How To Keep The Weight Off After A Cleanse Or Diet

In the last couple of years I have noticed a recurring theme when it comes to cleanses or diets. Have you done any kind of cleanse or diet, and all the weight comes back in what feels like 2 weeks? Geez, all that work for nothing! On top of that, you end up weighing more than you did before you started the whole thing. How do you keep the weight off after completing a cleanse or diet?

There are diets out there that deprive you of what your body needs, but how can you know what is good or not? It’s always important to do your research about what program you are interested in trying. Don’t only rely on one person’s point of view, ask around. One more thing, just because the company says their product is safe, natural, or effective, it doesn’t mean that it’s true. They often tell you what you want to hear, not what’s true. They want to make their product appealing to you, so you will buy it.

When you are looking into a diet or cleanse make sure that you will be getting what your body needs such as: vital minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and lots of love! You do not want to eat too little calories, be malnourished, and hungry.


Some Juice Cleansing Tips To Help Keep The Weight Off

This brings me to my next point. When you are depriving your body of nutrients, or not eating enough your body will go into a starvation mode. This means whatever fat or food is in your body, it will hold on to. Your body is like a refrigerator, it’s storing the fat because the body does not know when its next food source will come. When you have decided to finish the diet (or cleanse) you go back to your normal diet, but your body is still in starvation mode. That is why the weight comes back so quickly.

Although I have talked about cleanses or diets in this article so far, my main focus is on juice cleansing. I just thought addressing any diet or cleanse was important because I heard many people struggle with quick weight gain.

You may of heard certain words that get interchanged. Juice feast, juice cleanse, or juice fast. Sometimes people use these to mean the same thing, but what really matters is how they are doing the cleanse, feast, or fast.

When people typically refer to doing a juice fast they are usually talking about drinking a minimal amount of juice, for example: three cups a day. When you are doing this you are depriving yourself of the nutrients and fuel your body needs to survive. Most often people do this and end up quitting because it’s too hard. Hey, I don’t blame them, it’s not healthy and I do not recommend it. With this kind of juice fast you are getting some nutrients, but not enough for your body to function optimally. Once again, I don’t recommend a juice fast for weight loss, but if you are doing it for spiritual purposes, then it’s up to you.

Sometimes people will use the term juice fast loosely to talk about doing a juice cleanse of any sort. What’s important is the amount of juice you are taking in during a juice cleanse, so that you are nourishing your body, while it’s cleansing.

When people typically talk about doing a juice feast, they are talking about getting plenty of juice to drink. I recommend at least one gallon a day. That is why they call it a feast; you are literally feasting on juices. You will flush your body with lots of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Your body will say “Yipee Skipee!” My partner Sean and I only believe and recommend juice feasting, not juice fasting.

When referring to a juice cleanse, sometimes people can mean either a fast or a feast. In general, juice cleanses are focused on cleansing your body, or as you probably heard before, detoxing. If you choose to do a juice feast you will less likely pack on the pounds after it as quickly, than if you choose to do a juice fast. It’s also a good idea to include a good amount of green juices during a juice cleanse and you can read more about why by clicking the link.

Exercise Is Important

The next thing you can do to keep the Pinkweightsweight off after a cleanse is exercise. I know it can be hard sometimes, but believe me it’s worth it. I did an exercise program (plus a raw food diet) after I did my juice feast, and the last stubborn pounds came off quickly. I felt so good and strong!

Endorphins from exercise are good for your mind and waistline. When you get depressed you don’t want to be active as much, and maybe, if you are like me, you will want to eat junk food. That junk food will pack on the pounds and all the chemicals they put in junk food is very unhealthy and detrimental to your well being.

Exercise and some weight training will help you build muscle, which burns fat. You will keep the weight off and even lose some if you’ve not hit your healthy weight. Isn’t that awesome? Plus, you will feel good about your mind, body, and soul. You will shine like the sun. Oh, watch out sun, you got some competition!


Some Healthy Eating Tips For After Your Cleanse

This connects with my next piece of advice, eat in moderation. If you are eating as much as you want all the time, you will gain more weight. I had done this in the past and not been happy with the results. When you eat in moderation, you will feel more balanced and healthy. You don’t have to completely cut out your favorite snack or dessert, just have it in moderation, or don’t eat it as often.

When I finished my juice feast, I started a Happywomanraw food diet. I am not telling you that you have to, it’s just what I did. Either way, it’s important to eat healthy. It’s about making a lifestyle change so you can be the best YOU!

When you go shopping stay around the perimeter of the supermarket because that is where the best, most nutritious food is. If possible, buy organic because it’s better for you. Conventional food contains chemicals and toxins that are not healthy. Would you spray chemicals on your food, and then it eat?


Here is a link to the The Dirty Dozen And The Clean Fifteen produce lists so you have a better idea of what’s more important to eat organic. The dirty dozen are the 12 most important fruit and vegetables to get organic, because they soak up the most toxins. The clean fifteen are the 15 least toxic fruit and vegetables. In general, they have thicker outer layers/peels, do not get sprayed with as many toxins, or simply do not soak up as much toxins.

Organic can be more expensive, but will be better for you in the long run. Less appointments to the doctor’s office! So, go with the less processed food and eat organic. Also, eat whole foods that are found in nature. You do not find mac and cheese growing on a tree. 

We wrote an article all about Juicing On A Budget, that includes a lot of information on the many ways you can save money when juicing. This article also includes tips related to making decisions when purchasing organic produce.

These are my tips on keeping the weight off after a cleanse or diet. I wish you luck in your journey to wellness, so you can live your life to the fullest! If you have any comments or questions, please leave your message in the comment section of this page below. Happy juicing!


  1. Savanah says

    Me and my mom are planning to start a 7 day juice feast. I understand we should try drinking a gallon a day, my question is do we substitute the juices for all 3 meals?? Is is not recommended to eat or drink anything other than water during the feast?

    • Liisa Wilson says


               Congratulations on your decision to do a juice feast! Your body will thank you, and you will feel good. Yes, drinking a minimum of a gallon will give your body what it needs to detox, lose weight, and feel good. I would NOT recommend eating during your 7 day juice feast, but if you absolutely have to, it is up to you and your mom. If you do choose to eat during your feast it will slow down the process of detoxification and weight loss. You will get better results if you just drink fresh, raw juices because they do not contain fiber, which your body has to slow down to process. The reason people have such quick weight loss and detox in a short period of time on a juice feast is because the fruit and veggies have lots of vital nutrients, and your body does not have to break down or process anything. You get the maximum results in the quickest time, plus it is so healthy! If you have anymore questions before or during your juice cleanse, you can leave a comment. Good luck!  

  2. ross jeffries says

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for How to lose weight and keep it off.

  3. kat says

    Is there a specific juicer or type of juicer you recommend? I’ve noticed most of them filter out the pulp, but I thought that’s where a lot of nutrients live.

    • says

      Hello kat,

      We have two pages that we recommend you read. These will help you a whole lot with your juicer decision, and will give you some information about the differences between juicing and making smoothies. 

      This link will take you to an article we wrote which highlights the differences between juicing and blending.

      After that you can follow this link here over to a very informative page all about the different kinds of juicers, and which ones are our top picks. 

      If you have any other questions at all Kat do not hesitate to let us know! 

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