How we make our juice cleanse recipes

Hello! Since we have recieved some questions here and there about how and why we make our juice cleanse recipes the way we do, I thought I would create a page that gave an explanation. If you have any other questions at all regarding the amounts of certain vegetables and fruits inside of each juice, or how you should be preparing them. Please let us know! We are here to help and would love to be of any assistance that we can when it comes to you and your juicing journey!

When we first decided to start making the juice cleanse recipes for this site. We would take the ingredients we used and write them all down, including each individual vegetable and fruit like what is now listed in the simple recipe version..Pretty quickly we realized something kind of obvious. That not every vegetable and fruit was the same size as every other vegetable and fruit.

So what we decided to do was make a simple recipe version that listed the exact amount of vegetables and fruits we used when making the juice cleanse recipe and also a more precise version of the juice cleanse recipe, which actually roughly measures the amount of the vegetable or fruit included in the recipe in cups. The ingredients listed this way are chopped or sliced up first into smaller pieces and then put inside of a measuring cup. When it comes to leafy greens we will chop them up and then push them down in the cup a bit to get a better idea of what is really there as they are less dense by nature than other vegetables and fruits. This means that when you see a cup of leafy greens we are talking about a somewhat tightly packed cup of leafy greens. 

After each vegetable or fruit is juiced we then measure the amount of juice produced in liquid ounces. The juicer we use is the Omega 8005 nutrition center, which is a masticating(single gear) juicer. So the amount of juice that comes out of every other juicer compared to ours may vary of course. Also the amount of juice that comes out of each equal measurement can differ from time to time depending on the produce being used. The measurement of the amount of juice is to give you a rough estimate of how much juice you are getting from each vegetable and fruit in each juice cleanse recipe.

We did this because we thought some people might be interested in getting a rough idea of how much nutrition and/or calories they are consuming in each juice. This also can give you an idea of how many ounces are in each juice you are making, in case you are trying to make sure you consume a certain amount of juice per day on your juice cleanse.

While we do not have the specific caloric information for each juice listed, we have provided you with a close estimate of how many ounces of juice for each ingredient are in each juice cleanse recipe. We did this to help those who were interested in looking further into estimates for calories in a juice they were going to make.

The problem with listing precise caloric information for a juice is that different juicer types will produce different amounts of juice for each produce item based on the juicers efficiency. So any caloric information that is listed anywhere without specifying the juicer being used is really a rough estimate and could vary much more than listed. We have decided not to follow suit and are more interested in presenting information that we feel is as accurate as possible.

Whether you use the "Simple recipe" or the "If you want something more precise" version of each juice cleanse recipe is really up to you. One of them is a rougher version of the juice recipe which will work just fine and the other will be more equivalent to the exact recipe we made when it was added to this website.

Again if you have any questions at all regarding this or anything else on this website, or anything related to juice cleansing at all. Please feel free to comment here or on the page that is in question. You can also leave us an email at

Thank you very much for coming to our website and we wish you the best of all in your continuing journey towards good health!


  1. gladys says

    Do you have information on for how many days you should do a juice cleanse? 3/5 days? week? Is there an amount of fruit or vegetable juices you should drink a day? I really appreciate your help. Thank you-

    • Sean Carey says

      Someone asked a question very similar to this at the bottom of this page here in the comments section. Click here to go to that page.   That should answer most of your question there.

      Also in general it is  recomended that you consume a %60 vegetable juice/ %40 fruit juice ratio to a %80 vegetable juice/ %20 fruit juice ratio. Personally for myself while doing a juice cleanse I will try to stay closer to the %80 vegetable juice/ %20 fruit juice ratio. This can be challenging for some people, but hopefully some of our juice cleanse recipes can help.

      The juice recipes in the green juice cleanse recipes section especially have a higher leafy green/vegetable juice ratio to fruit juice, but there are also some other juice recipe pages that have good veggie juice recipes as well.

      Hopefully this was of some help to you. If you have any other questions at all or need further clarification or explanation relating to any of this. Feel free to reply again here or comment at the bottom of any other page. We are here to help! Happy Juicing!

    • says

      Hello Ivan,

      We are glad this information was of use to you. I have not personally done the master cleanse, but I know Liisa has in the past. Thanks for stopping in and happy juicing!

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