Raw Juice Cleanse Recipes Spring Juice Cleanse!

Welcome to Raw Juice Cleanse Recipes Spring Juice Cleanse FlowerSpring juice cleanse! Spring signifies a time of change, of new growth, and new beginnings. With spring coming, many people start to think about making changes in their lives. Here at Raw Juice Cleanse Recipes we are no different and are ready to make some changes in our lives. When this time of year comes around many people do spring cleaning. They clean out the old, and move on with the new.

We have begun a spring juice cleanse that we’ll be doing for a minimum of 30 days, that started on April the 5th, 2013. We will be posting updates, as well as our progress here. We will be making our own raw, fresh living vegetable and fruit juices from home using our own juicers. We’ll be juicing using a lot of the recipes we have here on the website, as well as juice cleanse recipes we come up with along the way.


When we talk about doing a juice cleanse, we are talking specifically about drinking only homemade juice for these consecutive 30 days. We’ll be drinking a minimum of 1 gallon, or more juice a day. Our juices will consist of all kinds of vegetables and fruit, but will mainly consist of green juices. We wrote a post that talks about why you want your juice cleanse to be more of a green juice cleanse.

People juice cleanse for many different reasons and among these are listed below. We are pretty much doing this for every single reason listed here.

Along the way we have found so much inspiration that really gets us going and prepared for the juice cleanse ahead!

If you have not watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” yet, you simply must! We love this movie and will probably watch it a few more times before we get this juice cleanse underway!  This movie has brought so much attention and evidence to the power of juice cleansing. It’s truly an inspiration all of its own. You can watch this movie completely free on Hulu.com and you can get there through the link below.

“Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” free on hulu!

“Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” is a movie that follows a man named Joe Cross. He juice cleanses while traveling across America. At the beginning of the movie Joe Cross is overweight, on medications for an autoimmune disorder, and generally in bad shape.

He loses most of his extra weight during his juice cleanse, and gets off all of his medications by the end of the film. He does all of this by drinking only freshly made juices for a period of time, and is monitored by his doctor along his journey. The movie also follows 2 other people who heal themselves in the same way. One of them a man named Phil Staples who was very obese to begin with and also on medications, and the other is a woman who suffers from bad migraines.

Juicing recipes and tips!

Liisa, from raw juice cleanse recipes has also done a 30 day juice cleanse before, and wrote a post all about it. You can read by following that link. I (Sean) get inspiration from hearing about other people’s experiences and Liisa has been an inspiration for me.

For our juice cleanse we are FlowersJuiceCleansekeeping a daily running blog post here to chronicle our juicing adventures. We are also available for questions daily, and you can leave your questions or any comments you wish to in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

We also have a facebook page that we are updating, answering questions, as well as offering support to anyone that would like some. The comments section here, as well as our facebook page will hopefully be informative, as well as supportive for anyone interested in doing a juice cleanse or joining us during this time.

You can join our facebook page here and join a growing community of people who are interested in juicing, juice cleansing, and everything related.

Join our facebook page by clicking on the F symbol that’s beneath the FOLLOW US! section on the upper right hand side of our website pages.


No question is too small, we are all at different levels of learning here and we would love to answer whatever questions you have.

Liisa and myself followed the same principles that we wrote about in our eBook The Complete Guide To Doing A 7 Day Juice Cleanse. These are the same successful methods that many people have used to detox, lose weight, increase energy, get glowing skin, and much more! 

If you’re inspired by this article and want to do a juice cleanse, but don’t have a juicer we wrote an article describes all of the different kinds of juicers and which one may be the best for you, both financially speaking, as well as functionally speaking. Click this link and find out more about what juicer may be best for you.

Below, we will keep a running dialogue with updates of our daily progress as we go on this journey! This post will be an almost daily updated chronicle of our juice cleanse experience. We are looking forward to this so much and cannot wait to get started! This should be a whole lot of fun as well as informative and transformational!

Our actual juice cleanse began on April the 5th, but we blogged a bit ahead of time about some of our preparations for the juice cleanse. You can read more about preparing for a juice cleanse here if you would like.


April 2nd 2013

Bowl of yummy Fruit!

Sean CareyHello everybody, Sean here! I just wanted to share how I am starting to prepare for my juice cleanse! So the the last few days I have been incorporating juices into my day as snacks and also as partial meal replacements. This morning for breakfast instead of having something like eggs and potatoes I had this fruit salad. In this bowl of fruit I included 2 bananas, a handful of strawberries and a handful of red as well as green grapes. 

I am starting to incorporate raw vegetables and fruits more into my diet as a way of preparing my body for the juice cleanse I am about to do. It is good prepare your body this way for your cleanse so that it can become more accustomed to taking in raw living foods in higher quantities. This will help the detoxification process that happens when doing a juice cleanse to possibly not be as intense, because I will be lightly detoxifying my body with these kinds of foods already as the next few days go by.

Substituting some snacks and meals with juices will also help you to mentally prepare for doing a juice cleanse. Raw foods which include fruits and vegetables are also good for many people for this purpose. During a juice cleanse your mind will possibly go through an adaption period, because we are so used to not only taking in our sustenance in a solid form, but many of us have not been eating many raw vegetables and fruits at all.


April 4th 2013


Sean CareyWe have been really busy preparing for our juice cleanse and visiting with a guest that has been staying with us for the last week! We spent some time today going to 4 different stores to get the best deals we could for the beginning of our juice cleanse. Over the last week we have been slowly swapping out some of our meals for raw vegetables and fruits as well as vegetable and fruit juices.

The picture you see above is our refrigerator literally overflowing with vegetables and fruits! We filled every nook and cranny with what we bought today and will be using this over the next 3-5 days. We also have more in our cupboards that we will be using. We had so much extra from produce that was already in the fridge, we were able to make large juices for all 3 people that were here tonight!

It is a very good idea to buy your produce ahead of time for the first 3 days at least of your juice cleanse. This is so you do not have to be running around and distracted while in the beginning stages. For some it can be very difficult at first to have to walk around a store that has the aromas of food and temptation of buying that food. Also it can be distracting during the day to have to go to the store to get more produce for your juice. You want it on hand and ready to go!

We saved money by buying some items that were organically grown and some items that were conventionally grown. We recommend to always juice organic produce when you can, but it can be expensive in the long run.  You can do a blend of both if you are on a budget and if you are on a really tight budget and can’t afford to go organic at all, do not let that stop you from doing a juice cleanse.

The benefits you will get from doing a juice cleanse will far outweigh the detriments of using conventional produce versus organic. If you can afford to though, juice as much organic produce as possible for an optimal juice cleanse. We are doing a blend of both and are choosing a lot of our conventional produce based on the dirty dozen and clean fifteen list.

We are also going to be able to work more organic produce into our juice cleanse by making deals with sellers at farmers markets and buying full boxes of produce at a time from our local Coop. We also will be able to get more organic produce into our juice cleanse by buying more of what is on sale and organic at a time.

This means sometimes we will be juicing more of a particular item as we have more of it, but over time we will get a great amount of variety into our juices. If you are on a budget, then it can be very important to get as much produce for your money as possible. You can read more about juicing on a budget by following that link.

Stay tuned! We cannot wait until tomorrow and day 1 of our 30 day spring juice cleanse!


April 5th 2013!

Day one of our juice cleanse!

Sean CareyDay one, and it is morning here Lemon water and green juicefor us! We are starting our day with a lemon water which consists of a glass of water with 1/2 of a lemon squeezed into it. After that we will each drink a green juice we made last night so that we could get up and moving quickly this morning. The one on the right in the picture is mine! We of course stored our juices properly by putting them in as much of an airtight container we could that we had on hand.

Lemon water is very alkalizing to our bodies and is a great way to start a day! After this we will be drinking many more juices as the day goes on! Ok off for walk and then some more juice!

7:05 pm  So we have been juicing on and off all day long and now I remember how valuable it is to juice ahead a bit, even if it is just for half of the day. This is due to the amount of time it can actually take to make your juices throughout the day. If you have nothing else at all that you need to do in your life, then you may not need to worry about this. If you have a busy schedule or would just like to be able to enjoy some free time in between though, then it can be valuable to make some of your juice for the day ahead of time.

We took a short walk down to the local arts and crafts store and bought some Mason Jars so that we can store our juices better during the day. I already have some other jars on hand so I bought myself 4 quart sized jars, and that should be enough for my purposes at this time.

We have made ourselves some pretty tasty juices and one I really liked which may be a bit strong for some, I took some time with and made into a juice cleanse recipe. I added it to our green juice recipes page and you can find it on the bottom under the title Deep Green! If you are not accustomed to the deeper flavors of some of the leafy greens then you might want to go easy into that one, or you could add another apple. Enjoy!

Liisa and myself have both had some small ups and downs today, which have included a few times where we have craved something to eat. Whenever my stomach has started to get that hunger feeling, I have drunken more juice. That is the way to go. I believe I am up to about a gallon and 3/4ths of another gallon so far. I imagine I will drink over 2 gallons before the day is up. I feel really good right now and am going to see if I can talk Liisa into taking a little evening walk. :)

Until next time have a good one and enjoy your juices!


April 6th 2013  

Sean CareyGood morning from this part of the world! We are on day 2 of our juice cleanse and I am starting the day again with a lemon water and a green juice that looks very similar to the one I had yesterday morning. Basil PlantsI made my juice last night before going to bed so that it would be in the fridge and ready to go when I got up! A lot of the times I will make a fresh juice in the morning, but sometimes it is good to have it all ready so that I can just open it up and fill up.

We also have a guest here for another day, and I tend to get up earlier, so I did not want to be making juices to early. Although the juicers we have are pretty quiet, the noise I would make from moving around and opening this, and closing that etc… might wake some people up. So making a juice before hand last night in order to enjoy this morning was no problem.

If you have been wondering while you were reading this, what that picture to right and now above is, well those are basil plants. I just recently transplanted all of the basil plants I have been growing over part of the winter into those bigger pots you see there. I was attempting to see if we could get basil to grow here in the winter indoors.

Well it grew out of the soil and then remained small for most of the entire late winter, until we finally had some sun this last week and it started shooting up! They got big bigger fast, so I have transplanted them into 8 larger pots, which will sit by the back sliding glass door as pictured here! I might even move one or two of them outside once the weather warms up again. 

When these are fully grown, guess what we will be having? You betcha! Fresh basil juice! I will keep you posted along the way as to their progress and when they come around to being ready for harvest, we will have to make some basil juice recipes!

Ok, so Liisa and myself had a decent day yesterday(mine might of gone a bit smoother), but we did experience some headaches throughout the day. I had quite a few times where I would suddenly realize I was thinking about what I was going to have for a snack or dinner. It was less of a thought and more like a feeling… I literaly got up once to look in the fridge out of habit to see what was in there for a snack or lunch.

I drank green juices all day long and in the evening I could really feel that my body needed something different. I can’t really explain it completely, but I just knew that I needed to switch it up and have something a bit more on the fruit side with a lighter mix of greens. This really worked for me and I felt really good going into the evening.

Green juices are a lot of what our bodies need during a longer juice cleanse, but it is a good idea to mix it up sometimes also. Just as we do in our daily lives with food, we need some variety in our juices and for me that made all of the difference yesterday. 


Hi everyone Liisa here,

Liisa  Just ending my second day of my juice cleanse. The first day was a bit tough, but pulled through. You will not believe it but I lost 5 and 1/2 pounds in the first day! Woohoo!! I know some of it must be water weight, but it cannot all be. I cannot believe it myself. I have never lost that much weight in a day!
 Hope you all are well and dream of accomplishing your goals. Life is short, so why not go for what you really want! Nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible. Our minds can make us believe so much nonsense like: I am not good enough, I can’t do that, why should I even try? Just put your dreams and wishes out there, do the work, and then be open to them coming true. What do you have to lose?

 I had a realization the other day. I woke up (figuratively) at the end of my life and looked back at it. Was I happy with what I did in my life? Did I have any regrets? I do not want to wake up one day and realize I did not do what I TRULY wanted to do.

 Picture your life and what you desire for your yourself. Are you willing to go after it? Is it worse to fail or to always wonder if you should of done this or that?
Here’s to change,

Green juices



April 7th 2013

LiisaHey everyone,

   Day three and going strong! Sean and I had to go to the store to get some more apples for our juices and could smell the food. We stuck to the produce section so we would not torture ourselves with the smells of cooked food. Feeling pretty good and staying motivated. Can’t wait to see more results!


Have a good day,



Sean CareyIt is day three and before Pile of vegetables for some juice cleanse recipeswe went to the store, I made quite a bit of juice so that I could have plenty with me and some when we came back.  I thought I would take a few pictures to show you the controlled chaos that is juicing sometimes.

It is 5:30 pm here now and I am drinking the last of what I made earlier from what you see in those pictures, plus the juice from an entire large watermelon that Liisa and I shared between the two of us. It was amazing, the juice from that watermelon filled up 5 quart sized mason jars! We chopped the watermelon up into different pieces and literally juiced the entire thing, skin and all! Very tasty!

Another pile of vegetables and fruits for juice cleanse recipes


April 8th 2013

Sean CareyDay 4 of our juice cleanse today and boy some days are just busier than others! Today was one of those days where you just make a load of juices in the morning and go, go, go all day after. Lucky for me, Liisa was nice enough to make me some more later when mine ran out and I was starting to feel low on energy.

We just finally got the rest of the produce we bought today into the fridge in an organized chaos so that we can get to what we each need as we go along the next few days. It is 10pm as I am writing this and that poor produce had to sit in the kitchen for almost 2 hours while we got other stuff we had to get finished done. It is ok at least it is in there and it looks happy.

So since I knew we were going to be out and about and busy, here is what I did this morning. Below are the pictures of everything I juiced this morning and also the resulting jars of juice I filled(minus one other small jar that I had to drink in between while juicing).


The image to the right juicecleanserecipepicis of a juice cleanse recipe I created this morning and will be posting tomorrow. I drank the entire quart and more of juice it made within the next hour after finishing it!

And the final product minus a small jar I guzzled down while juicing all of this! 4 Quarts of heavenly, beautiful, and delicious Green Juices! Note: Three of them look purple all due to those two beets you see in the front of the pic above(Beets tend to do that).  :)


Good night! I am ready to kick up my feet and fall asleep! …(Right after I finish the rest of this excellent juice that Liisa made me tonight).


April 9th 2013

Sean CareyDay 5 and it was a great and challenging day all at the same time. I started off the day feeling better than I have yet on any day of the cleanse so far. I had amazing energy, I was washing dishes, Doing laundry, making juice and cleaning the kitchen all at once!

Then somewhere in the middle of the day while I was resting on the couch I suddenly had strong thoughts and visions of solid food. More like feelings about solid food and practically tasting the food. I was thinking about items of food that I haven’t really even thought about in awhile. It was very difficult suddenly out of nowhere, and for a little while I literally was picturing going and getting something to eat.

What didn’t help was that I was semi nauseous right before this and was having a difficult time drinking any more juice. I knew I needed to get something more in me, but I couldn’t stomach the juice I was trying to drink. I realized after a while that I needed to switch gears and make a different juice altogether, because I was starting to feel that low on energy feeling when you are not drinking enough.

I took a note from Liisa from the Watermelonjuice!night before and made myself a straight watermelon juice. We had bought huge watermelons when we went out the day before and had them on hand. I chopped one in half and piece by piece I juiced the entire thing. What I ended up with was over 3 quarts of watermelon juice, of which one I drank down over the next 10 minutes. My stomach nausea went away and I felt a whole lot better

I am now sitting here drinking another watermelon juice and wanted to share with you that although the majority of our juices should be green juices during an extended juice cleanse. It is ok to mix it up, when your body is telling you that it needs something else. There will be plenty of  green juices to drink every day and some days you have just got to do what it takes to keep you on track! mmmm hmmm! This watermelon juice really tastes good right now!


Good evening!

   LiisaAt the end of day 5 and am starting to get a hang of my juice cleanse. The first few days were a bit challenging, but I am very much committed to following through to get healthy! I feel like the more I do this, the easier it gets.


April 10th 2013,

Day 6,

  LiisaHaving a bit of a rough day. Did not get the best night of sleep, but am getting through. Drinking lots of juice and learning to take it one day at a time.

Message Stones


April 11th 2013

Sean CareyHello, day 7 here! I started the day by making my juices and then going out to do some gardening/weeding for a few hours. I cannot believe how much energy I had this morning, it was something else! I rode my bicycle to where I was gardening and felt like I could ride my bike for hours. Felt good to get some exercise in today and I look forward to kicking up my exercise a notch.

I brought more than enough juice with me to be sure I did not get caught out anywhere with no juice on hand. You always want to make sure that if you are going out anywhere and you know that you might be there for a while, to bring extra juice! Do not bring just enough, or just a little and think you will be ok. Prepare for the unexpected! Bring more than you might need! Do not think about it, just do it! Haha 😉

The last thing you want to do is be caught out somewhere with no juice on hand and hunger in your stomache. This is just setting yourself up for failure. Even if you are weeks into a juice cleanse, do not forget this, as it can save your entire juice cleanse and keep you on track. Yes, even if you are just making a trip to the store to pick something up real quick, BRING JUICE! Because what else do you find at the store, while you are making your simple little trip??? Food!

Then once you have gotten yourself out and have no juice on hand, your mind can convince your belly much easier to just go ahead and eat something. You might even find it was just waiting for an opportunity like this… It might even be possible that you put yourself in this situation so that you can be convinced to just go ahead, and eat some food. Besides there you are at the store and gosh darn it, you do not have any juice. What would it figure? You are so hungry and well you could just eat this once…Uh huh…haha

BRING JUICE! Then you will not have to worry about it. Get enough juice in your body before you go and drink enough while you are on the go and you will have less situations where you feel tempted to fall off of your juice cleanse. 


April 12th 2013

Sean CareyHello juicers and anyone else reading this! It is near the end of day 8 of our 30 day juice cleanse and it was a bit of a rough one for me this morning. For some reason the first part of this day was the hardest I have had so far. I was  a bit off and seriously kept drifting back into thoughts about food. I know this can be a challenge for anyone on some days and I am no different.

I got through it though and am still here and ready to continue! I learned some more today about really listening to your body and moving with the flow of the moment while doing this. I have had mini ups and downs throughout the day every day of this experience so far and I am sure anyone who is doing this with us, or who has done this before can relate.

In general I have been drinking green juices throughout the entire day and it is rare when I don’t have something green in one of my juices. As I talked about in previous posts, you can mix it up sometimes and in fact if you are having a hard time and are at a place where drinking a green juice at the time just is not sitting well with you. Then don’t that time.

In fact reward yourself for doing so well, and make a juice completely of your choosing. Do you like carrots? Mangoes? Pineapple maybe? Whatever it is give yourself a treat every once in awhile and make yourself a nice tall glass of your favorite juice, whether it be all fruit or not. If that is what gets you back into feeling well and continuing your cleanse, or if you are just at the end of a long day. Reward yourself, you are doing well to get this far!

We would love to hear more from you and we know you are out there! If you are juice cleansing along with us, or are just interested in more about juice cleansing. Drop us a comment in the box below, we would love to hear your experiences! I will leave you off with a photo of my morning juice below. Until tomorrow, may all of your juices be good juices!



April 13th, 2013

Day 9,

   LiisaMoving forward. Although this juice cleanse has been good, it has also been really challenging at times. There are ups and downs to any cleanse. In the morning you can feel really good, but then, two hours later you can feel tired and cranky. Thank god Sean is such a wonderful partner, he has put up with my mood changes and has been super supportive during our juice cleanse.

 A juice cleanse puts you to the test and shows you what your worth. It challenges you to become responsible for your health and wellness. You learn your body needs more than junk food and coffee to function optimally.

 It’s amazing how good you can feel when you pay attention to your health. When I was eating a raw diet a couple years back I had no idea I could feel so amazing! I felt like I could do anything and there were no limits to what I could achieve. It was incredible! When life got challenging, I did not feel stressed  or get sick at all.

 Just take a moment out of your life and do something healthy. Take a walk with your family or sweetheart. Breathe in and smell the sweet fragrance of spring. Look around at the architecture of each house. Use your senses and tune into the present moment, you might find that it can be relaxing. Hope you all have a good evening and a good night!  



April 14th 2013

Sean CareyDay 10 here and today was a lot better than the last time I checked in here. Almost no thoughts of food today really, not even as I am typing this about food right now. I made all of my juices in one big shot this morning and stored them well in mason jars. People don’t always talk about it, but making all of your juices throughout the day can be quite the time consuming task.

We use two different juicers and before we started this juice cleanse we used only one. We had made the decision before hand that it would be a good investment to get another juicer, because we were going to be darn busy making both of our juices with one. The only juicer we had was a masticating juicer(The Omega 8005 Nutrition Center) which is great for extracting more juice out of a lot of items, but is slower than a centrifugal. If you are interested you can read more about the differences in juicer types, and much more information about which juicer may be best for your needs by clicking this link.

Since we had also seen juice offs between different juicers and knew the pros and cons for them we decided on one that would compliment the one we had. The juicer we chose was the Breville Juice Fountain Plus, which is a centrifugal juicer. If you have seen the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead this is the juicer that Joe Cross used. When it comes to juicing leafy greens there is simply no comparison, the Omega 8005 will produce anywhere between 2 and 1/2 to 4 times the amount of juice than the Breville will. So I myself personally juice all of my leafy greens through the Omega, because I not only want all of the nutritional value possible, but I also will save a whole lot of money in the long run.

When it comes to juicing carrots and a few other hardy items the Breville does have a slight edge. Then there are lots of different items in between where the omega has a slight edge, but the Breville still comes in very very handy as a time saver. If I want to save time on certain days I will juice more of my produce through the Breville(everything except the leafy greens still) and that helps a lot. It can definitely be quite the task to juice 1- 2 and a half gallons of juice through the Omega sometimes and if I don’t have the time then it can be an awesome juicer to help with that. When I have the time then I will use the omega and even though it will take more time, I will get a greater volume of nutrient dense juice with most produce except for some of the items I mentioned above.

Anyhow… This really has made some of our days around here a whole lot easier! These are some of the benefits of picking a juicer that will fit your needs for the situations you are using it for and again you can read more about the different juicer types by clicking the link I left above or looking to the left hand side of any of our pages for the What Juicer Is The Best For Me? link.

Before I depart, I wanted to leave you with a picture of what I have had today. This is everything I juiced today, except for one quart of juice I made up real quick before making all of this. This all made up around 1 and 1/2 gallons of juice. You can’t see everything, as a lot of it is underneath other stuff, but there is a lot there and if you didn’t notice there is a strong current of green running through it. Happy juicing everyone and until tomorrow, we wish you the best of health and happiness!



April 15th 2013

Hi everyone,

Day 11

 LiisaFinishing off another successful day of juicing! I’m learning that this cleanse is helping me think about my life and what I want to change for the better. It has also strengthened my relationship and I feel a new sense of peace. There are ups and downs, but overall I feel it’s just getting better.

Sweet dreams,



April 16th 2013

Sean CareyDay 12 here and today was another really busy day. Liisa and I did had some really great moments today, amongst everything and one of them was finally being able to catch up on some gardening and get exercise in the process. When we were done we sat down for a little bit and just watched the day. You really do have quite a few euphoric type moments during a juice cleanse, or at least we have and it is great to be able to enjoy them.

This juice cleanse has not only been one that is physical for me, but it has also been mental, emotional and spiritual as well. When doing a longer juice cleanse such as this, it really does give you a chance to work through issues and face things you normally do not. You have to figure (and believe me when you are doing a juice cleanse you do) that normally a whole lot of the time we as people go to food for all kinds of things.

You may not be as acutely aware of this right now, but when you are doing a juice cleanse you begin to realize how many things revolve around food and also how much of the time you go to food as a source of comfort. Not being able to do this can force you to have to actually deal with whatever is going on with you rather than stuffing it down with food. This can be quite the eye opener, and can be uncomfortable at times.

All of this becomes part of the cleansing process and you begin to realize it is not just your physical body that you are cleansing, but you are truly cleansing yourself and cleaning out the garbage that has gotten in the way of who you truly are. With all of the distractions in the world and all of the unhealthy instant easy fix solutions we over time can become distant from our true selves and then food becomes an even greater form of escape as we become even more afraid of dealing with or being with ourselves in the moment.

It is so much easier to just go get that big ole serving of whatever food it is and indulge the pleasure centers of our brain while saturating it with toxins. These toxins and unhealthy foods actually feed the addictive side of our natures and slowly over time this can become a cycle. These cycles distance us from our true selves more and more over the years, until we find our self out of shape, unhappy and wondering what in the world got us there.

The rewards of going through these cleansing processes can be amazing and the added physical health you get along with this can truly lead to some euphoric moments. More and more every day I realize it is not just my physical body that I am cleansing, but it is my connection with my higher self and my spirit as well that is getting cleared. I love that I am on day 12 of this juice cleanse and look forward to more of the challenge and the change that is to come. Not every day or even every moment to moment is perfect, but I know that if I just continue doing what I am doing, I am going to keep seeing better and better results.


April 17th 2013

Hello fellow juicers,

Day 13

   LiisaSean and I made all of our juices for the day this morning. It is very helpful so we don’t have to stop what we are doing to make more juice. If we get hungry we can just grab them from the refridgerator. We seal them in mason jars so they keep their freshness throughout the day. I don’t like having to clean the whole kitchen late at night, so the earlier I do it, the better.

It’s probably been the easiest day so far, I have only had a couple thoughts about food and when I did I drank more juice. A juice cleanse gets a lot easier as time goes by, as I have probably said before.


 It’s important to do anything that will make your day easier. Little things like: keep your kitchen clean, make some juices in advance, or talk to like-minded people. It can make a world of different during your cleanse. There are things that Sean and I have had to change during the day to make our lives run smoother. We have adopted a loose schedule so we make sure we get everything done.

At first, I felt some resistance in my mind, but I felt better after doing it. It helps to be organized so it can alleviate some of the stresses of daily life. Well I hope you all have a nice day and good luck to everyone who is doing a juice cleanse right now!


April 18th 2013

Sean CareyThis is day 14 of our juice cleanse and I had a pretty good day. I am really starting to have some days where I can feel the difference in my energy level. Today I felt absolutely amazing and while doing some physical activities where I will sometimes feel very sluggish and slow going, I instead felt very energetic, clear, calm and the time just seemed to pass by as I did them.

These are only some of the benefits that I am beginning to feel that is keeping me motivated to continue on with this juice cleanse. I am seeing good weight loss results and am down almost 14 pounds, which is just a little over a pound a day for me.

I started my ab routine about 4 days ago and will do this 3 times a week. I also did an upper body workout and will be adding another arm routine in also. When I did these exercises as well as other physical activity I have been doing lately, I feel completely different than I did before I was doing this cleanse. My energy level is just at a completely different place.

I have learned that in my personal opinion it is a good idea to wait at least 4-7 days before starting a workout routine while doing a juice cleanse. At the beginning it really is a lot just adapting to the change that a juice cleanse is and your body will have enough on its plate just adjusting and possibly getting through the first detox stages.

Your energy at first may or may not be higher, but you don’t want to take on so much that you feel overwhelmed. This could easily lead to you quitting the juice cleanse before you see the real benefits. Doing a juice cleanse can be a real challenge if you have never done anything like this, heck it can be a real challenge even if you have. Although there are great highs and huge benefits it is not always a walk in the park.

Psychologically our minds are used to getting a lot of our sustenance in the form of solids and their can be strong resistance and temptation to just forget it all and go eat something. It can be enough to deal with all of the feelings that come along with such a big change and your energy can also be lower at the beginning as your body will also possibly be detoxing. I feel that light exercise is definitely good at first, because movement is good for everything, but give it a few days at least before you try to do anything to much more.

That being said I was so ready to start exercising more often and am glad that I have, because it is feeling good and my energy to do so now is surprising me. I honestly haven’t had some of the feelings I have had lately in a long time and my hope is increasing daily. I felt like I almost had the energy of a kid today riding my bike around. Good stuff!

Anyhow I hope everyone that is juicing alongside with us or will be the best, and if you are going through a hard time remember it will get better. A lot of days during a juice cleanse can have many ups and downs. Just hang in there and you WILL see results!


April 20th 2013

Hi everyone,

 LiisaAlready half way through our cleanse. It’s so funny because it goes by fast, but slow at the same time. We were not able to post yesterday, we were was so busy and were doing stuff until 10 at night. I was also having a really tough night too.

I am a connoisseur of good food and love to cook. I love cooking for my little family of two (Sean and I) and friends that occasionally come to visit. Because I am doing a cleanse, I am not able to eat (which I love!) and cook. I was having a moment last night where I was having the WORST cravings for food!! I was melting down and practically crying to Sean about it. He was so awesome and supportive, I don’t think I could of survived without his help!

 Anyways…food can be addictive. The food companies do not tell you this because they want to get you hooked on their product. I DO NOT eat fast food, but I was eating healthier chips, (organic blue corn tortilla chips to be exact) which still are  addictive. Sometimes it takes a  little while for those cravings or addictive feelings to leave your body when you are doing a juice cleanse.

Now today, was way better. We walked to the local co op. It takes a while to get there, so we got some wonderful exercise and were able to enjoy the sunshine. I love it! It was also nice to talk about our hopes and dreams. I felt so inspired! We bought our organic produce and sat outside on a bench to enjoy a juice in the sun.

Through our juice cleanse I have learned that it is not only a physical experience, but a mental, and spiritual one too. I have grown as a person and have learned today that I DO deserve to be happy, healthy, successful, sexy, feminine, you name it.

I need to realize that I do not need to be afraid to shine and feel my best. I am saying this because I hope some of these positive words can rub off on someone and inspire them. I know there are other people out there who need a boost of hope. We can do it! Hope you all have a great evening and just remember that you can have anything in life you desire, you just have to go out there and get it!   

Inspiring Clouds


April 21st 2013

Sean CareyToday was day 17 of our juice cleanse and we finally had a slower sort of day. Nice to have a non eventful easy going day every once in awhile where you can just kick your feet up if you want to. I was down a total of 16.6 pounds as of very early this morning, which means I am down a little over 1 pound a day on average overall. (I accidentally wrote 17.6 pounds yesterday when I first entered this, so if you notice a small change, that was my mistake. I am still very happy with my weight loss so far and 16.6 pounds is great!).

As you go further into your cleanse you will most likely not need to drink as much some days. When we first began we were easily drinking between 2 and 2 and 1/2 gallons a day. The last few days I have not needed more than 1 and 1/2 gallons in any given day. I even had a day where I just drank around the one gallon minimum.

You really just have to follow what your body feels each particular day and keep in mind that you want at least one gallon minimum a day. If you have your gallon in a day and feel fine, then that is what your body needs that day. If you have a gallon another day and easily need more, then that is what your body needs that day.

Don’t let your mind get in the way with all of this and cause you to over think it. Our minds like doing that. Just keep it simple, make sure you get plenty of green juice in the mix of your juices, and consume a minimum of a gallon each day. Leave the rest up to the process and trust the process.

Anyhow, I am really happy about where I am at so far and how far we have come in just 17 days. It is funny saying just 17 days, because while it is just 17 days, it has been quite the journey already and Liisa as well as myself have learned so much more. The days have been a mix of long and short all wrapped up into one… Today though for myself, was just nice and simple for the most part, and I will take that!

We hope that everyone who is juicing alongside us is doing well! Good night from this part of the world to everyone who is following our progress! Remember to keep it simple, and trust the process!


April 22nd 2013


  LiisaDay 18 of our 30 day juice cleanse. Feel good today. I feel a clear calmness that I never felt when I was eating cooked foods. It is like someone removed the fogginess from my head. We have things to do today, but it is easygoing and we don’t have to go anywhere except for the store.

 This is the last day of a sale on apples at our local grocery store, so we had them put aside a box for us. I have found that if you talk to the produce department at your local grocery store you can get a box of produce on sale, just ask. If you have a farmers market available to you, you can also ask them if you buy a bunch of (whatever you like) maybe they can give you some kind of discount. It’s a win win. The produce would most likely be organic, just ask the vendor about it being organic. It will also be local. The benefit to that is you are supporting your local economy, so the quality of your live and your fellow neighbors will be better, you will have more available to you. The second benefit is that your produce will be fresher and way better for your body, not shipped in a hot truck from who knows where.

 I feel like my juice cleanse just gets better with time. I am more aware of what I am putting in my body and will be when I get off my cleanse. I am not concerned with what I put in my body, but what I put in my hair and skin. A lot of products have
stuff in them that can cause cancer and other unhealthy side affects. If you cannot read or understand what stuff they put in your beauty products, look it up.

It might open up your eyes to what you are really putting in your body. Every product I use is cruelty free and not tested on animals. I am very much against that. I feel that animals should not have to suffer for our vanity. Anyways I didn’t mean to get off track there, but that was just on my mind.

 I hope you all have a great day. It just so happens to be Earth Day. Just take a moment out of your day to enjoy nature, even if it is just to look at a tree or plant in your yard.

Happy Earth Day everyone,


preeeettty picture


April 23rd 2013


 LiisaDay 19 has been really nice. Just easygoing and relaxed. We went for a walk and it just so happened to be a really nice day. The sun was out, which is not so often where we live. I did my exercise and now I am sitting down with a nice glass of juice and am writing this post.

 I just recently picked up knitting for the first time since I was a teenager and have been knitting purses for family and friends. I am finally knitting a purse for myself now. It is a raspberry like color and I am very excited to be able to use it. Not much else is happening today, just enjoying the weather.


April 25th 2013

Hello everyone,

  LiisaDay 21! Sean and I are already two thirds through our juice cleanse and it seems to be flying by fast. We have yet another busy day of work, so having juice ready is super important. I am also going to try new combinations of juice. I am getting a little tired of the combinations I am doing now. Well, have to get to it, we will post tomorrow, bye!


April 26th 2013

Sean CareyDay 22 of our juice cleanse and boy we have been busy lately! I have not been able to get on here and post in days. Amongst being very busy though, we have kept up with our juicing and are doing well with that. There have been some challenges along the way and there have been some amazing highs also!

We have both started exercising a bit more which has been a challenge to fit into our schedule, but we are managing to do it. I have not started with anything to extreme, but at the same time my exercises are not always to light. I have found for myself that mixing it up works and once I got past the initial days of the juice cleanse my energy has been increased.

I am doing abs three days a week, an upper body routine one time a week which includes my chest, triceps, shoulders as well as back and also an arm only workout which includes biceps, forearms and triceps also. In between we are trying to get decent walks in whenever we can and I also am using our exercise bike which we have at home. I do gardening for others part time and also do some for us, which if you have done gardening, you know it can be a really good workout.

We have both lost over 20 pounds and honestly I do not know exactly where I am at today. We have recently decided that weighing ourselves everyday is not only unnecessary, but also is not always the best thing to do. The thing about doing a juice cleanse is that there will be weight fluctuations due to other factors which among them can simply include drinking a bunch of juice the night before and still having all of that liquid in your body. Or drinking a bunch of water overnight, etc.

When you wake up the next day and weigh yourself, it is possible for some people that the scale will dictate how you feel that day. For myself I know that I am doing this for the long run and I know that any fluctuation I see is just that, a fluctuation. I have had a few times where it might of effected me a little bit, but I know where it is going in the run.

Liisa has had a bit of a harder time on and off with this and that is completely ok. Many people have a hard time with this. Doing a juice cleanse and keeping your mind set on target is not always easy breezy. Some days can be a real challenge and there are some times where even weeks in you will have moments where you may want to say, just screw this whole thing and throw in the towel.

The psychological draw and emotional comfort that food provides for almost all of us is strong and when you have been consuming nothing but juice for a period of time there will be moments where food can be pretty darn appetizing. The need to stay motivated during this time and remember your goals is huge! These moments will pass!

For myself I remember all of the reasons why I am doing a juice cleanse and why I want to continue. I remind myself daily of my goals and pat myself on the back for moving closer to them. I remind myself I am literally going to be improving the quality of my life for a long time to come because of this and that I can do it.

I visualize myself already having reached my goals and how good that feels. I allow myself to believe and know that I can do this and that I will. I do my best to not force my thoughts, but to allow the negative ones to float by like leaves in the wind, or like a train that is passing by. They are there for a period of time, but will pass if you allow them to and do not grasp on to them.

The thing is just like everything else in life, everything passes and there is always new. The only thing keeping you from feeling those good feelings and thinking those good thoughts is the belief that you cannot and your belief that they are gone. That is all it is…That simple, really.

The idea is instead of focusing on what you do not want, to focus on what you do want. If we want to lose weight, heal our body or just become healthier people all around, then why do we spend so much of our time and energy focusing on what we do not want. Why do we attach ourselves daily to what it is that is bad for us? Why do we listen to and struggle constantly against the negative noise inside of ourselves? We are giving it fuel, we are giving it something to push against even more, we are giving it substance when we struggle and push back.

Let it go…Release the negativity. Release the doubt in your mind and let it float by like leaves in the wind. Sure it is there and those thoughts will probably even come back again, but how you react to them is the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.

Instead, focus on what you do want and who you know you are becoming! Picture that happy person you know you are and are ready to accept. Believe that you are already making this happen! If you are overweight, then release the weight and be ready to release more as time goes. You are not “losing” weight, you are releasing it!

Accept that you are getting better and have the potential within you and the tools available to you to CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Know that YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT!

This is your life and you were not meant to be here to suffer and live in misery. The better you get for yourself, the better you can be there for other people also. You may have had a long standing belief that the way to beat something is to struggle so hard against it that you eventually win. Yes you need to be strong, but only strong enough to RELEASE it!

Keep your goals in mind, visualize where you are going to be and know that every moment you are spending to be healthier is not a waste of time and is in fact the best investement of your time. You are changing your life and in many cases, you are saving your life! To anyone who is following along with us, starting their juice cleanse or is considering doing a juice cleanse, we wish you the best!


Apri 27th 2013

Hello fellow juicers!

  LiisaI cannot believe it is day 23! About a week left for our juice cleanse. Today we got a lot done. We got up in the morning and headed to our local farmers market. It was so busy! There were people everywhere. So many stands of produce and homemade goods. Musicians playing their tunes. Oh, and to top it off, it was sunny. It was really nice. We probably were there for about an hour.

  When we got home we drank more juice and down for a few minutes. Sean then suggested we walk down to our community garden plot and water it. We ended up staying there working on it and talking to our fellow plot users for 2 hours and 15 minutes. We really busted our butts! I now have a funny looking sunburn on my face, hehe.

  So, we got back home and spent yet another few minutes drinking juice and relaxing and then decided to go to the store to buy some much needed socks. I love the feel of new socks! Little did we know we would end up with a flat screen tv and speakers. We carried them home as were on foot and sat down. Phew! What a day!


April 29th, 2013


  LiisaToday is the 25th day of our juice cleanse. We are almost at the finish line. Doing a 30 day juice cleanse will be quite an accomplishment. I have told some people at the local grocery store we go to about our cleanse and they said they couldn’t do it. Anyone can do a juice cleanse. It really is about willpower. The question is how bad do you want to change?

 Sean and I were so ready and pumped to do this that we kept our focus, even when we felt challenged. Yes, we have had our ups and downs, and some days we really wanted to eat food. I would just ask myself in those moments “How much do you want this change, now is the time to to it, so don’t give up.” I would also picture myself happy, healthy and really glad that I stuck to my juice cleanse.

 Sean and I talked the other day about what we wanted to do after our 30 day juice cleanse. We decided that we were going to eat mostly raw food after our cleanse, about 85-90%. We want to continue our weight loss by eating healthy raw living foods. We will also kick up our exercise routine to something more intense. Weight training, plus cardio would be perfect for us. We have a stationary exercise bike here at home, so we won’t damage our knees too much. We both got knee injuries in the past and are trying to be careful with them.

 That’s all I have to say for today, it has been a relatively easy day. Hope you all are having a good day too! We will post tomorrow, see you then.


April 30th 2013

Sean CareyToday is day 26 of our juice cleanse and I am down a total of 23 pounds as of this morning, which means 23 pounds in 25 days so far! I want to let people know I did this not by starving myself or by drinking small amounts of juice. I did this by drinking a minimum of 1 gallon of juice a day and normally I drink between 1 and 1/2 to 2 gallons on most days., although there were a few I drank the gallon minimum only.

If you have been following our progress and reading our posts on this website, then you know that you want to focus in on drinking green juices during your juice cleanse. You can read more here about why this is so. You can also find many green juice recipe ideas for your juice cleanse by following that link.

Every day is different during a juice cleanse and what each of us encounter inside of ourselves and outside of ourselves will differ. What is important is to stay focused on your goals and also be sure to congratulate yourself and allow yourself to feel good about what you have accomplished.

Doing a juice cleanse for a longer period of time can be a very challenging thing at times and if you have come this far, then you should be proud of yourself. During this time you have probably encountered, doubt, frustration, second thoughts, and all kinds of other emotions as well as obstacles. Looking ahead and allowing yourself to feel good about what you have achieved is completely necessary and one of the best things you can do for yourself!

A lot of us have a strong tendency to be very hard on ourselves and although we find it easy to find all of the things that are wrong with ourselves and everything we can fix, we often a lot of the times do not take the time to focus on the good things we have done. This is a very important step in any health program and is often glossed over to quickly in my opinion. I am learning for myself that this is a very important thing for me to pay attention to in my own life. I am very grateful that I am in a place where I am learning this.

If you have been juice cleansing along with us or are just starting a juice cleanse, or are going to be doing a juice cleanse. Congratulations on making a choice to change your life for the better! While we are on this planet one of the most important things we can do for ourselves is strive to be as healthy as we can. When we feel better, are healthier, clear and more focused, we in turn can be there for others with our full attention. We can also be there for ourselves which is just as important! 

Take some time to relax and be good to yourself today! Congratulations on choosing happiness and health! Here is a nice photo below of my breakfast and lunch…Now what is for dinner???


May 2nd 2013

Hello to all,

LiisaIt is day 28! We have 2 and 1/2 more days to juice. It’s kind of weird knowing I will be eating in a couple of days. I think I might eat a salad the first day. Just the thought of salad almost makes me drool. Hahaha!

This journey has been really good for the both of us and has opened up our eyes to what we need to do to stay healthy. We had our ups and downs during this juice cleanse but have pulled through. We are going to exercise more, watch our portions, and eat more healthy food.

Today I am drinking some watermelon juice as a treat. It tastes really good and is nice to change it up sometimes. Well, that’s all the news I have for today. Have a good one!


May 3rd 2013

Sean CareyWow so it is day 29 and this juice cleanse has been an experience! We have both had our ups and downs, but have come through this far and both feel great for doing this!

Something I wanted to talk about today that I have not mentioned as of yet and really hit me as I was taking a walk a bit ago. Since getting over the initial first days of this juice cleanse I have felt so much clearer and focused than I have in a long time! I really cannot talk enough about this!

As I was walking back to our place on this nice spring day, the colors of the trees, bushes and everything else around me was really sharp and vivid. I am aware of how much more present I am now and how much more I am aware of my surroundings.

The blah sort of feeling that I carried with me sometimes from before is practically gone and I have not had the kind of energy I have now in a long time. It is easy not to think about this stuff from day to day, but there are moments when I really stop and look back at how I felt before and how I feel now, just 29 days later!

It is really nice to feel this clear and I want to continue to feel this way! I have been fitting in just a bit of meditation in here and there the last few days, as we have been very busy and that also makes a world of difference. I am going to continue this when we are done so that I can stay clear and focused.

I will tell you this, that doing a longer juice cleanse is not always easy every day. There are many trying moments and times where you will be tempted to stop and just tell yourself you will either do it another time, or just forget the whole thing altogether. I talk about the benefits a lot, and I do this so that you will know what it is you are getting out of the experience.

The way I feel and the weight I have lost is a big pay off for any struggle I have gone through during this time. This juice cleanse has both been not what I expected and has exceeded my expectations all at the same time. There were challenges I did not expect and there have been benefits I was not completely aware of also!

I will never regret having done this and look forward to continuing with a healthy diet and exercise to continue my health journey! Being able to blog about this on here has really helped to keep me accountable and everyone I have been in contact with through this website and also elsewhere has been very helpful!

I want to thank everyone who has followed our journey and also wish you all the best with your journey! We have heard from some people who have been very inspiring to us and maybe some day they will be willing to share their amazing experiences of healing and health through the power of juicing!

We will of course post tomorrow as well, and will also be here for many years to come on this website! We aren’t going anywhere! Until tomorrow, may all of your juices be good ones!


April 5th 2013

Sean CareyHello and sorry we did not get around to posting yesterday! Today however was our first day off of the juice cleanse and we had a good day. We both ate a salad for breakfast and mine was rather large! We then had some fresh fruit for lunch and I am going to possibly have a little more before bed. I actually thought I would be hungrier today, but was happily surprised with how full I have gotten from eating much less than I normally do.

We have both decided that we are going to go into a mostly raw foods diet and just follow our guts(pun intended) with our diet. We both lost around 27 pounds each and feel really good about that! We are both going to up our exercise more now that we are eating again and not juice cleansing. We have both talked about how excited we are to finally be fully committed to getting ourselves to a completely healthy place!

I have gone up and down with my health and my weight for most of my adult life and am 37 years old now. I have learned so much about nutrition and juicing over the last years and feel so good that I am fully applying everything I have learned to my own life.

This juice cleanse has been a huge learning experience and just an amazing experience period! It had its ups and downs, and I am so glad that we both were able to stick with it and ride out the rough days as well as enjoy the ones that were absolutely great! The energy that I had and continue to have once I was over the first 4 days or so of the juice cleanse has been life changing.

Although we both know plenty about juice cleansing we decided to roughly follow 2 juice cleanse programs that we have written reviews for on our website. We did this so that we could get a complete idea about them and better inform anyone about them who is curious. These programs were both great and cover different levels of juice cleansing.

The Get Juicy Juice Cleanse program is a great program for beginners and also people who know a bit more about juice cleansing as well as raw food health. It is is more detailed program and I personally recommend this juice cleanse if you are serious about doing a complete program. I found this program to be absolutely amazing and it covered a whole lot of aspects of detox and cleansing that you just do not find in other juice cleanse programs. You can read our review of the Get Juicy Juice Cleanse program here for more information.

The 7 Day Goddess Juice Feast Cleanse is a great program for beginners that is also especially designed for women. This juice cleanse Ebook is also great and is a bit more on the light side. It is a more free form juice cleanse program that is excellent for beginners and will give you all of the information you need to complete a successful juice cleanse as well as some nice bonus extras. You can read our review of the 7 Day Goddess Juice Cleanse program here for more information.

Liisa and myself both wanted to thank everyone who has commented on our progress both on the bottom of the page here and also to us in private. We also wanted to congratulate everyone who was cleansing along with us and also congratulate anyone who will be doing a juice cleanse in advance. We are so happy to be able to be here and to provide anyone with any information that can change their life for the better and we hope to continue hearing from people in the future!

If you would like to keep in touch with us or just get more updates on a more day to day basis feel free to follow us on facebook! You can do this by starting at the upper right hand corner of any of our pages and scrolling down just a little bit. Right above the Juice Cleanse Recipes by fruit, vegetable or plant type heading are two symbols underneath a heading that says FOLLOW US! Click the F symbol to be taken to our facebook page. If you are part of facebook you can then click like on our page to follow us and receive updates there.

You can also sign onto our mailing list in the upper right hand side of our page to receive tips to your email box in the future. Again we wish you all the best and will of course continue to bring you more juice cleanse recipes as well as information related to juice cleansing and juicing in general! Thank you for following and being part of our juice cleanse experience!



  1. Rosie says

    I have just gone through a complete 4 day fast. Just liquids. I am not sure what a juice fast is about, I merely was doing it for spiritual purposes. But now that the 4th day is almost over and I am wondering how to come off the fast without making myself sick. I want to continue juice to cleanse and detoxify. Can you please help?

    • Sean Carey says

      Hello Rosie,

      First of all here is our FAQ page to get you started.   FAQ

      Second, what do you mean by just liquids? Transitioning into a juice cleanse to continue detoxification should be something you can handle, depending on what the liquids are that you are talking about. If you are just talking about water then you should be able to just transition into a juice cleanse. As with anything, listen to your body and go easy.

      If you had some specific concerns or questions, please let us know Rosie. We would love to help.

  2. yogichic says

    Congrats u guys!  Almost on the other side of hump day, the 3rd day is always my toughest day, after that I feel 'over food'. 

    You've  inspired me to jump into the deep end tmw, after weeks of not being able to get any momentum built up.  my question is about elimination..  Are you using a cleansing agent or aloe or anything to ensure daily movement?        

    • Sean Carey says

      Thank you! We are glad that you have been inspired to take action!

      Its funny you ask that. We were questioning whether to bring this up as we did not want to scare anyone away… Of course during a juice cleanse it is completely up to each person whether they want to encourage daily movement or not.

      Some people just literally drink juices for 30 days. We actually are loosely following one of the programs we wrote a review for that encourages doing enemas or getting colonoscopies. This program is the get juicy juice cleanse program.

      We were thinking tomorrow would be the day we were going to give that a shot for the first time.

      Stay in touch and keep us updated on your progress. We would love to hear more from you!

  3. yogichic says

    Winding down on Day 3, feeling pretty good. So happy to be doing this right now, perfect timing!

     I liked Seans feelings and visuals of solid foods on Day 5.   This may sound crazy, but I watch Food Network while I'm on a cleanse..  Just  watching people make and enjoy food helps me not miss it so much, like I'm not being left out completely..  May not work for everyone..

    • Sean Carey says

      Hey yogichic!

      Day 3, great! We are glad to have you with us, and are happy to hear that you are feeling good so far!

      We are all different and there are different things that motivate us and keep us on track. For me watching the food network, at least up to this point would not be helpful! Haha!

      It is day 7 here for us and we really felt good last night. We tried to ease into the first days of our juice cleanse and recommend most people do. We are now ready to be able to include some exercise into our daily routine. We went on a nice walk last night and I am about to go do some gardening soon.

      I am personally going to try to work some possibly lighter to medium muscle training days in and especially focus on working out my abs, as one of my goals over the next year is to get a six pack!

      I will see how my body feels while doing this and will listen to it as to how much I can do. I want to work in some yoga as well, and can't wait to start that!

      In general we don't recommend that most people do heavy weight resistance workouts during a juice cleanse, but I personally have chosen to experiment a little and see what it is I can do and what it is I should be patient and wait to do once my juice cleanse is done. I just want to be sure that my body still has the energy and resources to be able to do the detoxing, regeneration and overall healing that a juice cleanse is all about.

      Anyhow, I kind of got off topic there, but that is where my mind is at this morning. Haha.  We are glad to hear from you again and are rooting for you to do well as well as to get all of the possible benefits you can from your juice cleanse! Keep us updated, we will be here! Juice on!

  4. yogichic says

    Hi Fellow Juicers!  

    Day 7 at last! Im going to keep going as long as I can starve off my friends who reckon I've disapeared off the face of the planet..  This is so anti-social!!

    Sean, I'm curious how the weight lifting exercising is going??  i haven't been able to do any more than walk during this cleanse cuz of an injury, but normally I would do Bikram Yoga every day. It is the perfect compliment to a cleanse,, with all the sweating and detoxing that takes place.  Its much tougher to do on a cleanse, just have to take more breaks, but you feel Amazing after!!

    Thank you for all the great recipes!  i would not have thought to juice some of this stuff!

    Stay Juicy!

    • Sean Carey says

      Hello yogichic,

      Congratulations on making it to day 7!

      I actually finally started doing some muscle work and I started today with abs. I believe I may actually recommend that a lot of people consider letting their bodies ease into a juice cleanse before beggining anything semi intense or intense. More intense kind of yoga like what you talk about could be an exception though as I agree with you and feel like that actually encourages cleansing and detox. (I am learning more about yoga all of the time and love it! Bikram yoga sounds a lot like the p90x yoga routine I do. I have to mix that up with something less intense sometimes, but I love how I feel after I have done it.)

      I am going to start the weight lifting/resistance kind of stuff this week as I feel like I am ready. I felt great doing my ab routine this morning and am ready to start doing more cardio as well. I am not hugely overweight, but I am definitely overweight. It never ceases to amaze me how easily it can catch up to you if you are not actively making sure it does not.

      I am currently 45 pounds from my target weight and this is the last time in my life that I plan on being where I am now. Part of doing this juice cleanse in the way we are doing it is to show people that it works and lucky for us we get to have it work! I have lost 10 pounds so far, and can't wait to see the results from adding in workouts beyond taking walks.

      Up to this point except for this morning, I have been letting my body and myself adapt to this change and not overload it with anything more than some good walks. I definitely feel ready as of today to start increasing my exercise and see even better results. I will let you know how the weight lifting/resistance exercise goes and feels within the week.

      I completed most of a round of p90x some months ago, but have been slacking off and on in between then and now. Learning all about raw home made juices, adding them to my diet and now doing a longer juice cleanse has been the best change and will continue to be the best change I have made to my overall health.

      I have been very amazed at what I have found and the many other stories of healing and health I have seen. I am constantly finding new people who's lives have been changed by juicing and am so glad that we here can share what we find with anyone who is interested in learning more!

      We are very glad that you have enjoyed the juice recipes and will continue to search, combine and create new nutrient dense juices that we all can enjoy!

      Also thank you for sharing your experience so far with us here! There are others juicing along with us, but not everyone leaves comments in this section and we appreciate hearing from you!

      We will most definitely stay juicy, and in fact I need to get me another juice right now!

  5. Diane says

    Thank you for your article about juicing. I do a master cleanse around four times a year but would like to try juicing. You are an inspiration as well as great teachers.

    • Sean Carey says

      We are very glad that you have found our site Diane and are happy that you have been able to take something with you from it.

  6. Juanita says

    Hi, my husband and I are planning to do a juicing cleanse for the first time! I am glad I found your site , it has encouraged and educated me on how to prepare fore the cleanse and how to do it. I was totally clueless about the need to prepare my body before actually starting.  I think we are going to struggle a bit more since we have a five year old son who will still be eating regular food!!! Do you have any advice on how to lighly incorporate our son in this adventure?

    • Liisa Wilson says

      Hi Juanita,

        I congratulate you and your husband for focusing on your health. You will be a great example for your son! At times it may be difficult to prepare solid food for your son, so you will have to prepare yourself mentally for that. I can relate to you on this one because the first time I did a 30 juice cleanse I had to make food for the child I was a live in nanny for. I just kept my goals in mind, and drank more juice. I had to be my own drill sergeant. Just remember what your goals are and picture yourself when you have successfully  finished your juice cleanse.

        I have worked with children my whole life and have learned that they want to be included in what you are doing. Your child is not going to juice cleanse, but it would be so healthy if you gave him a juice here and there. It will teach him at an early age to crave healthy food, and learn the great importance of eating them. Use milder tasting green veggies like spinach, broccoli, and add fruit for flavor. Make them tasty so he likes them and feels like he is being included in your special cleanse. Make it fun!

        Oh, and make sure if you are cooking for your child to just have juice ready if you get hungry, it could help you stay focused. Good luck on your juice cleanse and if you have anymore questions please feel free to ask!

  7. JUANA says

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and the recipes. I was looking for a juice cleanse after having several weeks of constant interruptions with work travels, parties, birthdays, and various other events. I had made great progress with my weight loss, but these last few weeks, I’ve gained quite a bit of weight and not feeling well. I’m going to try to do an initial cleanse for about 3-5 days and we’ll see how it goes.

    • says

      Hello Juana,

      We are glad that our site can be of help to anyone. We completely understand how life can get busy and sometimes our weight loss goals can take a back seat. Do not be to hard on yourself and remember if you start today, it can only get better. When I have been through a busy time and have put some weight back on, I remind myself that if I start doing something about it, I will improve. We can’t go back to the past, but we can take care of the future!

      Good luck with your juice cleanse Juana and we are glad that you found our site!

  8. Alyssa says

    I have watched documentaries and read my fair share on juicing. I did it for thirty days, lost 28 pounds, and felt amazing! BUT, less than a month later, I had gained it all back plus some. How did you introduce real food back into your diet and keep the weight off?

    • says

      Hello Alyssa,

      Liisa wrote a great article about how to keep the weight off after a cleanse or diet.


      On top of all of this you want to be sure you are not eating a whole lot of calories on a daily basis. Depending on your height and other factors we each have a calorie limit to roughly maintain on a daily basis if we want to stay at a healthy weight or lose weight. If you are eating way over this or moderately over this you will gain weight. The rest of the information in this article should be helpful as well.

      Hope this will be of help Alyssa and if you have any other questions let us know!

  9. Nolyn Mc Vean says

    Good evening,

    am interested in buy this book,, The Ultimate Juicing Receipes & Tips. Can you please send me a site or an address or phone number please.

    Than You

  10. Sam says

    Thank you thank you thank you! For blogging about your experiences.
    I need a support group and I found it. I am going to start my 30 day cleanse next week. I’m limiting caffeine intake now and reducing cooked meals and will be eating raw veggies before my cleanse starts. For me I am doing this alone but still cooking for my hubby. It’s not going to be easy but I am determined to do this.
    I hope you both still check in on your website.
    Thanks again

    • says

      Hello Sam!

      We both absolutely still check into our website, and in fact are very active and writing new content as we speak! It sounds like you are doing great, and are taking all of the right steps ahead of time to make your juice cleanse a smoother transition. It will be a challenge to cook for someone else during your cleanse, but it will make you stronger. We’ve been lucky that we’ve both done many of our juice cleanses around the same time as each other. As long as you plan ahead every day, and have at least one juice always on hand for yourself you’ll be in a better position.

      Keep us posted with how you’re doing Sam, and we also wanted to encourage you to sign up to our email newsletter. We send out a weekly email, which has links to our newest content as well as juice recipes, and also add extra tips inside of the emails also. You can find a sign up form on the top right hand of any page, unless you’re using a mobile device then you can find it if you scroll down below the content of any page.

      Also, read this article we just wrote, which provides some powerful tips to succeed with your juice cleanse!

      Liisa and myself both wish you the best with your juice cleanse!

  11. symone says

    Hello Liisa/Sean

    I just found your site a couple of days ago and really love it. I also emailed you for fear I might miss the reply.

    I’ve been reading a lot on your site but I still don’t feel I have the answer to a burning question. So many people think I am stuck on doing a fad diet instead of doing it the standard way because I’ve continued to gain the weight back. I want to prove to them and to myself once and for all that you don’t have to gain it back because you lost it on a juice fast.

    I just started a 45 day juice fast today. I have done several in the past but the latest was a 14 day juice fast last October. One thing I have NOT been able to do is keep the weight off. But I also haven’t broken it successfully for longer than a week or 2. Also, I am guilty of drinking as little as 12 ounces each day as I get deeper into the fast. So I am definitely going to follow your suggestion and drink at least a gallon per day. I’m excited to know that that is one big thing that I am doing differently this time around. I found your site just in time. Thank goodness.

    What I want to know is whether or not you can reasonable expect to get back to your normal intake of calories without gaining the weight back. In my case, that’s 1,500 to 1,700 calories per day depending on physical activities. Now I know you can expect to gain a little back such as water weight and perhaps a small amount that represents re-feeding in terms of the amount of food physically in the stomach.

    I am a vegan and I absolutely plan to eat a 100% whole food, lowfat, plant based diet. My past issues have been resuming processed foods even though I don’t even enjoy them at first. Also, I eventually will start eating the bad vegan junk food again so I know that’s why I gain weight.

    But because most people seems to say, even your site seems to imply that you need to eat raw and continue to drink juice in order to maintain the weight loss, I am confused. Now I know you don’t say it out right exclusively but I do get that message. Those things are definitely a given for health and will always be part of my life. However, my burning question is can you maintain the weight loss on a 100% whole food, lowfat, plant based diet. Basically, the McDougall lifestyle assuming you’ve heard of Dr. John McDougall. In other words, I want to be able to eat this way and eventually get my metabolism back up to the point where it was before the fast. I don’t want to think that I MUST keep juicing or eating a lot of raw foods in order to keep the weight off. Again, I know how critical these things are and I am always striving for them. Also, I know it’s important immediately after a fast. But if you take them out the equation and just eat the way Dr. McDougall advocates, (which is still raw foods, fruits, vegetables but also grains and other whole foods without added oils) can you maintain the weight loss? I suppose I probably have to find out on my own but I am so tired of regaining the weight after such hard work but I also can’t say that I’ve ever really done it correctly before. I really want to know of someone who has made it work on a healthy vegan diet.

    I know this is long email but I just don’t think anyone has addressed this issue very specifically in terms of resuming your initial pre-fast calorie intake, EVENTUALLY, by simply eating a whole food, lowfat, plant based diet. Even if it doesn’t include juicing or a LOT OF raw foods.

    I am even happy to share my story and allow you to post it WHEN I am successful. Successful to me is maintaining for 6 months or more. But I don’t want to go down the wrong path if someone already know the answer which is why I am reaching out to you.

    Sorry so long and thank you for reading this.

    • says

      Hello Symone,

      While I’m responding to your message here, I want to let you know that Liisa and myself both read it. We both have some thoughts, and here they are.

      We’ve done precisely the same thing you are talking about! Except instead of eating junky vegan foods we just ate straight up junky foods! I have learned for myself that I can have a tendency to really go big with things, and this can include food, drinking, over-indulging behavior etc. I took this with me when I juice cleansed at first, and didn’t learn the lesson of not only coming off of the juice cleanse right, but maintaining my weight loss in the long run!

      If you stick with a good diet such as the one you talked about, and a healthy exercise program (exercise is crucial in the long run) then there is no reason why you should not be able to maintain and keep the weight off. I will tell you something else I’ve learned over my life, and that is that you do want to put some muscle on, especially if you’re losing weight quickly. The good thing about drinking a minimum of one gallon a day of mainly green juice is that there is protein in there, so you will not rapidly be losing muscle like might happen when basically starving yourself by not taking in enough nutrition. You don’t need to be a muscle bound body builder, but it’s good to have some kind of strength training program.

      Muscle needs fuel and it gets that fuel from what you put in, so muscle is good for burning some extra calories. If you have a load of weight to lose, it will also help your skin to conform better to your body so there isn’t as much skin sag after rapid weight loss. I think for most of us keeping up with our diet and not keeping at least a decent amount of exercise in our lives is the main reason we gain our weight back. If we were to track our efforts we’d often find that we’re eating much more over our daily calories than we think, and we’re probably doing it much more often than we think! :)

      That’s been my main problem in the past, and I still work on that to this very day!

      I won’t say any one particular diet is better than another because that’s a whole different topic (and wow is there a lot of people out there arguing about that one!) I did want to clear up the raw foods and juicing thing though. We both (Liisa and myself) believe that raw foods are some of the healthiest things you can put in your body. Does that mean you must go 100% raw and juice all of the time? Heck no. For most of us this is just not realistic, and telling ourselves it is eat that way or nothing probably causes a lot of people to walk around feeling bad a lot! Most raw foodists will even tell you that it either took them years and years to get to where they eat the high amounts they do now, or that it took a life threatening disease to motivate them to get there.

      So… what we recommend is that anyone get as many raw foods as they can into their diet, and add juicing to that as well. Unless you’re part of that very small percentage of people, you’re not going to be eating raw foods and juicing all of the time! That’s ok! Just strive to get more of those foods and beverages into your diet. The rest of the time, eat a healthy diet and remember that when it comes to junky foods moderation is key.

      You’re not alone Symone! We have both struggled with our weight for most of our lives, and still struggle to maintain it at times. Stress, being overworked, not sleeping enough, and other factors can all lead to making choices that put weight back on. In the long run it’s a commitment to the middle path of moderation and making healthy eating a lifestyle that will keep that weight off!

      It sounds like you know what kind of diet you want to stick to, it’s the sticking to it and getting some exercise on the side that will probably be the biggest key to your success. Just keep that in mind all the way through, and keep us posted on your progress! We would absolutely love to hear your success story and share it here if you like as you get there! It could be very motivational for others, and could help them to see the right way to lose weight and keep it off through juicing and living a healthy lifestyle.

      We will leave that up to you in the long run, because right now you really should be focusing on this journey for yourself. You don’t need to worry about the added pressure of doing it for anyone but you Symone! This is your journey, and it sounds like you’re ready to make it and finally get to where you’ve been wanting to be! :)

      Keep us posted!

      Sean and Liisa

      PS: If I missed something, or you ever have any other questions feel free to let us know!

  12. symone says

    Wow, I really appreciate you responding so quickly. For me it’s been the same old 15 to 20 lbs. I am ready to do the work. But I’ve seen so much contradictory information about maintaining the weight loss after juice fasting that I was just fearful that they might be right and I’d be doing another one in vain. However, one thing that’s on my side is that I can honestly say that I’ve managed to maintain it even if only for 2 months. And it wasn’t until I started eating “highly” processed foods and later vegan junk that the weight return. So perhaps I have my own answer if I really examine things.

    Yes, I am a big believer in all things healthy especially fitness. I’ve run 6 marathon on the years and many half marathons. But I’ve never kept up my strength training. So very good advice. I’m a spending able time planning my post fast so this is all part of the work for me.

    Again, thank you both so much for taking the time to read my long message and providing such a thorough response.

  13. symone says


    Not sure if this question has been answered already as I apologize if so. I am currently on day 7 of my 30 to 45 day juice feast. I have lost a total of 8.6 lbs which was anywhere from 1.2 to 2.6 each day. However, I only lost 0.4 followed 0.2 over the last 2 days. Of course I expect it to slow over time. But I am only 7 days in and I must admit that I am disappointed. Unfortunately, I suspect that it will be no loss at all by tomorrow.

    What’s your experience with this. I know all about the body may be busy healing other areas. If so, I accept that but my questions is will the body indeed start losing again if I simply keep doing what I’m doing? I am drinking 96 oz (3 quarts) per day and sometimes plus 1 or 2 coconut waters at the end of the day if desired. I know you say at least a gallon but 96 is a lot for me in terms of not hungry and feeling very satisfied with no cravings. Also, I speed walk for 20 minutes each day.

    So again, I just want to know if you’ve experienced this and if so how did you handle. In the past when I experienced it, I dropped my juice quantity and started losing again because everything I’d read claimed that your body was getting all it needed from the juice so you must need less. Eventually, I would be down to about 12 ounces each by the end of the fast and so ready to end it. Whereas I feel great drinking this amount and no thoughts of ended prematurely.

    • says

      Yes, we’ve both experienced this every single time we’ve done a juice cleanse for weight loss. :)

      Just keep right on keeping on! My advise to you would be to do what we finally realized we needed to do. That is to NOT weight yourself every single day. The fluctuations you will see on the scale vary from day to day, and sometimes it will even appear that you’ve gained weight. I have now learned that if I’m juice cleansing for weight loss I should be checking the scale weekly at most!

      We’ve both had periods of time (and they usually start around 1 week or more in) where it appears our weight loss has stopped. It hasn’t. It is more rapid in the beginning because there is other waste coming out that carries weight as well, but it should most definitely pick back up. Even though losing weight with juice cleansing is quicker than many other ways of weight loss, it still does take time. Remember you’re looking for a long term result, not one that will happen in one single day or even three days. The most important thing you can do for yourself in the long run is to continue to make sure you’re taking in enough juice, because you really want to saturate your body with the nutrition it contains. This nutrition is part of what will sustain your body’s systems and give it what it needs to optimize your weight loss as well as other functions.

      It’s difficult for our minds to take hold of this and stick with it because our minds see a lot of the world in black and white. We as humans are also very much tied into results that we can see as quickly as possible. I’m telling you from our experience, because we have experienced more than once precisely what you’re talking about. We know it can start to feel discouraging, because juice cleansing isn’t exactly easy every single day. If you’re going to stick with it I will tell you for sure again that not weighing yourself every single day (in fact wait a week sometimes!) will help a lot. Also don’t lower the amount of juice you’re drinking to lose more weight, because this will not help it to stay off in the long run. You don’t want to be taking in so few calories that your body starts burning more muscle and other tissue for fuel. Give it what it needs and it will burn off more fat than those. This will also help you to stick with the cleanse.

      It sounds like you’re doing great! If you ever have any other questions or just want to share your experience go for it! You never need apologize at all for any questions you ask here, answered or unanswered. We’re here as support and to help where we can. We’ve shared the same struggles with weight loss and juice cleansing, and are still learning so much about all of this. We’re glad you found us and can’t wait to hear about your long term success with weight loss! :)

  14. symone says

    I can’t even tell you how comforting and motivating I found your response to be. I am going to do exactly as you recommend and start weighing myself one a week. I am literally going to have to move the scale out of the house. LOL! But I am going to do it. And to be advised not to lower my juice intake is exactly what I need to hear Sean. What you said really makes sense and I am a big believer in doing the same thing and expecting a different results is just insane. I have done several fasts in my life but not once have I done it in such a way that I drink as much as I body needs and making it 80% green 20% fruit. I truly believe that both of these changes is the key to my being successful this time around.

    This response resonates with me so much that I had to print parts of it out and plan to place it on my fridge when I get home. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sean!

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