is a masticating type necessary in order to process leafy greens. I was looking at the Cuisinart 5 speed 1000 watt and the Big Boss. Any advice would be welcomed! Thanks, Angela

    • says

      Hello Angela, We have a page that covers a whole lot about the different juicer types and recommends some great juicers! Masticating juicers are definitely better for processing leafy greens and you can read a lot more about the specifics by clicking the link below. 

      What Are The Best Juicers To Buy?

      If after you are done reading that you would like to know more about specific juicers that might serve your purpose we have written a couple of articles that review some of these juicers in more detail. This article covers our choices for the Best Budget Juicers in detail and this article covers our choices for the Best Masticating Juicers in detail .

      If you have any other questions let us know and happy juicing Angela!

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