Juicing For Weight Loss

I imagine you’re here because you want to lose weight? You have probably heard about juicing for weight loss, and you want to know more? I ‘m going to go beyond just giving you a little more, and give you the whole kitchen sink! Be sure to read as much of this article as you can if you are interested in losing weight with juicing, because I didn’t hold anything back.

Also, when you’re done reading this page be sure to check out our powerful juicing recipes for weight loss. They use many of the ingredients that we talk about on this page, which are optimal for losing weight.  

Juicing for weight loss can be an incredibly efficient, as well as a healthy way of shedding those extra pounds. In this article I talk about the many ways to juice for weight loss effectively, the best juices for weight loss, and why they work the way they do. I also get into juice cleansing for weight loss, and provide a link to a solid affordable resource to help get you started. 

Many of us want to lose weight for many good reasons that include general health, low energy, and wanting to look good when the summer comes around! Juicing has been extremely helpful to me when it comes to my weight loss, and I continue to juice to this day!

It’s never too late to lose your extra weight and hopefully the tips in this article will help you to do just that. They have been a great help to me, many other people, and are very real and effective!

Juicing For Weight Loss By Adding Fresh Made Juice To Your Diet

The first tip is to addJuicingforweightlossManonscale freshly made juice to your diet. I am talking about juice that you either make yourself from home, or that get freshly made for you on the spot, at a juice bar. This can be a great way to begin to introduce juices into your daily routine, and you can do this by drinking it with, or before a meal.

If you are completely new to juicing, or would like some more excellent information about getting started, you should read my juicing for beginners article. After that, be sure to come back here and read the rest of this one, because there are a lot of tips specific to juicing for weight loss you don’t want to miss. 

One of the benefits of drinking a fresh homemade juice before a meal is that you might feel fuller, and therefore eat less. This can help you cut down on extra calories you might take in during your meal, and will also give your body nutrients that will aid with the breakdown of the food that you will be eating.

Freshly made juice contains high amounts of enzymes, which help to aid with digestion and the general process of breaking down the foods you eat quicker, as well as more efficiently. On top of this, a lot of juices have specific nutrients that will help to speed up your metabolism, which can have immediate, as well as longer term effects. I will get more into this further down in the article. 

The benefits of drinking juice during a meal are exactly the same as drinking it before a meal. Your juice can take the place of unhealthy beverages you might normally drink during your meal. So, instead of drinking that unhealthy soda or sugary drink with your meal that lacks any nutritional value, you can instead drink a delicious and nutritionally packed juice. This again, can also help you to cut down your caloric intake during your meals, which will aid with your weight loss goals.

A lot of us are busy, and making a fresh juice on the spot every time we want one can be overwhelming. I completely know how it is, and I also know ways of storing your homemade juice that can help it to stay fresher, and hold onto its nutritional value longer. This way you can make your juice when you aren’t so busy, and then always have one on hand when you need it. 

Juicing For Weight Loss By Replacing Snacks And Meals With Fresh Made Juice  

JuicingforweightlossFreshMadeJuiceThe benefits of replacing meals and snacks with freshly made juices are many. Like mentioned above, freshly made juices are packed with nutritional content at a lower calorie cost.

This gives your body more of the kind of nutrition that assists with weight loss that can include vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and also enzymes which can help to speed up the breakdown of foods and increase your metabolism. All of this not only brings the benefits just mentioned, but again comes at a much lower calorie cost than a meal usually does.

An added benefit to replacing an entire meal with a juice is that it also gives your body extra time to work on and process other foods that are still in your digestive system. One of the big contributing factors to weight gain is that a lot of the times our bodies are simply overwhelmed with to many solid food calories.

When we are eating a meal, our body will still be working on meals from earlier on that day, or even days before! When it gets backed up with these extra calories they have to go somewhere. So where do these extra calories go? They get stored as fat in our cells and over time can remain there for years to come.

By replacing entire meals with fresh made juice not only are you giving your digestive system a small break, but you are also giving it a lot of the specific kind of nutrition that will help speed along the process of breaking down what is already there.

Specific Vegetables And Fruits That Are Good For Optimal Weight Loss

The juices that you drink can be made up of many different kinds of fruits and vegetables, but the juices that would be most optimal for weight loss are ones that are made up primarily of vegetables. This is because vegetables in general contain fewer calories while also remaining extremely dense with nutritional content.

Most vegetables will work for your weight loss juices, but there are specific vegetables that are more optimal than others. A general rule of thumb is that you want to focus mainly on green vegetables that have less sugar in them.

Juicing Leafy Greens For Weight Loss

The first kind of vegetables you will wantLeafygreensforjuicingforweightloss copy to be sure to include in either all or some of your juices for this purpose are leafy greens. The reason leafy green juices are great for weight loss is that they are low in calories, and are packed with higher ratios of nutrients than most other vegetables. I know this sounds like a repeat of what I just said above, but what I am saying is that leafy greens (and especially dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach, chard, collard greens and others) are generally the most nutrient dense vegetables. 

Leafy greens in general and especially leafy greens like kale and spinach contain not only higher amounts of nutrients, but also contain higher amounts of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Proteins are useful in many ways, and believe or not to the contrary to what you may of heard, vegetables when consumed in the right ratios have plenty of proteins. When combined with a proper exercise regimen this can be an amazing combination that can lead not only to great weight loss results, but more lean muscle mass.

This is not to say that other vegetables do not have their benefits, because they do and in fact a lot of the time these other vegetables supplement leafy greens very well, as they can contain some properties that are unique to them.  Juicing a wide range of vegetables and fruits will help to give your body complementing nutrients as well as amino acids. This will give your body more complete proteins and a full array of nutrients to assist with your weight loss goals.

Juicing Celery For Weight Loss

One of the other green vegetables, CeleryJuiceforweightloss which can sometimes cross into containing some leafy green qualities depending on if there are leafs remaining is Celery. This vegetable works well as a weight loss juice because it is a lower calorie vegetable with a high water content. This creates more juice content and can leave you feeling fuller after drinking it.

Celery is also packed with nutrition and contains many other health benefits as well as vitamins and minerals of its own. Celery juice makes a great post workout drink, helps to lower blood pressure as well as LDL(bad cholesterol) levels, is known to help calm the nervous system and has been shown to aid with sleep as well as insomnia.

Since all of these factors have been shown to be related to weight gain as well as holding onto weight, celery juice can be a very effective aid when juicing for weight loss.

If you would like to read about these and more health benefits of celery juice you can follow the link provided. 

Juicing Cucumber For Weight Loss

Another vegetable that makes a great weight loss juiceCucumber and is actually technically a fruit is cucumber. The humble cucumber is similar to celery in that most people assume it is all water with no nutrition. While it is true that cucumbers do contain a high amount of water, they also contain many nutrients as well.

Cucumber juice is held to be a great natural diuretic, which aids the body to flush toxins at a faster rate from the body. This can help to get more of the bad stuff out of your body that is keeping it from running optimally. Also like celery which contains a good amount of water content, cucumber juice can help us to feel fuller when we consume it while also putting less calories into our bodies. Cucumber juice also contains a spread of vitamins and minerals which can play a part in assisting with weight loss.

Juicing Grapefruit For Weight Loss

Along with vegetables there areGrapefruit some fruits that have been noted to be good for weight loss. The first one of these is grapefruit juice. While some of the many claims made about grapefruit juice may be a bit exaggerated, there is some truth that this fruit can make a good juice for weight loss.

The only direct evidence we could find regarding grapefruit for weight loss was a study done at the Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California, in 2004. This study investigated the effect of grapefruit on weight loss and found that fresh grapefruit and grapefruit juice had a significant effect when compared to a placebo that was taken.

The greatest results occurred when fresh grapefruit was consumed before a meal. The mechanism for the weight loss was not discovered, but the study indicated and suggested that it would be a good idea to include grapefruit in a diet aimed at weight loss. So if you like the flavor of grapefruit juice, then you can’t go wrong with adding it into some of your juices!

Juicing Lemon For Weight Loss

Many claims have been made about Lemonlemons and lemon juices ability to increase weight loss. Some of them are a bit exaggerated and some of them are spot on. Lemon juice does not aid with weight loss by directly burning more calories or fat. What lemon juice does is help to improve digestion and aids in detoxification of the body overall. This helps the body to digest and absorb foods properly .

When the body is in a stressed and toxic state it does not burn fat efficiently, and by adding lemon juice to your juices you will give it the extra boost it needs to perform this function in a more optimal way.

While there are many other vegetable and fruit juices that can aid with weight loss, to mention them all would take quite a few pages. Be assured that the juices mentioned here in this article are among the top most recommended to include when juicing for weight loss.

Other fuits and vegetables 2

While this is true it never hurts to include a variety of other vegetables and fruits into your juices along with the ones that have been mentioned here as being more optimal. Again a good rule of thumb is to add more vegetables and fruits that are lower in sugar content as these will also usually be lower in calories. An added benefit as mentioned previously is that a lot of these juices are lower in calories, and in turn you will also get loads of nutritional content.

Juicing For Weight Loss With Spices

Some other items you can add to your juices for weight loss, which are just as important as vegetables and fruits are spices. Specific spices that we focus on here can aid with your weight loss goals in an optimal way. When adding these to your juices on a consistent basis in the recommended doses you can see some good results.

Cayenne Pepper For Weight LossCayennePepperJuiceForWeightLoss

The first spice that we will talk about is the hot Cayenne Pepper! The main ingredient in Cayenne pepper that is related to weight loss is an active ingredient called Capsaicin. This is said to be a “thermogenic chemical” that helps to speed up your metabolism for a period of time, as well as decrease your appetite. Some experts claim that cayenne pepper can speed up your metabolism by as much as 25 percent.

Some people take this in capsule form which will get the powder straight into your body. Most will consume 1-3 capsules a day for this purpose. To begin with the powder you can add small amounts at first to your vegetable and fruit juices to test how much you can handle. You can work yourself up to 1 to 2 teaspoons a day for better results.

Cayenne pepper and lemon juice is a popular drink for weight loss and many use this combination in conjunction with other methods to lose weight quicker. This is simply done by juicing some lemon and adding cayenne powder to the mix. It would probably be a good idea to add another fruit or vegetable juice to the mix as the two alone might make for an interesting drink. 

It is noted that if you are already used to eating cayenne pepper that your body may be accustomed to some of the effects. In some studies it has been suggested that once you have been using it for a while the effects may taper off. So maybe adding it to your juices on and off could yield better results.

Warning: Drinking cayenne pepper can be very hot and may take some getting used to.

If you suffer from any kind of stomach ailment such as acid reflux, stomach ulcers or other gastrointestinal problems you should definitely talk to your doctor or primary healthcare practitioner before including cayenne pepper to your diet.

Cayenne pepper has also been noted to cause general irritation the stomach in some people, so it is a good idea to begin slowly and listen to your body if you are going to start including cayenne pepper into your juices or diet.

Chili Peppers For Weight Loss

Cayenne is one kind of chili Pepper.Chilipeppersjuicingforweightloss Other chili peppers Have been found to work in much the same way that Cayenne does, mainly because of the ingredient Capsaicin. Cayenne is just the most notable and has received the most amount of attention.

Some chili peppers can be more mild than cayenne pepper, and so it may be a good idea if you are sensitive to hot and spicy flavors that you try to work chili peppers into your juices for weight loss first. Not only can you add chili powders to your juices, you can juice fresh chili peppers in smaller amounts to get some of these benefits. 

Cinnamon For Weight Loss

Many people love the flavor of Cinnamonforjuicesforweightlosscinnamon and may be very happy to hear that it has made this list! There have been quite a few studies showing the positive effects of cinnamon on weight loss, and also stabilizing blood sugar levels. This makes cinnamon helpful not only for weight loss, but for diabetes also.

These studies have been done with both Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon. Both of these types of cinnamon have been shown to be effective for weight loss, but Cassia cinnamon can be toxic in higher amounts.

Most studies that have shown cinnamon to be effective for weight loss have been those that use a minimum of 3 grams of cinnamon a day. 5 grams a day has been shown to be even more effective. This roughly amounts to about 1-2 teaspoons of cinnamon a day. Since this is a larger amount and Cassia cinnamon can be toxic in higher doses you will want to use Ceylon cinnamon for weight loss purposes mainly.

A lot of the cinnamon that is sold in stores is of the Cassia cinnamon variety as well as other varieties. So you will need to check to be sure that what you are buying is Ceylon cinnamon.

Many natural food type grocery stores will carry Ceylon cinnamon, but if you cannot find any in your area then here are a few places to get Ceylon cinnamon. The reviews for this companies Ceylon cinnamon have been good and you can read more by following the links in the images below.

Ginger For Weight Loss

Ginger not only makes a good juiceGinger for weight loss, but also can really add a nice extra kick to your juices. Studies have suggested that ginger can help with reduced feelings of hunger as well as increased metabolism activity. Ginger has been shown to have a thermogenic effect which many say they can actually feel when you drink it in a juice. I personally always feel nice and pleasantly warm after drinking ginger juice.

Researchers at Columbia University discovered that ginger could help to aid in weight loss as well as to curb appetite. The researchers found that approximately 43 more calories were burned after eating a meal while adding ginger to the diet.

The researchers concluded that including powdered ginger in the diet could have a small but significant effect on how food is processed in the body and influence feelings of satiety without any adverse side effects.

Other research has suggested that ginger has fat burning and metabolism accelerating properties. This has lead some to believe that ginger can be used to treat obesity.

While more research is still needed in this area to understand the role of ginger in weight management it has been shown it can be an effective addition to a weight loss regimen.

Ginger can be juiced directly in its fresh state and can be found at many grocery stores. If you do not have access to fresh ginger you can add ginger powder to your juices in its place. Anywhere between 1-3 teaspoons a day have been reported to have positive results.

Ginger is also a powerful anti-inflammation remedy, which can be a great help with certain injuries (knee injuries included), and for those who suffer with inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.

Turmeric For Weight Loss

Turmeric which is very similar in Juicingforweightlosswithturmericappearance on the outside to ginger, is different on the inside and has a flavor all of its own that is unlike ginger. The main ingredient in Turmeric that makes it great for weight loss is curcumin which is a natural phenol or chemical group that is also partially responsible for the yellow color of Turmeric.

Turmeric and especially the curcumin in turmeric has been shown to have very positive benefits related to weight loss. Its effects against obesity, and insulin resistance have been well  documented by experts.  The precise molecular and genetic pathways, combating obesity and related diseases has been illustrated in curcumin and this amazing compound which is found in turmeric has been shown to be very helpful versus many obesity related conditions and also the causes of obesity.

To get turmeric into your juices, you can either juice it in its raw form or you can add it into them in its powdered form. Raw turmeric can be a challenge to find for some. In our experience the best sources have been natural food type grocery stores, Food Coops, or ethnic markets that sale foods related to India. 

Note: Juicing raw turmeric can be interesting as it produces a strong yellowish color, which before you know it can be everywhere. It is not a huge challenge, but just be sure to be aware and clean as you go while juicing turmeric. We have juiced turmeric plenty and it has been easy to clean afterwards.

Also it would be good to introduce this stronger flavor slowly into your juices just like you might with ginger. Although it is a much different flavor than ginger it is similar in that a little can go a long way.

I can’t say enough about what I have read related to curcumin and its effects against obesity. I have tried to keep what I have included here simple and concise so that it stays focused on the topic at hand, but if you would like to read more in detail for yourself there are plenty of studies and articles that will be in the references section at the bottom of this article. In fact if you would like to read more about a lot of what we have covered in this post you can do this by looking at the references section.

Turmeric is also highly effective as an anti-inflammatory!

Doing A Juice Cleanse For Weight Loss

While juicing for weight loss by doing a womanjuicingforweightlossjuice cleanse you will be taking in fresh, raw home made juices as your only source of sustenance. During this time you do not want to deprive yourself or your body of calories and nutrients by drinking to little of an amount of juice. In fact it is best and more optimal to drink more juice during this time. While doing a juice cleanse for weight loss you want to drink a minimum of one gallon of fresh home made juice a day.

Detoxification Helps Optimize Our Body For Maximum Weight Loss Results

During a juice cleanse your body will be saturated with living raw nutrition. This is good for many reasons related to weight loss, and one of them is that this helps to flush your body of toxic matter that can stand in the way of your body functioning optimally. Juice cleansing for detox is just one of the ways that a juice cleanse for weight loss is so successful.

Giving Our Digestive System A Break Helps To Shed Extra Pounds

The breaks our digestive systems get during this time can allow for other tasks to be performed more optimally. This gives our bodies and the organs that perform some of the most important functions in them a break from having to digest solid foods. Juice cleansing for a healthy digestive system helps our body shed extra weight by giving our vital organs time to regenerate, heal and cleanse. This helps them to become more efficient and allows them to get around to cleaning our bodies out of extra waste that possibly has been accumulating for who knows how long.

Drinking More Juice During Your Juice Cleanse Actually Supports Higher Possible Weight Loss!

Not taking in enough juice during a juice cleanse of can lead to you not getting enough of the other nutrients that your body needs for the tasks of healing, regeneration, detoxification, rebuilding and cleansing your cells that are so crucial, and the cornerstone of a good juice cleanse. By giving your body more of what it needs you will get back more in return in the way of health benefits. 

When many hear of doing a juice cleanse they instantly think about deprivation and starving themselves while “toughing it out”. Many are surprised when they hear that you will actually lose more weight if you drink more juice during your juice cleanse for weight loss. 

The reason why during cleanses for weight loss of any kind it is not a good idea or optimal strategy to deprive yourself or starve your body of nutrition, is because this puts your body in “survival mode”. This basically tells it that it is going through a phase where it will be receiving less calories and so it needs to lower the amount of calories it is burning daily. In other words this literally tells your body to lower your metabolism.

Since our metabolism plays a huge role in dictating the amount of calories we burn off in a day. This is one of the main reasons why you hear of people gaining a lot of their weight back quickly after doing fasts and cleanses of certain kinds. Also on top of this by depriving your body of crucial nutrients such as essential amino acids you will not be getting an optimal amount of proteins. This can lead to your body using some of the muscle it has to make up for this lack of protein.

You Do Not Need To Worry About Protein During Your Juice Cleanse If You Are Drinking Enough Juice!

In general and especially in cultures where there is plenty of food available, serious protein deficiency rarely occurs. It has been greatly exaggerated on and for many in modern western societies has actually lead to over eating certain foods, which has lead to more obesity and weight gain than in any other time in history.

What a lot of people do not know is that vegetables(especially leafy green vegetables) and fruits actually contain plenty of essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. When you combine these vegetables and fruits in juices, and take in a good amount of them you are getting all of the protein your body needs!


Green Juices Are Optimal For Weight Loss

It is optimal to include green juice as a good part of the juice that you will be consuming during a juice cleanse. These juices in combination with other vegetables and fruits will give you all of the essential amino acids in the proper combinations to make up complete proteins. You can read more about why you want more green juices during a juice cleanse by following that link.

Doing A Juice Cleanse For Weight Loss The Right Way! 

People doing a juice cleanse in a proper and healthy way have seen amazing results in weight loss! As more and more stories and cases come to light, this way of juicing for weight loss is becoming more and more popular. Sometimes the biggest thing that will keep people from starting a juice cleanse is that they feel uncomfortable about it, especially because they do not know how to do a juice cleanse exactly in a way that is healthy and will yield the weight loss results they are looking for.

An Effective and Comprehensive Juice Cleanse Guide

We here at Raw Juice Cleanse Recipes have plenty of experience doing juice cleanses for weight loss!

Liisa who works on the website with me, and myself have done multiple juice cleanses over the years.  Last spring we kept a running post which covered an entire 30 day juice cleanse we did.  During our spring juice cleanse we blogged almost daily our progress, and offered up thoughts, as well as tips about juice cleansing.

After years of searching and not being satisfied with what we found out there, we decided to write a book that would include the core ideals of a good juice cleanse. Our complete guide includes everything that you might need to be successful when doing a juice cleanse for weight loss. Not only will our book guide you through all of the aspects of doing a healthy juice cleanse, we included a lot of details that most other guides do not cover!

The results some people have had when doing a juice cleanse using the methods we talk about in our book are amazing!

If you are interested in our book “The Complete Guide To Doing A 7 Day Juice Cleanse”, follow the link below!


Wrap Up, And A Few More Juicing For Weight Loss Resources!

Well that concludes this article all about juicing for weight loss, and we hope that these tips will be of great value to you in your weight loss as well as health journey. If you have any questions about anything related to juicing for weight loss, or any of the programs we mentioned please feel free to ask by commenting at the bottom of the page. No question is to small and we would love to hear from people from any level of experience.

We also have a few pages with loads of green juice recipes, and green juice recipes for beginners! Enjoy!

If you have not chosen a juicer yet and are having a hard time sorting through all of the different information about juicers, or you would simply like to learn more about the different juicer options that are out there. Follow this link to read more about what juicer may be the best for you. That page has a whole lot of information about the different juicer types, and which ones are the best in the industry.

Also if you would like to comment on any of the tips given or would like to share your experiences with juicing for weight loss, we would love to hear from you! We at Raw Juice Cleanse Recipes wish you happiness, health and the best with your journey toward a fitter and healthier you!

Note: Diet and exercise go hand in hand with any weight loss program. To see maximum benefits it is always good to include exercise into your daily life.



The information provided here is not a substitute for medical care provided by a licensed and qualified health professional. Please consult your health care provider for any advice on medications or any other health issues before starting a juicing regimen.(If possible for you, we at raw juice cleanse recipes would also recommend you see a nutritionist as well before starting any juice cleanse program.)


  1. Brenda says

    I have a question about what vegetables are safe to juice and consume when raw, and what are not.  Ex. I've seen recipes that call for juicing sweet potatoes / yams.  I know that you can't eat white or red potatoes without cooking them, but what about sweet potatoes/yams?  What about other vegetables?  Beets?  Do you have a list of the "safe" and "unsafe" vegetables?  Thanks very much.

    • Sean Carey says

      Hello Brenda, You can eat potatoes raw, it is just if there are green parts to them, you want to avoid eating that. I know quite a few people who juice potatoes actually, it is just not my thing. I do juice sweet potatoes and yams plenty though and never had any problems. I know many others who do as well.

      In general it really depends on the individual person and I think that a lot of the times what happens is one person has a reaction or a digestive issue with something and that news kind of spreads like wild fire. So then more people start to think that this or that cannot be consumed raw.

      For example people with thyroid issues will wan to to avoid over juicing certain cruciferous vegetables. People who are prone to get kidney stones or stones in general will want to avoid juicing large quantities of vegetables and fruits that are higher in oxalic acid. This is because oxalic acid binds with calcium to form calcium oxalate, which are what a good majority of stones in the body are made up of.

      As for myself, I juice almost everything under the sun and have had no problems. I do make sure that I wash my produce well before juicing it most of the time and then I don't worry about it after that. I probably wash root vegetables like beets, carrots, turnips and radishes a bit more, but once I do, I do not worry anymore about it.

      Think about salad bars you see in some places, a lot of them have items like shredded raw beets, shredded carrots etc. Most everything is ok with a few exceptions I am sure that are in there, that I am not aware of. Nothing I have come across has been unsafe to consume, and I juice a lot.

      The best thing that a person can do who is concerned about juicing specific items for themselves is to see a nutritionist. A qualified nutritionist can help you to find out if there is anything specific to your body that might be a problem for you.

      People on medications would be wise to find out with their health care practitioner if anything they juice or might be interested in juicing might cause problems for them. For example I know someone who is on a heart medication, because she has low blood pressure(not high) and vitamin K in large quantities can be an issue.

      A lot of it really is person specific and you should listen to your body when juicing. For myself as I said above I have had no issues with juicing anything I have come across as of yet. There is a lack of education I think in our society relating to vegetables and fruits that can breed a strange sort of anxiety that gets passed from person to person. As I said above I believe a lot of this comes from cases where an individual will have a problem with something and then it gets spread that it must be bad for everyone.

      I know so many people in the raw foods community that consume just about anything by way of vegetables and fruits that are raw. As with anything listen to your body, and trust your gut. Wash your vegetables and fruits well and as with anything else, if something doesn't look right or smell right then go with your intuition about it.

      If you have any other questions Brenda feel free to ask away!

  2. Brenda says

    Thanks, Sean.  That's helpful.  Here's my other question… Do you have suggestions on how to use the pulp that's left over from juicing?  I've used it in soups, and the gal from the "Choosing Raw" website has a recipe for juice pulp crackers that are tasty:  http://www.choosingraw.com/got-juice-pulp-or-how-to-make-raw-crackers/

    Anything else you can recommend?  Buying organic produce for juicing is pricey, so using every little bit will stretch the dollar a little more.  Thanks very much.

    • Sean Carey says

      Hello again Brenda, I personally have not done a lot with the pulp at this time other than use it in compost. I use it in outdoor compost and for my little indoor worm, vermicompost bin I have. This allows me to make cheap compost and worm castings so that I can grow more vegetables and fruits!

      I have heard some people use it to make mock tuna fish sort of sides, by adding some mayonaise and spices. I have also heard of pulp crackers. Share any more suggestions you find with us!   :)

  3. Malcom Cainglit says

    This was an incredibly wonderful article about juicing for weight loss. Thank you for supplying these details!

  4. Krystyna Oby says

    Please tell me you're going to continue like that! It is so great and so important. I look forward to reading more from you. I feel like you know so much and know how to make people listen to what you have to say. This blog is just too cool to become missed. Great stuff, seriously. Please, PLEASE keep it up!

  5. Hung Fan says

    Useful information shared. I am very happy to have read this article. Thanks for giving us nice info! Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post!
  6. Rebecca says

    how many times a day are you supposed to juice? why is juicing so conducive for weight loss? can juicing help you feel full enough as a regular meal?

    • says

      Hello Rebecca,

      If you are not doing a juice cleanse you can add a juice to your diet whenever you like to replace snacks or meals. If you are doing a juice cleanse the amount of times a day you juice is really up to you. What is important is that you are drinking a minimum of 1 gallon of juice a day. You can do this by having your juice when you normally would have meals or snacks. Or you can have your juice whenever you are hungry. If you want to set specific times that you have your juice you can do so. If you want it to be a free for all then you can do so also.

      This article explains a lot about why juicing is so conducive to weight loss and gives specific ingredients that are even more conducive to weight loss. On top of this juice is in liquid form which means that your body does not have to process it as much as solid foods. It is also very nutrient dense so that your body absorbs and uses a lot of what it is taking in. This means that your body not only uses most of what is in juice, it also does not hold onto a lot of what it does not use or what it has to spend time processing.

      Juicing can help you to feel as full as a regular meal. The trick is to drink more so that you are not left feeling hungry during a juice cleanse. If you are replacing a meal the answer is the same. Depending on what ingredients you use, a quart (32 ounces) of green juice (generally speaking) can have anywhere between 150 to 300 calories. A quart can be pretty filling for many people and if you need more that is ok as it is a low calorie and nutrient dense solution.

      Hopefully this will be of help to you Rebecca and you have any other questions feel free to ask away!

    • says

      Hello Maelisa,

      If you are wanting to drink juice then a proper juicer is a much better option. If you are wanting to make smoothies as well then a blender could work for you. There are ways to make juice by using a blender and these include filtering the contents through a nut milk bag or something similar into a container.

      A juicer will usually be more efficient both time wise and extraction wise. If you are considering doing a juice cleanse then a juicer would be a good choice as it will save you a whole lot of time versus having to filter each drink through a nut milk bag etc.

  7. Chelsey says


    It mentioned in this article that there a many other fruits and vegetables that you could use in a juice cleanse to help you lose weight. Could you please name some more for me that would be good. I’m just trying to put together a recipe that I would enjoy that would work good for me.


    • says

      Hello Chelsey,

      In general any other vegetable that is low in sugar would help you lose weight during your juice cleanse. It would be helpful to make your juices with as little fruit as possible. A general rule is that you are mainly adding fruits to flavor your green juices. Keeping your juices as green as possible will ensure that you are getting not only an optimal amount of nutrition, but also are increasing your weight loss potential.

      If you have any other questions let us know Chelsey!
      Happy juicing and good luck with your juice cleanse!

    • Liisa Wilson says

      If Celery juice mixed with cucumber juice is something you like, of course you can. We personally have juice for meals a lot of the time.

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