Kale Juice Cleanse Recipes

Out of all of the veggies and fruit I have come across, kale holds a special place! Kale crosses over into so many different areas of nutrition, it’s no wonder that it’s referred to as a super food. Below are just some of these amazing benefits! 

  • High in calcium
  • High in vitamin C
  • High in vitamin K
  • High in vitamin A
  • Has a good amount of Iron
  • Anti cancer properties
  • Helps to lower cholesterol levels
  • Has an overall alkalizing effect on the body
  • Great for detoxifying our bodies
  • High in chlorophyll
  • Blood purifying properties

For some great juice recipes that include kale continue on below!

Recipe #1.

Kale Orange juice   Kale juice recipes_Thekaleorange

Simple recipe.

6 Kale leaves
3 Oranges

If you want something more precise.

(2 cups chopped) Kale= 4 ounces
(3 cups sliced) Oranges= 12 ounces juice

Yields about 16 ounces of juice.

There are many different types of kale, and the type you see in the picture is a curly kale. You can use this specific type of kale or any other variety of kale in place of this one for this kale juice recipe.

Recipe #2.

Kale Salad Juice   Kale Juice Recipe #2.

Simple recipe.

1 Bunch Kale
1/2 Medium sized Beet
2 and 1/2 Stalks Celery
1/3 Head Red Cabbage
1 Apple

If you want something more precise.

(4 cups chopped) Kale= 5 and 1/2 ounces juice
(1 cup chopped) Beets= 2 ounces ounces juice
(1 cup chopped) Celery= 3 ounces juice
(2 cups chopped) Red Cabbage= 3 ounces juice
(2 cups chopped) Apple= 6 ounces juice

Yields 19-20 ounces of juice.

A good juice with a good balance of potent nutritional produce. This kale juice cleanse recipe has a touch of sweet to it. The kale juice comes through just slightly and adds a nice mild spicy flavor to it. You definitely get a blend of goodies in this one.

We used a curly variety of kale for this specific juice recipe, but you can use whatever kale you like.


Recipe #3.

The Kale Celery   The kale celery_Kale_Juice_Recipes

Simple recipe.

1 Bunch Kale
4 Stalks Celery
1 and 1/2 Apples
1 Knuckle Ginger

If you want something more precise.

(5 cups chopped) Kale= 6 ounces juice
(2 cups chopped) Celery= 6 ounces juice
(4 cups chopped) Apple= 10 ounces juice
(1 and 1/2 square) Ginger= under an ounce of juice

Yields about 22-23 ounces of juice.

A really good kale juice cleanse recipe with just the right mix of produce. The ginger adds just a light spice to it. We used a curly variety of kale for this juice recipe, but you can use whatever type you wish.


Recipe #4.

Kale And The Vine   Kaleandthevinejuicerecipe

Simple recipe.

1 Bunch Kale
3 Cups Grapes

If you want something more precise.

(4 and 1/2 cups chopped) Kale = 8 ounces juice
(3 cups) Grapes = 12 ounces juice

Yields 20 ounces of juice.

Very nice and sweet tasting juice. It has a unique flavor added from this specific type kale. I would describe the flavor as a smoky sort of sweet. If you are in the mood for something sweet yet green, give this one a shot!

We used Lacinato Kale also known as Italian kale, or Dinosaur kale for this kale juice recipe, but you can use whatever you have on hand or have access to. If you have access to this specific type of kale then we would recommend using it for this juice recipe, as it will make the flavor more in line with tour description of the flavor for this kale juice recipe. This kale makes a very unique flavor with this kale juice and you will have to try it to see what we mean!

We also used red seedless grapes, but you can use your grape of choice.


Recipe #5.

Kale Ensemble   KaleEnsemble

Simple recipe.

1 Bunch Kale
1 Pear
7 Carrots
1 16 oz container Strawberries
1 Knuckle Ginger

If you want something more precise.

(3 and 1/2 cups chopped) Kale = 6 ounces juice
(2 cups chopped) Pear = 6 ounces juice
(2 and 3/4 cups chopped) Carrots = 6 and 1/2 ounces juice
(2 and 3/4 cups chopped) Strawberries = 14 ounces juice
1 small knuckle Ginger = under and ounce of juice

Yields about 33 ounces of juice.

This Kale juice recipe is sweet, or even sweeter depending on your strawberries. If you can try to buy organic strawberries for this recipe, they tend to taste better in general. If you cannot afford them or do not have access to organic then do not worry about it. Whatever you can get will work out just fine. The ginger is very much in the background, but adds a nice flavor to this juice recipe also.

We used Lacinato Kale for this recipe, but you can use whatever variety you like.


Recipe #6.

Tropical Awesomeness!   Tropical Kale Juice Cleanse Recipe

Simple recipe.

7 leaves Kale
2/3 of a Pineapple
1 Mango
1 Orange

If you want something more precise.

(2 cups chopped) Kale = 3 ounces juice
(3 and 1/4 cups chopped) Pineapple = 10 ounces juice
(1 and 2/4 cups chopped) Mango = 5 ounces juice
(1 and 1/2 cups sliced) Orange = 6 ounces juice

Yields 24 ounces of juice.

This is a very tropical and sweet kale juice recipe! All of the varied flavors of these awesome fruits come out in this one! If you’re looking for a way to introduce kale into your juicing, or you just want to enjoy a delicious juice you’ve got to try this one!


Recipe #7.

Sweet & Tasty   Sweet Kale Juice Cleanse Recipe

Simple recipe.

5 leaves Kale
2 Apples
1/3 of a Honeydew Melon
1/4 of a Jicama Root

If you want something more precise.

(1 cup chopped) Kale = 2 ounces juice
(5 cups chopped) Apple = 14 ounces juice
(2 and 2/3 cups chopped) Honeydew Melon = 10 and 1/2 ounces juice
(1/2 cup chopped) Jicama = 1 and 1/2 ounces juice

Yields around 28 ounces of juice.

A sweet and tasty kale juice recipe that includes the unique ingredient jicama. This is another good recipe for those who are newer to juicing kale, and need something really tasty to encourage them to give it a try. 


More Kale Juice Recipes

Kale And The Roots Juice

kale juice recipe with roots


    • says

      Hello Gigi,

      You do not absolutely have to and they do have some health benefits of their own, but I always do. I tried orange juice ONCE with the peels included and it was very bitter. This is coming from someone who likes very strong green juices! I found it to be a waste of the rest of my orange, as I like something sweet if I am including orange juice. I would recommend peeling your oranges first, but you can always give it a try once, and then you will definitely know how you feel about it. :)

    • says

      These juice recipes work best when using a juice extractor. You can use a blender if you like, but you will need to filter the contents through a nut milk bag, or something similar.

  1. Dnnagpal says

    I bought a weighing m/c on Apr 16 2014. I was 76.4kgs. Bmi above 29.5.
    I started green juice once daily with breakfast. I used a blender and stained the smoothy. On 9th June I weighed 69.7kgm. I using combination of Green Apple celery orange or tomato green coriander spinach. Now I will be adding red cabage. Will this help loose weight. Faster.?

    • says

      I am not positive adding the red cabbage will directly help you to lose weight faster, but it can’t hurt. Red cabbage has a lot of nutrients, and I am sure some of these could at minimum be beneficial to you. One thing to consider is that it would add bulk to your juice to fill you up more, and since it is low in calories, this could help with weight loss. I personally like juicing red cabbage, and would recommend it for sure. 

    • says

      Hey Daniel,

      You juice it up raw! All of our juice recipes are made to be juiced raw. :) On top of getting more juice out of your vegetables and fruit, you’ll also receive more of the nutrition they contain by juicing them raw. There are many enzymes and other nutrients that are destroyed when cooking a vegetable or fruit, and since we want our juices to be as nutrient dense as possible, we always advocate juicing them up in the raw!

  2. louise says

    I m going through Chemo and my daughter bought me a juicer for the days I don’t feel like eating food to get my nutrients. Can you give me recipes that don’t pertain to weight loss only.


    • says

      Hello Louise,

      Juicing is great to supplement nutrients, and there are many people who juice as a secondary measure when going through Chemo. Any of the recipes on our site should work for your purposes. The beauty of juicing is that if you’re at a healthy weight your body will know this, if you have extra weight on your body the nutrients you receive through juicing will help to shed them. The key is to be sure that you’re drinking enough juice on the days that you’re only drinking juice, because you don’t want to be fasting. If we drink only juice on any day without eating any food, we make sure we’re at least drinking 1 gallon of juice. This way we know we’re getting what our body needs, otherwise it’s a juice fast. Also, have you heard of the Gerson Therapy? It’s a juicing protocol that many have used to treat cancer with. Best wishes to you Louise, we hope you have as quick a recovery as possible!

    • says

      If you’re using a blender and you’re wanting to make juice then you’ll need to filter it through a cheesecloth or something similar, otherwise you’re making a smoothie or a blended drink. You don’t really need to rinse it off after, but rinsing your produce off before you juice or blend it is a good idea. 😉

  3. Matt Lenco says

    I tried an evergreen juice from Robeks last week. I got back to the office, was reading intently as if my focus was amped up My heartbeat slowed down though I am on 5 bp meds. I peed 3 times over three hours. The hair on my legs stood up though I have neuropathy in my legs. I am amazed.

    • says

      Hey Matt,

      Good to hear from you, we appreciate you leaving a comment about your experience here! We have spoken to many people who have experienced some amazing life changing things when juicing. We’ve experienced some of them ourselves! This is a big part of what motivates us to continue sharing with other people our research and experiences.

      Matt, I just finished a pretty comprehensive juicing for high blood pressure article that I imagine will interest you greatly! It includes 5 juice recipes specifically tailored for those who suffer with high blood pressure. Please do keep us posted with your future experiences as we love to hear positive stories from people! :)

  4. Zoe Politis says

    This recipe list is great. I just made the kale celery juice. It’s a bit strong for me so I threw in some lemon. I started juicing after watching the documentary “Fat, sick and nearly dead.” He goes on a 60 day juice fast, which I think is insane. If I tried it, I might last a week if I’m lucky. But if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend watching it. :) I’m bookmarking this page. <3

    • says

      Hey Zoe,

      Have most definitely seen “Fat,sick and nearly dead” a very inspiring movie for sure! I’m glad you found something here you like, be sure to look at the top of the page and click the tab labeled Juice Cleanse Recipes. You’ll find loads more there! Happy juicing! :)

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