Bok Choy Juice Cleanse Recipes

Our Bok Choy juice cleanse recipes promote theBok Choy Juice Recipes many health benefits of bok choy juice!  These make a good addition to a healthy diet as well as a juice cleanse. Click here to read more about the health benefits of bok choy juice, or continue below to see our Bok Choy juice cleanse recipes.

Recipe #1.

Licorice Bok Choy

Simple recipe.

1 Small Bok Choy
1 Beet stalk and greens
1 Apple
1 Branch Fennel with greens

If you want something more precise.

(3 cups chopped) Bok Choy= 7 ounces juice
(1 cup chopped) Beet stalk and greens= 3 ounces juice
(2 cups chopped) Apple= about 5 ounces
(about 3/4 cup chopped) Fennel= 1 and 1/2 ounces juice.

Yields about 16 and 1/2 ounces juice.

One of many great bok choy juice cleanse recipes! Such a good taste. There is no actual Beet in this recipe. It’s only the beet stalk and the greens of the beet. The stalks and greens from a beet provide an entirely different array of nutrients than do the beets themselves. I really like Fuji apple with this one or another nice sweet tasting apple.

Recipe #2.

Tropical Green Bok Choy

Simple recipe.

1 Small head Bok Choy
2 Large leaves Rainbow Chard
1 and 1/2 Stalks Celery
1/2 of a Pineapple

If you want something more precise.

(3 cups chopped) Bok Choy= 9 ounces juice
(1 cup chopped) Rainbow Chard= 2 ounces juice
(1 cup chopped) Celery= 2 ounces juice
(2 cups fresh cut chopped) Pineapple= 10 ounces juice

Yields about 23 ounces of juice.

This a moderately sweet bok choy juice cleanse recipe, but not too sweet. Our original recipe had twice the amount of celery as well as twice the amount of rainbow chard. This is one of many healthy bok choy juice recipes that mesh well together and makes for a great combination of nutrition.

Recipe #3.

Bok Choy Carrot Zinger

Simple recipe.

1 Medium head Bok Choy
8 Carrots
1 Small knuckle ginger

If you want something more precise.

(4 cups chopped) Bok Choy= 13 ounces juice
(4 cups chopped) Carrots= 8 ounces juice
(1 inch square) Ginger= under an ounce of juice

Yields about 21-22 ounces of juice.

As far as bok choy juice cleanse recipes, go this one is more straight forward. While bok choy juice is not as strong as some of the other juices, it still has a fairly strong taste to it. The carrots help to offset this flavor in the juice. This juice cleanse recipe won’t be for everyone, as there still is quite a bit of the strong bok choy flavor. The ginger adds just a little zing to this juice and helps to bring some of the flavor together. Personally, I like this juice and will be drinking it more often to get more of the nutrition that is inside bok choy juice.

Recipe #4.

Bok Choy Basil Salad Juice

Simple recipe.

1 Small head Bok Choy
6 Carrots
1/2 Head Red Cabbage
Large handful fresh Basil Leaves

If you want something more precise.

(3 cups chopped) Bok Choy= 8 ounces juice
(2 cup chopped) Carrots= 6 ounces juice
(3 cups chopped) Red Cabbage= 4 ounces juice
(about 1/3 cup chopped) fresh Basil Leaves= 1 and 1/2 ounces juice

Yields about 19 and 1/2 to 20 ounces of juice.

Another one of many bok choy juice cleanse recipes in which the flavors balance each other out really well. It has a sweetness to it that really comes through with slight tones of basil underneath.


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