Green Juice Cleanse Recipes For Beginners

A lot of people who want to start juicing have a harder time at first adapting to the stronger flavors of green juice recipes. It just takes time for some to adapt their palate to these flavors. Many of us (including ourselves at one time) just need some good beginner green juice recipes to help get us started, and headed in the right direction. 

The juices that come from leafy greens and other greens are very important to include into your juices. Green juices provide your body with a wide spectrum of nutrients and proteins that many other vegetables and fruit simply do not contain.

If you are also interested in juice cleansing, this is only part of the reason why green juices are also the backbone of any good juice cleanse. We wrote more about the reasons why you should be making your cleanse more of a green juice cleanse in this article here.  

Whether you want to enjoy a green juice here and there, or you are looking for more juice cleanse recipe ideas that make green juices taste good the green juice recipes for beginners on this page will give you great ways to begin or continue your juicing journey!

If you still have a lot of questions about doing a juice cleanse, or are looking for a good practical juice cleanse guide that will give you all of the information you need to do one properly we released our Ebook The Complete Guide To Doing A 7 Day Juice Cleanse! Our book is a great value and contains all of the information you will need to know to do a juice cleanse properly, including a full menu and shopping list to take away any of the guesswork. 

If you are just starting to juice and simply want some more information about juicing in general our juicing for beginners post would be a great place for you to start!    

(Also: If you are newer to juicing and are still trying to decide on what kind of juicer would be best for you, or you have been thinking of upgrading your juicer, but are not sure what to look for follow the link here to learn more about all the different kinds of juicers that are out there and what the best juicer for you may be)

For specific instructions how to prepare your produce for our juice cleanse recipes click here!

Okay, onto the Green Juice Recipes For Beginners! 

Recipe #1.

The Little Green Lover

Simple recipe.

2 Medium Apples
2 Stalks Celery
2 Leaves Bok Choy- also called Pak choi

If you want something more precise.

(2 and 1/2 cups chopped) Apple=  10 ounces juice
(About 1 cup chopped) Celery= 3 ounces juice
(About 1 cup chopped) Bok Choy= almost 2 ounces juice

Yields about 15 ounces of juice.

Great tasting simple green juice recipe for beginners that gives you some green bok choy juice and some green celery juice.

Recipe #2.

Divine Green    Divinegreenjuicerecipeforbeginners

Simple recipe.

2 Medium sized Pears
3 Leaves Kale
1 Small knuckle Ginger

If you want something more precise.

(2 and 1/2 cups chopped) Pear= 9 and 1/2 ounces juice
(1 cup chopped) Kale= a little over 1 and 1/2 ounces juice
1 small knuckle of Ginger= well under an ounce of juice

Yields around 11 to 12 ounces of juice.

When you start drinking this juice you may wish you had made more! Not only do you get a decent amount of kale in this green juice recipe for beginners, but you also get to sample a small amount of ginger.

Pear juice makes a nice sweet base and I recommend refrigerating your pears before juicing them if possible, especially if you are using a masticating style juicer. This will help to harden your produce a bit and will make it much easier to juice. Pears, and sometimes apples, tend to be mushy in a masticating juicer and have a harder time juicing. On the other hand, leafy greens love masticating juicers and have no problem juicing in them at all.

The variety of kale you see in the image for this juice recipe is lacinato kale, which is also called dinosaur kale or Italian kale. We recommend using this specific type of kale for this recipe to keep the flavor similar to what we came up with, but if you only have access to another type then any variety will work.

Recipe #3.

Simply Sweet Romaine   simplysweetromaine

Simple recipe.
1 small Apple
3 leaves Romaine Lettuce
2 Carrots

If you want something more precise.
1 and 1/2 cups chopped Apple = 5 and 1/2 ounces juice
1 cup chopped Romaine Lettuce = 2 ounces juice
1 and 1/4 cup chopped Carrots = 3 and 1/2 ounces juice

Yields about 11 ounces of juice.

This green juice recipe for beginners has a great taste and gives you a simple way to get some romaine lettuce juice into your body.

Recipe #4.

Laid Back And Simply Green   Laid Back And Simply Green

Simple recipe.

1/2 of a Fresh Pineapple
5 Large Carrots
2 Leaves of Kale

If you want something more precise.

(3 and 1/2 cups chopped) Pineapple= 12 and 1/2 ounces juice
(4 cups chopped) Carrots= 9 and 1/2 ounces juice
(3/4 cup of chopped) Kale= 1 ounce juice

Yields about  23 ounces of juice.

This green juice recipe for beginners tastes like a pineapple juice, but manages to get a lot of carrot juice, and a small amount of kale juice inside of it as well. It has a nice sweet taste that is easy to drink.

The type of kale we used for this recipe is lacinato kale, otherwise known as dinosaur kale or Italian kale. You can use any variety of kale you like for this juice recipe though, and it should work out just fine.

Recipe #5.

The Earthy Sweet

Simple recipe.

3 Stalks and Beet Greens
1/2 Head Broccoli
1 Apple

If you want something more precise.

(2 and 1/2 cups chopped) Beet Greens and stalks= 5 ounces juice
(1 and 1/2 cups chopped) Broccoli= A little over 1 ounce juice
(2 and 1/2 cups chopped) Apple= 7 ounces juice

Yields 13 to 14 ounces of juice.

This is a moderately sweet juice with tones of beet greens in the background. For this juice recipe use all parts of the beet other than the actual beet itself. This includes the stalks leading to greens, as well as the greens themselves. Beet greens have different nutrients altogether from the actual beet itself and are a great way to use all parts of a vegetable. This is one of those green juice cleanse recipes for beginners that does have a more unique ingredient (beet greens), but is very easy to make. It is also an easier juice to drink when you are first getting used to the taste of green juices. This is why we included it in this section.

Recipe #6.

Green Candy   GreenCandyGreenjuicerecipe

Simple recipe.

6 Leaves Kale
1 Large Sweet Potato

If you want something more precise.

2 cups Kale = 3 ounces juice
3 and 1/2 cups sweet potatoes= 8 and 1/2 ounces juice

Yields about 11 and 1/2 ounces of juice.

Sweet potato almost always helps to create a really great tasting juice. This green juice recipe for beginners is no different in this aspect. Along with the generous sweet flavor in this juice recipe you also get some leafy green kale juice into your body!

There are many varieties of kale and the one in the image to the right is lacinato kale, otherwise known as dinosaur kale or Italian kale. When making this juice recipe, you can use any variety you like.


Recipe #7.

Popeye In Paradise   greenjuicerecipeforbeginnerspopeyeinparadise

Simple recipe.

1/2 of a whole fresh Pineapple
1/4 Bunch of Spinach
4 Carrots (2 large and 2 small)

If you want something more precise.

(3 cups chopped) Pineapple=  12 ounces juice
(2 cups chopped) Carrots=  6 ounces juice
(1 cup chopped) Spinach= 3 ounces juice

Yields about 21 ounces of juice.

This is definitely a good starter juice for anyone wanting to get their taste buds just a little wet. Popeye was a huge fan of spinach (as many of you probably know) and for a very good reason! Spinach is packed with many health benefits!

This juice tastes absolutely delicious and is definitely what Popeye might be drinking himself if he were in paradise.

Recipe #8.

Lemonade Stand   Lemonadestandgreenjuicerecipeforbeginners

Simple recipe.

2 Carrots
1 Apple
1 Lemon
1/2 Red Bell Pepper
Small corner of a Green Cabbage
2 Leaves Romaine Lettuce

If you want something more precise.

(1 and 1/2 cups chopped) Carrots=   4 ounces juice
(about 1 and 1/2 cups chopped) Apple=  5 ounces juice
(about 3/4th of a cup chopped) Lemon=  1 and 1/2 ounces juice
(about 3/4th of a cup of chopped) Red Bell Pepper= 3 ounces juice
(1 and 1/2 cups chopped) Green Cabbage=   3 and 1/2 ounces juice
(about 3/4th of a cup chopped) Romaine Lettuce=  1 and 1/2 ounces juice

Yields about 18 and 1/2 ounces of juice.

Even though this juice has a longer list of ingredients, it’s a good green juice recipe for beginners. This juice manages to get a lot of produce all inside of one great tasting little juice. It really comes off as a great tasting lemonade juice.

You will be using the entire lemon in this juice, except for its seeds (yes, that means the peel and all!) If you have a centrifugal juicer you can just cut the lemon in half take out the seeds and then juice it, If you have a masticating juicer then you can do the same, but cut it into 4 or 6 pieces. Enjoy!

Recipe #9.

Sweet Bliss   Sweetblissgreenjuicerecipesforbeginners

Simple recipe.

1 Apple
1 Beet
1/4 Bunch of Spinach

If you want something more precise.

(1 and 1/2 cups chopped) Apple= 5 ounces juice
(1 cup chopped) Beet= 3 ounces juice
(1 cup chopped) Spinach= 3 ounces juice

Yields about 11 ounces of juice.

This green juice recipe for beginners is a really sweet and delicious treat. If you really like sweet and need a good juice to just get you started on your path to mixing in some leafy greens, then this juice is for you!

Recipe #10.

Simple Green Orange Juice   Simplegreenorangejuice

Simple recipe.

4 Smaller leaves Kale
3 Smaller leaves Romaine Lettuce
2 Oranges

If you want something more precise.

(3/4 cup chopped) Kale= 1 and 1/2 ounces juice
(3/4 cup chopped) Romaine Lettuce= 1 and 1/2 ounces juice
(2 cups small slices) Orange= 11 ounces juice

Yields about 14 ounces of juice.

This is a very good green juice recipe for beginners to use up some of those smaller leaves of greens that you have. It’s a very nice tasting juice that’s pleasantly sweet. The greens actually add a dimension that really supplements the orange juice well.

If you look at the image the type of kale you see there is called lacinato kale, which is also called dinosaur kale, or Italian kale. You can use any variety of kale that is available to you for this recipe and it will work out just fine.

Recipe #11.

Orange U Glad (As in Orange U glad you drank this juice!)

Simple recipe.  

3 Oranges
7 Strawberries
1/2 Bunch Spinach

If you want something more precise.

(2 cups sliced)  Oranges = 10 ounces juice
(1 and 1/2 cups chopped) Strawberries = 3 and 1/2 ounces juice
(3 cups chopped) Spinach = 8 ounces juice

Yields about 21 and 1/2 ounces juice.

Continuing on with Liisa’s love for orange juice, she decided to make this tasty beginner’s green juice recipe which is definitely a winner! The vitamin C in the oranges and strawberries both help your body to better absorb the iron and calcium in the spinach. These fruits also make a juice that tastes great!  cool

Recipe #12.

Pomegranate Cornucopia  

Simple recipe.

1 Pomegranate
2 and 1/2 Zucchini
7 Spears Asparagus
1 Small head Broccoli
1/8 of a Cantaloupe
1/2 Large Lemon

If you want something more precise.

(1 and 1/4 cups of seed) Pomegranate = 5 ounces juice
(3 and 1/2 cups chopped) Zucchini = 7 ounces juice
(2 cups chopped) Asparagus = 4 ounces juice
(1 and 1/2 cups chopped) Broccoli = 1 ounce juice
(3/4 cup chopped) Cantaloupe = 2 and 1/2 ounces juice
(1/4 cup sliced) Lemon = 1 and 1/2 ounces juice

Yields about 21 ounces of juice.

This green juice recipe for beginners is slightly sweet, slightly sour, and contains lots of goodies!

Recipe #13.

Earthy Strawberry   EarthyStrawberrygreenjuicerecipeforbeginners

Simple recipe.

19 Strawberries
3 Large Apples
1 Bunch Spinach
1 Bunch Rainbow Chard

If  you want something more precise.

(3 and 3/4 cups chopped) Strawberry= 13 and 1/2 ounces juice
(8 cups chopped) Apple= 22 ounces juice
(4 and 1/2 cups chopped) Spinach= 8 ounces juice
(3 cups chopped) Rainbow chard= 10 ounces juice

Yields about 53 and 1/2 ounces of juice.

This recipe is so delicious, you can even serve it to your children! It tastes like an earthy strawberry cheesecake, yum! This is Liisa’s personal favorite. 


More Green Juice Recipes For Beginners

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  1. Melissa says

    Thank you so much for the beginning guidance and instructions. Do you have any pointers on trying to make a shopping list for beginners? 

    • Sean Carey says

      Are you asking about a shopping list for a juice cleanse? If so, gather some juice recipes together that you would like to try during your juice cleanse and then add those ingredients on the list. Also if there are certain vegetables and fruits that you know you are going to be using repeatably in your juice recipes, then add those to the list also. This way you can buy everything at one time or in bulk for 3-5 days at a time so they stay fresh.

      Also during a juice cleanse there are certain vegetables and fruits you want to be using in your juice recipes on a daily basis if possible. These include Celery, Cucumbers, Apples and Kale or other leafy greens. I say apple here because they are very helpful in sweetening up your vegetable juices.

      Also I wrote a post all about juicing on a budget which might be helpful to you. Hope this was of some help and if you have any other questions at all feel free to ask them!

      • says

        Hi! Soooo, I’ve been researching juicing for a few weeks because I am planning to start a juice cleanse soon, and I want to be informed as much as possible before I start.

        (I’m not sure how to make my own comment, so I am just responding to another. woops!)

        My first question was kind of answered by this post, because you put the approx amount of juice each recipe yields. (thanks!!)

        I haven’t decided on the length of my cleanse yet, but here are some questions stirring in my mind (hopefully they make sense)

        Say I wanna prepare my juices the night before… should I just make multiple batches of the same juice?
        Do you typically make your juices as you are wanting to drink them or do you prepare them beforehand?
        Say I make a few different juices for the next day, do I need to clean my juicer in between each recipe? Or is that a personal call?

        I had a lot of questions to ask but as I started writing them, I kinda forgot…so I’ll probably be back. 😉

        Thank you so much for your help, and for an awesome website! It’s very informative!

        • says

          Hey Emilee,

          Alright here we go!

          I personally try to make as much of my juice as possible when I’m ready to drink it, but during busy times this is seriously impractical and sometimes impossible! I do it as much as I can during a juice cleanse because I know you get the most amount of nutrition when drinking it sooner after it’s made. Honestly, it can get difficult to keep up with if you have well… any other obligations at all other than juice cleansing all day long! :) So, while many people advocate only drinking juice that was just made I know from personal experience that this is nearly impossible unless you have nothing else that you have to do. This is why I go with the I’ll make my juice right on the spot whenever I can plan… It’s simply the most realistic way to actually being able to stick with the juice cleanse in the long run. The alternative is freaking out when you’re out of juice and frantically throwing together a juice on the spot while possibly cursing and stressing out. That’s just the truth. :)

          Ok so… If you’re preparing your juices the night before, you can do it however you like. You can make multiple batches of the same juice, or you can make all kinds of different juices. This really is up to your personal taste, budget, and how much time you want to spend making your juice. When I’m making juice the night before I usually make up some different juices, but sometimes to make the process go quicker I’ll juice up a load of the same juice. Since I’ve been juicing for some time I usually have a reasonable idea what a juice might taste like with said amount of said ingredient mixed with said amount of said ingredient and so on. If you find a recipe you like, you could simply double up, triple up, quadruple up etc. the ingredients and throw it down all at once! I do a bit of both as I like having variety during my juice cleanses. When you’re tired though after a long day and just want to get your juice done for the next day, nothing beats making a huge batch of the same juice! :)

          You’ve probably already read this or might know this already, but if you’re going to make your juices ahead of time you’re going to want to store it properly so that it retains its freshness and as much if its nutritional value as possible. You can read all about how right here.

          Last but not least you’re most definitely going to want to clean your juicer in between every time that you use it! I know this can be a pain in the rear, but if you don’t do it the juicer can become caked up with vegetable and juice pulp, be all sticky, and generally become really difficult to clean! Depending on the kind of juicer you’re using you might be able to get away with simply rinsing it down well with hot water sometimes. If you’re using a centrifugal juicer you will have to at least at minimum scrub down the piece that cuts up your veggies and fruits and filters the juice through. This piece will have pulp all in it, and you don’t want that to dry! We always scrub that down in between juicing, but will sometimes just rinse the rest off with very hot water. If you’re using a masticating juicer you can rinse it all down with hot water in between juicing sometimes, but just like with the centrifugal juicer be sure to wash the piece that filters the juice through it. It’s smaller on a masticating juicer, but will also cake up and dry out if you don’t.

          We’re happy you found us here on our little corner of the net, and you have any other questions at all feel free to ask away!

          Oh yea, almost forgot. At the very bottom of the page, or the bottom of the comment section there should be some wording that says “Leave A Reply” and then the word Comment over a white empty box. On a long page like our green juice recipes for beginners here it can be hard to find that sucker at the bottom there, but that’s where it should be! If for some reason your browser isn’t showing it, then please by all means feel free to reply to another comment like you did here. You’re not the first person to have a hard time finding that little box hiding out down there! :)

          Also… LOL ( I know I keep adding on here!) You might be interested in reading this article right here. That was a 30 day juice cleanse Liisa and myself did some years back, and we blogged almost daily our progress and included tips etc. Ok, I swear I’m done now! :)

  2. JB says


    I have just purchased a juicer and am beginning a juicing cleanse. I am a full time working person and do not work in an office environment. My daytime schedule is quite varied and I am in/out of my car all day long. Therefore, I am in question of how to handle midday hunger if juicing is not a viable option for me during a juicing cleanse.  Would you please advise as to the best options  in this situation?

    Thank You!!

    • Sean Carey says

      Hello JB,

      First of all congratulations on your taking a huge step towards better health! Secondly, if you have not read our how to store your juice properly you should check that out as it will help with a lot of this.

      The next thing I would suggest is to invest in an ice cooler of some sort, which can range from cheap to more spendy. Even a little styrofoam cooler will work just fine for this. You will want to make your juices the night before or even better yet the morning of the day you are going to work. You will then store them using any of the suggestions from that page.

      After that get some ice, put it in your cooler and put your juices in there as well! The main point is to keep the juices cool and in as dark of a place as possible. If you go in an out of your car a lot, then you can keep your juices there. Even if all of the ice melts, if you keep them in a darker place they should be good.

      Having your juices made and ready to drink with you during your juice cleanse will save you from the temptation of hunger. It can be a powerful draw once you are away from your home and are out and about. If you have your juices with you already then you are a step ahead of the game.

      Also a small side note here, if you really feel hungry sometimes or those thoughts of food are just not letting up, take a really big drink of juice. I mean fill your belly well! This will help a lot sometimes.

      Good luck JB with your juice cleanse and if you have any other questions let us know!

  3. Lynsey says

    Do these recipes include weight loss? Most of the reason I am intested in the juice fast was to lose weight and help get a kick start of my health. How many of these do I drink a day?

    • Sean Carey says

      Hello Lynsey,

      If you are trying to lose weight then doing a juice cleanse can definitely help with that. To answer your questions let me first refer you to our FAQ page. That will answer how many or really how much to drink during each day of a juice cleanse.

      Liisa and myself just both completed a 30 day juice cleanse 3 days ago and each lost around 27 pounds. You can read about this juice cleanse here as well as follow our daily progress. I tried to make a lot of my comments educational as well as descriptions of what we went through daily.

      I hope all of this will help you out some more and if you have any other questions after looking at these pages, come on back and let us know! Good luck with your weight loss journey and not only can you do it, you will do it!

  4. Jeanette says

    I've just learned of juice cleanses and can't wait to begin myself, only I'm still a little confused. How long should a cleanse last? Do the amount of days change with different juices?

    • says

      Hello Jeanette,

      A juice cleanse lasts as long as you choose to make it. Some people do 3 day juice cleanses, some people will do 7, some will do 14, some will do 30, some will do 60 and so on.

      In general we always recommend that during a juice cleanse you make your juices green juices as much as possible no matter how many days you are doing. We are currently working on an ebook that will be a complete guide to doing a 7 day juice cleanse, but that will not be done for a few months.

      Here are a few different articles we have written that might help clear up some of what you are wondering about.

      Considering doing a juice cleanse?

      How much juice should I drink each day?

      Why green juices during a juice cleanse?

      Hopefully that will shed some more light on it for now. If you have any follow up questions about this or anything else that comes to mind, feel free to ask away!

  5. Colleen says

    I eat terrible and want to do an all juice diet for a month. The thing is I'm pregnant. While a friend of mine juiced all during her pregnancy and was supported by her doctor she was also already healthy and she included additional foods like beans and healthy solids. I'm wondering if this is considered safe generally for pregnant women? I figure since my diet is horrible how can a juice cleanse be bad since it's still more nutrition than I have gotten throughout this pregnancy! What are your thoughts?

    • Liisa Wilson says

      Hi Colleen,

          Congratulation on your pregnancy! We do not recommend doing a juice cleanse during pregnancy. I say this because during a juice cleanse the body detoxes. All the toxins that are in your body will be released quicker than usual. This, among other factors could cause undue stress upon the baby. I would also recommend not to do a juice cleanse when breastfeeding for some of the same reasons and others. You can do a juice cleanse when you done breastfeeding though. 

      What we do recommend is that you add juices to your diet. You can add a fresh juice everyday. Change up your diet and eat more fresh, raw, living fruit and vegetables. Your baby will get all the benefits and nutrients that you put into your body.

      Also, eliminate processed and junk food. Over time you will feel better and will crave healthier food. It will be a win win situation. Good luck! If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask!

  6. 30something gal says

    @Colleen; Please do not cleanse during pregnancy or nursing. Our bodies release toxins when we lose weight. These will harm your baby! I know it can be hard to wait until after the baby has been weaned, but be patient for your baby's sake.

  7. hilary says

    Thank you for the great recipe ideas. Me and my boyfriend just bought a juicer on Saturday and are starting a cleanse tomorrow. We are aiming for 10 days first to see how we do and may continue to try for 30 days if that goes well. We are both slightly over weight and hope this cleanse helps us head in the right direction.

  8. Dorothea says

    What an excellent easy to follow site packed with great info.
    just got my new juicier and very excited about starting .
    My mother who is going to be 76 has been juicing for a few weeks now and it’s amazing how great she looks and feels. Hoping to get my 10 yr old Daugher started as well :-) thank you for taking the time and sharing your knowledge with all of us.

    • says

      Dorothea that is great to hear and we are glad you are getting something out of our website! Thank you for taking the time to share some of your life with us! We love hearing from people and wish you the best on your journey towards better and better health!

  9. Amanda says

    Thank you for all these simple recipes!! They look great! I am trying to balance a lot in my life right now, and my juicing had taken a back seat. I just made a meal chart for my juicing for the next 7 days, along with a shopping list, all with YOUR recipes! :)

    • says

      Hello Amanda,

      We completely understand the balancing act that life can be sometimes. It is good that you are looking for balance in your life as the more you seek it the more you will find. We are also very happy that you found our juice recipes useful and want to wish you the best for your 7 days of juicing and also for your overall health and happiness! Thank you for stopping in and if you ever have any other questions or just want to let us know how your juicing is going, feel free to! Happy Juicing Amanda!

  10. says

    I don’t know if this is helpful here but I read somewhere that blending green vegetables slightly damages the enzymes and some other stuff. I use a Green Star juicer that slowly masticates the juice and ostensibly preserves these nutrients. I cured cancer with this drink so I share this recipe with you. It is exactly as Dr. Max Gerson desinged it, tested it over fifty years. It is, in my mind the perfect green juice. Bill Z Zimmermania YouTube channel.

    • says

      We have not heard anything about how blending green vegetables can slightly damage the enzymes or other nutrients but it would be interesting to find out if there is any truth to that or not. We also use a masticating juicer most of the time as we to believe it preserves and offers the highest nutritional value from our vegetables and fruits. We supplement that with a quality centrifugal juicer from time to time when we are wanting something quicker, but our masticating juicer is our go to juicer especially when juicing leafy greens.

      The Green Star is definitely a top of the line juicer and we do advocate that juicer as well as some others in an article we wrote for The Best Masticating Juicers.

      We also know quite a bit about the Gerson Therapy and think it is absolutely amazing! That is great that you cured your cancer and we want to thank you for sharing your video with us and our audience here. We know the true power of juicing but many do not so thank you again Bill for sharing and we wish the best with your health and wellness!

  11. Kimmy says

    Hi… My partner 55yrs old who is type 2 diabetes and 80lbs over weight and myself 48yrs who is 25lbs overweight and type 2 is in my family genes… We are both going to commit to 14 daya ( hope for more) but solidly commit to 2 full weeks of juicing as our start for life change . We are very excited . I have been wanting to do this for a long time and after we watched fat sick and nearly dead we have decided its time. Our juicer is on our counter and we are shopping today foe our first batch of veggies …. And we start tomorrow… But what I can’t find is the info of how much is to little and how much is to much … How to time it and measure amounds daily…
    Your site is the most helpful and most informational that I have found online. So my first 7 days are your simple green reciepes….
    Please get back to me …
    Thank you so much for your help and your inspiring and helpful web site… This is going to change our world

    • says

      Hello Kimmy,

      We got both of your messages and will answer them here! Any comments posted on our website comes through us first or we get a whole lot of unrelated ad and spam comments (hundreds or more daily). We always see every question or comment and answer all of these in the order that they come in!

      First of all good job on taking the first step to start bettering your health by making the decision to do so! Many people do not realize the step of making the decision to change alone is a huge and the next is taking action!

      Ok, so if you have not read this post you should!

      How Much Juice Should I Drink Each Day During My Juice Cleanse?

      Too little is anything under a gallon a day. Too much is 3 and a half to 4 gallons in a day. I usually drink between 1 gallon to 2 and 1/2 gallons in a day. I have topped out probably around 2 and 3/4 gallons in one day before. Believe me this will feel like a lot so most likely you will not drink this much!

      We did a juice cleanse last April where we drank a minimum of one gallon of juice day and blogged almost daily our progress. We each lost around 27 pounds and felt great when we were done! The great thing about juice cleansing is that if your body is carrying extra weight it will know, and will release some of this weight. If you are at a healthy weight then your body knows and you will not lose unnecessary weight. This is all if you stick to a minimum of one gallon of juice day and make the majority of this GREEN JUICE!

      We are busy finishing up our work on a very thorough and complete guide to doing a juice cleanse in the form of an Ebook which we should have available next month. This is going to include a full menu and will cover every aspect of doing a juice cleanse that we could think of! For now that page I linked you to above and many of the articles in this category below should be of help.

      Juice Cleanse Information

      If you have any other questions or I missed anything at all Kimmy, feel absolutely free to send another message! We are here to help and will respond ASAP!

      Happy juicing and again congratulations on making the decision to make a real change in your life!

  12. Grazie says

    hi there! I’ve been interested in trying out juicing but i’m not so sure of what brand of juicer will i purchase since most of them promises a good juicing result, can I ask you to recommend a good one? My plans are much clearer now since i undergone a laparoscopic operation a week ago, they remove multiple gallstones & my gallbladder as well. As i searched for a juicing guide, i landed up in your website and makes me wanna start my juicing as soon as possible. I do hope you reply so i can start my juicing adventure and live a balance and healthier life!thanks :))

    • says

      Hello Grazie,

      Congratulations on making the decision to start juicing, and to live a more balanced and healthy life! When I personally began juicing, I was doing it primarily for health purposes. I researched as much as possible about what juicer would be the best for me since I was juicing for therapeutic reasons as well as wanting more volume of juice. I wanted to know that I was going to get the maximum amount of nutrients out of the vegetables and fruits I juiced.

      I first purchased an Omega 8005 Nutrition Center and still have that same juicer years later! I also use a Breville Juice Fountain on the side for certain items like mushy fruits and sometimes carrots or cucumber. What juicer I would recommend for you depends on your budget, and for what your ultimate goals are. It sounds like your goals are similar to what mine were in the beginning and so I would honestly recommend a masticating juicer to you such as the Omega 8005 Nutrition Center or the newer omega 8006 Nutrition Center.

      You should also read these posts here, as they will tell you a whole lot more about juicers and which ones we think are the best of the best.

      What Juicer is the Best Juicer For Me?

      What are the Best Masticating Juicers?

      What are the Best Budget Juicers?

      If you have any other questions at all Grazie let us know! Happy Juicing!

  13. Joanne says

    Wow-great site, best information I’ve seen yet. I’ve just started juicing, as I’m completing chemo, and do not want the Cancer back!!! I love the beginner recipes-helps with the Green juice, which is critical to good health. Thank you again.

    • says


      Liisa and myself are so glad you are finding some of the information you seek. There are so many powerful anti-cancer properties inside of vegetables and fruit. We both send good thoughts, as well as prayers your way, not only for your recovery, but that the cancer will never return to your body again.

      Thank you Joanne for letting us know that you are getting something from the site, it motivates us to do more!

      Best wishes,

      Liisa and Sean 

  14. Hannah says

    Hi I am considering a juicing cleanse after seeing the documentary “fat, sick and nearly dead.” I’ve looked into it a little more and have a couple questions. First how does the juice taste? I realize this is extremely subjective but is there anything you can compare it to or something? I feel like I would want to add more fruit for flavor but then the nutrients from the veggies would be gone. Understandably, i dont want to shell out money on a juicer.

    My second question: does making the juice the day before or in the morning rather than right before consumption change the flavor, consistency or nutritional value?

    My final question is if you found it easier at all to juice after the first couple days? Or is it extremely difficult and uncomfortable for the whole 7/14/30 days? I appreciate any answers or advice you can give. Thanks!!

    • says

      Hello Hannah,

      You are not alone. Many people have the same exact questions and concerns before starting a juice cleanse. So for your first question “how does the juice taste?” this is very subjective as you guessed. I, for example love green juices, and can drink some juices straight without any fruit. Other people may find the flavor of these juices something they do not like at all. I think some juices also take getting used to at first, and as you drink them more, you begin to like them more.

      Depending on your diet, and your own taste, you may very well need to add a bit more fruit in your juices to sweeten them up. There is nothing wrong with doing this, and the nutrients from the veggies will not go anywhere when you do. The juice just becomes more sugary. Many people add fruit to every one of their juices during a juice cleanse, and just aim at adding more and more vegetables as they go. The goal is to make at least %60 to %80 of the juice vegetable juice. You do not have to do this for every juice though, as it is an overall goal. Adding cucumber, and celery also thins out the stronger more bitter flavors of leafy green juices.

      We mix it up during our juice cleanses, and go with how we feel each day. If we need a bit more fruit juice on some days, then we go for it. If we can do heavy green juices some days, then we go with that. Again the goal is to make your juices as green as possible, because you will get more of the benefits that come with doing a juice cleanse this way. 

      For your second question: “does making the juice the day before or in the morning rather than right before consumption change the flavor, consistency or nutritional value?” The flavor usually remains pretty close to the same for a day or so if you store it correctly, as does the consistency. The nutritional value will lower depending upon how you store your juice, and how long it sits. We have an article that covers storing your juice properly, and if you use any of the methods we talk about there, your juice will be completely fine if you make it the day before, or morning of. It is always freshest, and most nutrient dense when consumed right after making it, but our lives are busy, and Liisa and myself also sometimes will make juice the night before, or morning of. It is all about storing it correctly and here is the link to that.

      For your final question: “do you find it easier at all to juice after the first couple days? Or is it extremely difficult and uncomfortable for the whole 7/14/30 days?” This really depends on the person, and the timing. Each juice cleanse is different, and even for us some are easier than others. It does get easier as you go, but at the same time there can be some challenging days. Food cravings will come and go throughout, some days will be a breeze, and some you may be thinking about eating most of the day.

      We have realized for ourselves, that the real challenge of doing a juice cleanse, and sticking to it, is a mental challenge. We both have had easy juice cleanses, and difficult juice cleanses. It is good to reduce your stress as much as possible during one, which will really help. 

      One thing I can say Hannah, is that getting a juicer will not be a waste of money. You can start slowly with more fruity juices, and work yourself up to greener juices, by slowly adding more and more vegetables to them. You do not have to dive into a juice cleanse right away! :)   Try adding juice into your diet to begin with, and then maybe go for a shorter juice cleanse to start out. My first juice cleanse was a 3 day juice cleanse, and it taught me first hand a bit of what I would be taking on for a longer one. I have never regretted buying a juicer, and you could also start out with a less expensive one, to get started with. We have an article that covers the best budget juicers for $100 and below. You can read that here

      If you have any other questions Hannah, or need anything explained further let us know! :)

  15. jennifer says

    Hi I was wondering what I need to do before I start a juice cleanse? Like should I eat more healthier so i won’t feel too ill when taking the juice. And can I drink the same juice all thr time or do I need to do different types of juices? I found 2 recipes for beginners that I might try but could I take those 2 recipes for 4-7 days or even longer?
    Also is a 16 oz bottle good enough to drink 4 or more cups a day? Or is the 25 oz better?

    Thank you!

  16. grace says

    Thank you for a great read I have been using your recipe for my son he has cancer and its useful n healthy he loves the apple recipe.
    Again thank you.

  17. Amy says

    These recipes are great. I managed to do a 10 day juice cleanse last summer, but gained all my weight and bad habits back. It’s frustrating because I can’t give up junk food, and I’ve gained over 40 pounds in 3 years. I keep trying to juice again because I lost weight, lost my cravings, and felt great the last time I did it. But now I can’t seem to make it through a full day of juicing, because my cravings or habits kick in and I “need” to eat, even if I’m full of juice. I just don’t have the willpower to get through it anymore, but I try again the next week and by day two I’m already eating junk again. This lifestyle is ruining my life and I’m now 211 lbs and very miserable. I rarely leave my house because of how I look. I want to change, not just to lose weight, but because I don’t like craving bad foods all day. If you have any tips to get me through the first two days, it would be greatly appreciated. The last cleanse I did was easy for me after I got to day 3 since I had no cravings and I was full of energy. But I’m lazy now and all I want to do is eat. I have tried so many things to get rid of my cravings and none seem to work. I eat a lot of healthy foods that should help my cravings subside, but they don’t. Maybe it’s because it’s more of a mental “want” than a physical one. I’m not sure, but I do seem to eat junk at certain times of the day i.e. when the kids nap, after dinner, when the kids go to bed-so how can I re-program my brain to get out of the habit of comfort eating long enough to get through a day of juicing? I’m sorry this is so long, I’m just desperate to change my lifestyle. Thanks so much.

    • Liisa Wilson says

      Hi Amy,

      What a story, I can totally relate! I have so many things to tell you so here I go. It is so human to go to food as comfort. It can be so addictive! People don’t always talk about it but sugar and refined/ processed foods are addictive. You can physically feel it, it’s almost like quitting drugs. The sugar affects your pleasure center, it makes you feel good in the moment. But it also makes you feel like crap afterward, but you don’t care, you want more. It’s like food on steroids. There was a study recently that compared cocaine with sugar. I don’t remember where I found it, somewhere on the web. Anyways, it affects some of the same parts of your brain the same way. So, that is a little concerning…. Unfortunately, eating sugar and processed food all the time is not healthy, but with some diligence, hard work, and good choices you can be a happy, healthy person.

      The world can be a busy place, especially for parents. You can get so busy sometimes taking care of your kids, when is there time to take care of yourself? Well, I agree with you it is a mental thing. We have to be ready to change to make it happen. I understand because I have said I was going to lose weight for years! I had very intense cravings like you. But at some point you decide to change. You have a wake up call, an epiphany, whatever, and you are ready to take your health and happiness into your own hands. You can do it, don’t let your mind be a bully. You deserve to be healthy and it’s time to do now!

      The first 3 days can be the hardest days of juice cleansing. I often heard from people that the third day is the hardest. You just have to keep drinking enough juice. At least one gallon a day, my friend. You will feel physical symptoms of detox, but that will pass and then you will feel a lot better.

      One more thing. Doing a juice cleanse is a good first step towards health, but doing some personal reflection can help you understand yourself better and why you want the junk food so much. For a lot of people food is a source of comfort, but also a way to deal with life. I personally had a difficult childhood so I ran to food and chocolate to comfort me. Unfortunately, it did not serve me well. I was moody, overweight, and sick all the time. So that’s why I try to eat a balanced diet and juice cleanse every now and then. There are other ways to comfort yourself like a bubble bath, or a walk (by yourself) to get some alone time. I know mothers do not have a lot of time to themselves, but if you make even a little time you will feel more balanced. Also, it sounds like you’re fighting to do this. Maybe it’s time to take a different approach, it sounds like what you are doing is not quite working for you. Maybe replace sugary treats with something more natural like a juicy pear, or yummy strawberries. It you start making healthier choices each day it will not seem so overwhelming. As you get better at it, you can step up your game.

      So, it is up to you to make that change. Are you ready? It is your choice and I know you can do it. If you have any other questions or need help please comment. Good luck!!

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