Why Do A Juice Cleanse?

With all of the buzz about juice cleansing going around, you may be a bit curious as to why you should consider doing a juice cleanse? Many people are turning to this natural solution for their health, and are finding the results can be nothing short of amazing. Maybe you have just heard about juice cleansing and would like to know more? Or maybe you know something about it, but would like to further inform yourself?

Well, there is a bit of something for Why do a juice cleanse appleseveryone in this article about the many reasons why people are doing juice cleanses, and the many reasons it’s becoming more and more popular as a way to achieve optimal health.

Among the many reasons for juice cleansing are weight loss, feeling better, reclaiming self esteem as well as self confidence, renewed energy, detoxification and healing of many health issues, preventing future health issues, developing a healthy relationship with food, and generally wanting to take control of your health.

Before we get into all of that though, I wanted to talk about what conditions bring many of us to a place where we might want to consider doing a juice cleanse.

Our Toxic World

Our modern world has become a toxic placeToxinsfromafactory that comes at us not only from our environment, but also through the food or substances that we put into our body. When I am talking about the environment around us I mean the air that we breathe, and the rushed pace of our stress encouraging modern world.

The air on our planet is increasingly becoming more and more toxic, and most of us cannot control what we breath into our bodies. Most of us deal with this, and especially those in large urban areas. Most of us are not even aware that we are constantly breathing this stuff in.

Toxic matter can be in the form of solid particles, liquid droplets, or gases. These toxins enter our bodies and can make a home in them where they do damage on a daily basis, and over time.

Get stressed much? Did you know that stress is actuallyStressedwoman toxic to our bodies. Studies are showing more and more that stress and anxiety contribute to weight gain, disease, and all kinds of other problems inside of our bodies? Our modern world is not only fast paced, but many of us have taken on a multi tasking type of lifestyle that can lead to more stress.

With the rise of the internet the world has become an even more fast paced, multitasking environment which can encourage stress and many other types of anxiety. Stress and anxiety have been shown among many other things to not only strongly affect our overall general health, but also to lower our immune systems. This makes us more vulnerable to all kinds of disease.

Doing a juice cleanse can help to flush toxic energy and waste from our bodies, not to mention that it actually aids our immune systems. We will get more into this when we talk about detoxification below.

What We Put Into Our Body Affects Our Body, I Know Strange Right?

What we put into our bodies, beginning withjunkfood the very food we eat can introduce not only toxins into our system, but other harmful substances that over time can wreak havoc in our bodies. These toxins and substances can help to foster an environment that is a breeding ground for all sorts of disease, as well as obesity.

The food in our modern world has become more and more of a processed kind of food. A lot of this “food” goes through many processes that not only damages it, but changes it in ways that become unhealthy for our bodies.  A lot of the foods we now eat are literally dead foods and in many cases have little, to no nutritional value at all.

Many times the vitamins and minerals you see listed on the side of packaged foods have been added, because the “food” does not have either enough or any of its own. This is not to mention the lack of living nutrients and specific enzymes that are completely missing from most processed and packaged foods altogether

To continue this, a lot of our food is not whole food anymore, and is made up of many different ingredients. These ingredients usually include a whole load of chemical additives used in the coloring, flavoring, and preservation of this food.

These unhealthy additives are not a replacement for the actual sustenance our body craves and needs in order to support its many functions. This is sometimes evident by the amount of overeating that has taken over much of our culture. People will eat a whole lot and then still be craving more afterwards. The body knows it’s not getting what it truly needs and so it continues to seek more in order to find any nutrition at all.

As mentioned above, one of the solutions to this has been to add vitamins to our dead foods, which is the case with most packaged processed food. The problem with this is that vitamins in many cases work in synergy with one another and assist each other with the functions they serve. For example: calcium does not absorb into your body as well without magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin D, and vitamin C. This is just one example of many, and this is also the case with many other nutrients.

Food is not the only thing we put into our bodies that can be toxic, but we also put other toxic substances into our bodies, or have put toxic substances into our bodies in the past. Among these are smoking, drinking, and other drugs.

Smoking crosses over into almost every smokingcategory as a factor related to disease and poor health. You do not have to look too far to find out the many side effects that are related to smoking. These include cancers of all kinds, lung problems, low energy, heart disease, lowered immune function, and all kinds of other problems.

Alcohol, and especially alcohol in larger amounts, is by its very nature toxic and also contributes to many problems related to poor health. Other drugs are also toxic to our bodies by their very nature and contribute to many health problems in the world.

All of these can form a vicious sort of toxic cycle where stress leads to use, and use leads to more stress. Healing our bodies from the inside out can be the beginning of ending this cycle or the continuation of strengthening our general health.

Especially at this current time, more than any other time ever, you can clearly see the results of all of these factors mentioned above. There is more disease in the form of cancer, auto immune conditions, heart problems, and many other health issues than at any other time before. The rate of obesity is at an all time high and is continuing to increase.

The next reason that brings many of us to a place where we are considering doing a juice cleanse is the solutions offered (more so than not) become more of a problem than the original one to begin with.

Toxic Solutions For Toxic Problems

What many propose as solutions to deal with all ofpills these different symptoms of toxicity are a lot of the time a whole lot worse than the problems they claim to fix. These usually come in the form of pills that have many side effects, that are just as harmful or worse than the original problem to begin with.

These pills, or other remedies try to offer short term solutions to long term problems and usually only add to the problem with their many side effects. Even when some of them accomplish some of the goals they set out to deal with, their side effects can open the door up to a whole new array of health issues and problems.

On top of these side effects, another problem with so many medications is that they target one variable of a problem without really considering how changing this single variable effects the body as a whole. This is often times why people will have to take more and more medication over time, and also take medications to deal with the side effects of their other medications.

A lot of this stems from our limited understanding of the body as a whole, and with this limited understanding we then take it upon ourselves to try to fix a problem without really considering the domino effect that altering our body unnaturally can truly have.

A lot of weight loss and detox programs fall into this category, and many of them even claim to be all natural. You really have to do your own research to find out if what they claim is true. A lot of these claims are made to boost sales and are based on distorted facts and information that has been made to fit what they know will sell their product.

The True All Natural Weight Loss And Detoxification Program

There is one weight loss and detoxification program that you do not need to wonder about whether it’s natural or not. This program does not require you to pop any questionable pills, or to put toxic human made substances into your body. This kind of program has had massive success with many people, and you do not even need to refer to it as a program unless you want to. What am I talking about?



A juice cleanse is the true natural weight loss, detoxification, and healing program!  You can’t get much more natural than fruit and vegetables that grow right out of the earth. Fruit and vegetables grow not only out of the ground, but have grown in symbiosis with us on this planet for ages and are a perfect match for our nutritional needs on a cellular level.

Living raw fruit and vegetables contain many nutrients that are crucial for the survival and care of our bodies. The nutrients found in fresh homemade juices include: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and enzymes aid our bodies in almost every way that you can imagine.

Doing a juice cleanse is slowly becoming a very popular, natural, and extremely effective way of achieving many people’s health goals. When done properly, the results can be nothing short of amazing! You can also do one right out of your own home. There is no pill for you to buy, or anything specific we are trying to sell you. All you need is a juicer and somewhere you can get your fruit and vegetables from.

So now that we have introduced juice cleansing, and have talked a bit about what brings people to a place where they are looking for a change, we can get to the specific reasons and why many people do a juice cleanse.

Doing A Juice Cleanse For Weight Loss

There are many reasons that people are Juice Cleanse For Weight Lossdeciding to juice cleanse for weight loss, and among these are you can lose weight quickly, it’s an all natural and healthy way to lose weight, and people are ready to take immediate action yield results. Some people have a lot of weight to lose and will do longer juice cleanses, while some people will do shorter juice cleanses to just lose a bit of extra weight their bodies have been holding onto.

Doing a juice cleanse to lose weight has been extremely effective for many people! Many people have heard about juice cleansing through the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. If you have not seen this movie you really should watch it. It’s completely free to watch on hulu.com and you can get there through this link.

A juice cleanse can be a great and healthy way to lose weight! The great thing about doing a juice cleanse to lose weight is that you will lose the weight faster than on a lot of diets, and you will do this while giving your body all of the nutrients it needs during this period of time. A healthy juice cleanse (like what we advocate here) is one where you are not depriving yourself, but are giving your body plenty of nutrition in the form of liquid juices.

A lot of people have fears about losing weight too quickly, and many of us have heard that it’s unhealthy to lose weight this fast. This is because a lot of quick weight loss programs, to be honest, are unhealthy and promote weight loss through deprivation and starvation of the body. A lot of the weight lost this way will come back quickly after a deprivation program and many of us have heard of this as well.

Doing a juice cleanse for weight loss has given many people some amazing results, and provided long term weight loss where it did not just come right back. A juice cleanse done in the right way is one where you are not starving yourself and putting your body into survival mode. When your body goes into survival mode it actually slows its metabolism down because it literally is preparing to take in less calories, and therefore figures it needs to slow down its use of calories.

This is the problem with most diets and also “cleanse programs”. When you stop the cleanse your body is still in survival mode, and if you go back to eating how you were before all of your work to lose the weight is wasted and you gain it all back. You can read more here about how to keep the weight off after a cleanse.

Not only can weight loss have a very happypositive effect on people’s health, it can also have very positive effects on people’s overall confidence and self esteem. Many people have been overweight for so long that they can barely remember how it feels to be fit and not have the extra weight on them. Over time being overweight can literally weigh someone down, not only physically, but mentally, and emotionally as well.

A lot of people initially decide to do a juice cleanse to lose their weight in a quicker and healthier way. What many get out of a doing a juice cleanse ends up being a whole lot more than they could have imagined. Doing a juice cleanse for weight loss also yields many other positive benefits and losing extra weight is only the beginning for many.

You can read more about juicing for weight loss and also more about doing a juice cleanse for weight loss by following that link.

Juice Cleansing For Detoxification And Healing

Everything we discussed near the first of this article leads us as people to slowly over time develop toxic bodies. Without always being fully aware of it we, and our environment, have created a toxic environment inside of our bodies that is a breeding ground for disease and poor health.

People choose to do a juice cleanse as aJuice cleanse for detoxification method of detoxification, not only because it’s effective, but it’s a healthy way of detoxing our bodies. When doing a juice cleanse we are saturating our body’s cells with the cleanest and purest form of nutrition. This juice not only helps to flush out of our bodies old waste and toxic matter that has made a home inside of us, but it also provides our bodies with all of the nutrition it needs to heal damage that has been done. Basically, we are putting good in and getting the bad out.

Detoxification of our bodies can have all kinds of positive side effects which can include renewed energy, healing of the body, healing of specific digestive issues, better overall general health, and much more. Many people who have done a juice cleanse have experienced healing or positive benefits. This healing crosses over into many areas of health related issues which include: auto immune disorders (which includes a wide range of disorders), cancer, diabetes, cholesterol problems, heart health, migraines, and many other issues.

As mentioned previously, the case of Joe Cross and Phil Staples in the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” are only two stories of many people who have been shown to heal from doing extended juice cleanses. In their stories, by the end of their juice cleanses they were both able to get off of all of the medications they were taking, and had lost a bunch of weight.

Doing a juice cleanse for detoxification purposes can not only strengthen the immune system, but in many cases has been able to fix broken or malfunctioning immune systems. Both Joe Cross and Phil Staples suffered from an auto immune disorder known as Chronic Urticaria. As is the case with many auto immune disorders, the initial cause of the disorder is of “mysterious origins”, and also “mysteriously” our world has seen an increase of auto immune type disorders that seem to be increasing right alongside with many other health problems.

You can read a little more about juice cleansing for a healthy digestive system here, and also juice cleansing for detox here if you are interested.

Doing A Juice Cleanse To Kick Start And Encourage Better Dietary Habits

Many people choose to do a juice cleanse inJuice cleansing for better health order to kick start and encourage better dietary habits. A lot of us have gotten to the state of health we are in, from the habits we have. Whether we are in very poor health, or we are just looking ahead and would like to prevent poor health before we get there, doing a juice cleanse to kick start us into a healthier lifestyle can be very effective.

The length of a juice cleanse that people do can vary from person to person, and situation to situation. Some people just want to do a shorter 3 day juice cleanse to do a quick reboot of their system and get some quick weight loss benefits, as well as shorter term detox benefits. Shorter juice cleanses can also be a great way to begin a dietary change, or a diet/workout program you are looking to get into to increase your fitness. Some people will do shorter juice cleanses at the beginning of a new health program to really optimize their results.

Doing A Longer Juice Cleanse To Kick Start Better Health

Some people will want to jump right in and doLemonadestandgreenjuicerecipeforbeginners a longer juice cleanse for the same purpose, as a way to really kick start their health and get them in a place where they feel more in control of their eating habits. Longer juice cleanses can not only have the benefits mentioned above for a shorter juice cleanse, but also can have amazing detoxification results as spoken about before, as well as greater weight loss.

Many are starting to do these kinds of juice cleanses, and many are seeing amazing results. Liisa and myself, who run Raw Juice Cleanse Recipes, did a 30 day juice cleanse and saw great results! You can read all about our experience by clicking on this link here.

By the end of our juice cleanse our bodies, as well as our minds, were in a much better place than they were before. This, and some of the many reasons above are why we personally decide to do juice cleanses.

In the end, doing a juice cleanse for any of the reasons (or all of the reasons) we talked about here is a personal choice and is one that is becoming increasingly popular. Many have had great success and have seen life changing results. The experience of an overall reboot, as well as cleansing of the body at a cellular level, can have positive effects on a person’s entire system.

Before I finish here, I want to let you know we have written an eBook that is a complete guide to doing a juice cleanse the right way. We spent quite a bit of time putting this book together, and did not finish until we were completely satisfied that it contained everything someone would need to know to do a solid juice cleanse. If you are interested in doing one, you may want to check out some more information about our eBook. This page here talks about some of what you will find inside of it. 

We hope that this article was able to help you understand why you might consider doing a juice cleanse, or why others do. If you have any other questions related to any of this, please feel free to ask them by commenting in the comments section below. Liisa and myself, here at Raw Juice Cleanse Recipes wish you the best with your health and happiness!


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