How Much Juice Should I Drink Each Day During My Juice Cleanse?

During A Juice Cleanse How Much Juice2We get a lot of people asking us, how much juice should I drink each day during my juice cleanse? We know there is a lot misleading information, and many people suggest different amounts of juice. We here at Raw Juice Cleanse Recipes recommend drinking at least a gallon of juice a day or more, and we will explain why below. In general, If you start to get that hungry feeling, drink more juice!

As I am writing this, we are on our 2nd day of a 30 day juice cleanse we are doing, which you can find more about by following this link here Raw Juice Cleanse recipes Spring Juice Cleanse! I drank around 2 gallons of juice yesterday, and I imagine today will be the same. We are all different, and our bodies will each have different needs at different times. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to deprive or starve yourself during a juice cleanse.

Juice cleansing done the correct way is not about depriving your body of calories or nutrition! What most people call “juice fasting” or “juice cleansing” has been hugely misunderstood, because people have turned it into a starvation fast, which is a completely different thing.

What You Do Not Want To Do During Your Juice Cleanse

You do not want to limit your body during a juice cleanse, as this will naturally put your body into¬† “starvation mode”. This goes all the way back to days of old when humans would have to survive for longer stretches without food or with less food. When you start starving your body, or giving it way less than it needs, it will read this as a sign.

Your body will naturally slow your metabolism down in order to burn those calories slower that you are taking in, so that you can survive. This is your body reading from what you are taking in that this is a time to reserve resources.

When you do this over a prolonged period of time your body gets used to being in this mode. When you come off of that kind of diet your metabolism is still working at that slow pace. This is part of the reason a lot of people gain a lot of their weight back after going on a “diet”. You can read more about how to keep weight off after a juice cleanse or diet by following that link.

What You Do Want To Do During Your Juice Cleanse

Drinking a minimum of a gallon of juice a day will at least give your body the minimal amount of nutrition it needs to function properly and carry out its tasks. If you are feeling that a gallon is good for you one day, drink a gallon. If you feel like you need more than a gallon another day, drink more.

We have been asked much less frequently , but nevertheless, how much is too much? We did some looking into this and found the body is made (in general) to be able to process a maximum amount of around 4 gallons of liquid a day. It can do this maximum amount sometimes with no problems, but over a longer period of time you do not want to be taking in more than 3 and 1/2 to 4 gallons of juice a day. Drinking this much in a single day would be quite the accomplishment for most, so in general you do not have to worry about this.

Raw, fresh homemade juices work differently in our bodies than solid food does. The nutrients from these juices, unlike solid foods, are immediately available for our bodies. The juice that carries the nutrition flushes through our bodies, saturating our cells, while cleansing and detoxifying at the same time. The last thing you want to do during a juice cleanse is give yourself too little!

The main thing to remember here is that more is usually better and that if you are feeling hungry, or just feel like you are not drinking enough juice during your juice cleanse, then drink some more! A minimum of a gallon of juice a day, during your juice cleanse is what you should be aiming for!

To help you save money while you are doing your juice cleanse, or while you are adding juices to your daily diet we have written an article that covers juicing on a budget. This article will give you some good tips to get the most for your buck when shopping for produce.

Also, if you have not read this post yet, then you really should check it out for more information about what kinds of juices you will want to be drinking mainly during your juice cleanse. To find out more about why you want green juices during a juice cleanse you can follow that link.


    • says

      Hello Coleen,

      You wont get the same results as you would if you use a juicer. While the nutribullet does blend vegetables and fruits down very well, it still does not separate the pulp content from the pure juice. It is a mix of juice and blended down very well pulp. This pulp while blended down to as much of a liquid as possible still dilutes the juice, and does add some fiber content. Part of the benefits that come from a juice cleanse, are from the the density of the nutrient content inside of the juice alone, and also the lack of pulp. The pulp will slow down the digestion some, whether blended down finely or not.

      This does not mean you cannot do a raw food/nutribullet sort of cleanse. You will not achieve the exact results of a juice cleanse, but something like that would still be very healthy. You would definitely get some benefits out of doing something along those lines also. If you need any clarification about any of this, or have any other questions let us know!

  1. Amy says

    What a terrific article! Thanks for your info. Being from Australia we work on the metric system. Can you tell me how many milliliters or liters a gallon is? I just have no idea. Is it a huge ton of juice or will it fit in a container in the fridge? Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Hello Amy,

      One gallon converts to 3785.41 milliliters or 3.78541 liters (you probably did not need to know all of the tiny decimals in there, but what the heck those are the exact figures for converting. :)). You can definitely fit this much juice in your fridge. We use mason jars or other glass jars to store ours and it works great! Our favorite jars are the quart (32 oz = 0.946 liters) sized mason jars which seal up well.

      Have a great day Amy and happy juicing!

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